Fall garden?

greybird(z7 TX)August 22, 2011

Fall is right around the corner. In a normal year, I would be making plans of where to plant the roses I rec'd in spring as bands, now a nice two-gallon size. And maybe planning enlargements to existing beds or marking off areas to dig new beds. I love pansies for the winter garden and I would be throwing out tired summer annuals in preparation for pansy planting. I love the fall flush my roses have given me every Sept.- frost.

This year is worlds-away different. I don't plan to put those new roses in the ground, just going to keep them in the pot ghetto where they can be moved into shade when needed. I really wish I had not ordered them, but had no idea this year would be such a disaster. No pansy plans, don't think there will be water for them. Last winter most froze out anyway. And definitely no bed changes or additions.

My fall garden goals are to keep as much alive as I can.

What is everybody else doing for fall?

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I also ordered roses...fom the Antique Rose Emporium. They are supposed to arrive the 2nd week in September. I am keeping everything in pots on the patio. Reading about soil mixes and wick watering.

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Maybe it depends on where you live. I looked up the forecast and it looked like the eastern and northern areas in this drought are going to have it easier than the more southwestern areas. Fall would be preferable to spring for planting anything because its so much easier to keep the soil moist and get better root establishment than if you wait until spring when things may warm up faster than normal again with plants newly set in the ground.

I read that advice about fall planting for better root establishment before the heat set in on the Arizona site and considering what we are dealing with, seems like good advice to follow in our current situation.

They were also predicting a milder winter on the site with the 6 month forecast which also seems like it would be good for establishing root growth.

Its up to each individual but for me, I will plant in fall as usual. I am sticking with natives and plants that require minimal water. Easy to do, since they are the ones I like anyway. Why have a crappy looking plant that is struggling with the heat when its so much easier to have a good looking one that isn't and which needs so much less water?

I am hoping at least some good things come out of all of this. People start considering and planting natives, nurseries start selling more of them and we stop all this wasting of water we have been doing for non native lawns, moisture loving imported plants, shrubs and trees etc. Maybe this is a wake-up call. No state has a better and wider selection of natives than Texas to draw from. So many interesting and gorgeous plants I wish were available in nurseries around here instead of the typical boring nursery fare.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I need water in my rain water tanks and an expectation of more coming to plant with a clear conscience. I hear that the second la Nina is USUALLY milder but I refuse to have an expectation because it might be a premeditated resentment. I will wait it out, planting nothing, go into a defensive mode.. The natives I put out last fall died. The forecasts are dire so I choose not to garden and spend that money on trucking water in.

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everything on the porch here too- I think I have 75 pots up here, we have a large porch- all of those plants are doing well. I do wish I was able to put them in the ground. Hoping by the end of Sept things look better around here. Otherwise I will be bring all of the pots inside. I had taken lots of cuttings and made lots of plants- will be nice when they all get in the ground. Going to take some to the plant swap in Oct as well

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