Cape Gooseberries

babcia(6B)August 2, 2012

I received seeds in a tomato trade for these. The plants are gigantic, but the fruit is inedible. It is seedy and dry.

I've tried researching to see when they are ready to pick, but mine just get hard and the husks turn brown.

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They like a lot of water. If they don't get enough they can't "finish" the fruit.

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Thanks so much. Your answer makes a lot of sense. We have had extensive dryness in the area. I do water, but not to excess.

I tried "googling" the problem and they kept referring to wilt, root rot, and fungus. I knew that wasn't the reason.

My tomatillos aren't producing either. I'm guessing it's the same answer.

I picked a bad year to try new veggies.

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Keep babying the plants along including the tomatillos, it will cool off and rain one of these days.

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