HELP- Whiteflies On tomato Plants

paige_nc(7A NC very close to 6)August 21, 2011

What can I use to get rid of whiteflies on my squash and tomato plants. Liquid sevin doesn't seem to help.

I must have hundreds of them. Are there any sprays out there that will help?

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Insecticidal soap and neem oil will work, but don't spray until evening because these can burn the plant leaves if sprayed in direct sunlight. You need to drench the plants and get the undersides of the leaves since these work only if they contact the insects.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)


I have found this product effective against Whiteflies and other Mite type insects:

About $16.00 at your local Nursery (or on


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Be careful if you have cats since the pyrethrins are toxic to cats. Permethrin is the worst - very toxic to cats - but all pyrethrins are potential hazards to cats since some cats are especially sensitive to them.

My vet, who specializes in cats, advises to avoid using any insecticide with "thrin" in its name, especially in granular form since the cats get it on their paws and then ingest it when they are grooming themselves.

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paige_nc(7A NC very close to 6)

Thanks so much for your help.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I noticed its ingredient list shows that it's 89.5% canola oil. Maybe you could just spray that? It sure would be cheaper.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's not a good idea to try to spray household oils on your plants. Commercial products have emulsifiers that allow just a tiny bit of the oil to be suspended in water and applied as a spray. Thick coats of oil can be very harmful to plants.

If you do decide to go with something like this product, be sure to spray the under side of the leaves. That's where all of the whitefly activity takes place, including egg laying and nymph development.

Be very careful about spraying this or any other oil in the heat of the summer.

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Hello Paige,
I also have a problem w/ white fly. So this Yr. I thought I would try live lady beetles, don't know if I bought them too early because I have the pest again. They worked for my honeysuckle vine/aphids. They did not work for the tomato's. I also tried seven, no help!!'m now using hot pepper wax insect repellent-this seem's to work for about 2 wks.

We have had a lot of rain witch could be why 2wks. is all that it lasted. I was checking yesterday and the plants are loaded again so I'm going to spray again today. I bought the concentrate. Yes, very important to spray undersides of the plants. Also bottle says to not spray basil or parsley?

I have used this product and it did not change the tomato taste. I have been fighting white fly for years and don't know how to completely get rid of them or why they always start in the same area. So I always end up spraying! Next yr I'm going to try the lady beetles again but I'm going to wait till I see the pest. Good luck! 0719261017260

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I just want to say THANK YOU for the warning about pyrethrin being toxic to cats! You probably just saved 5 cats' lives by your message. Right now I am standing in my yard with a bottle of Spectracide's Bug Stop for gardens, containing Pyrethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide, in hand. I just researched it and thought it to be a safe choice, but you have changed my mind. I never let my 3 kittens out when I spray, and not even for a few days after, but when they are outside, they often play in the garden with me while I'm working. Also, their older sibling and feral mom who is always outside (she was trapped, spayed, released) often hang out in my corn patch.

Anyway, THANKS again! I would say more, but Hurricane Irene is approaching and I already have major problems in my garden from a June-July drought followed by over a foot of rain in the last couple of weeks. So the weathers been horrible for gardeners, and probably a big contributing factor to the horrible population explosion of several different insects, along with mold, rotting, powdery mildew, blight, and Lord knows what else, and now a hurricane is coming, so I don't have time to write any more right now - too much to do! Good luck to everyone in Irene's path! I think we're in for one heck of a ride.....

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zzackey(8b GA)

I guess the meaning of the story is to always read the label before spraying! Thanks for the info about the commercial spray versus just spraying canola oil. Still costs too much for me to use.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

zackey, I found Garden Safe's Fungicide 3 concentrate at Wal-mart earlier this summer. It's a 20 oz. bottle and will make 10-20 gallons of spray. The active ingredient is Neem oil -- less than 1% once water is added. I'm mixing it in an old spray bottle which came with the non-concentrated version of the same product (it seems to make a much finer spray than most spray bottles: perhaps better for the Neem oil?). The bottle of concentrate will last me all summer, even though I'm using it on mildew (on the cucurbits) as well as on the pink potato aphids which keep re-appearing on certain tomatoes.

Anyway, my point is that by mixing my own from the concentrate, the spray is much less expensive. IIRC, the bottle of concentrate was not much more than a 24 oz. spray bottle would have cost.

It's my assumption that mewste's $16 bottle of Take Down is also a concentrate, since it's only a 16 oz. bottle. Maybe that makes you feel better about the price.

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An old fashion method to get rid of them is garlic spray. Planting mint or tansy around your tomatoes help to repel them in the future.

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Seven dust if it is alot of bugs , insecticide soap works on Japanese beetles and white flies.

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