what bulbs to plant this fall

rema(z7tx)September 14, 2010

i have anemones in the front yard.but apart from that what other spring blooming bulbs can i plant?? what bulbs do well in north texas area?? i know we can forget about tulips but what about daffs??

thanks for all the replies.


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I have some southern narcissus bulbs that return every year so far. Got them from Southern Bulb Co. Also I'll be planting byzantine glads (perennial). There are daffs that do pretty well here. I even have a Texas Tulip that has returned for 3 years. I would look for bulbs that are adapted to the south if you want something that will return reliably here. My problem with most bulbs is the foliage can get really messy looking as they die down.

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

For large-cupped daffodils, Ice Follies and King Alfred do very well here and would probably be even better in your zone. Hyacinths are good for at least three years. Dutch iris are hardy here but I don't know if they'd make it through the winter in zone 7. For the smaller bulbs, grape hyacinths can't be beat. Ipheion Rolf Fiedler makes low clumps of sky-blue flowers that increase well here. Crocus don't reliably come back but sometimes we get a couple of years from them. I've had limited luck with species tulips. Big tulips are an annual here, but come January, I'm out there planting them again.

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Lynn Marie

Daylilies and amaryllis will do very well here. I planted a LOT of daffodils and other stuff last fall, so I don't know yet if they will come back yet. They are supposed to!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have daffs, daylilies and amaryllis that have been in the ground for years, and come back each year. I am just south of Denton.

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I have good luck with the Jonquils, snowflakes and amaryllis. I'm in Mesquite.
Tried species tulips once. They did not return the following year. :(

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but day lilies do not bloom in spring right?? or are there some varieties that do?? i do have some day lilies that bloom late spring summer.i just planted one amaryllis this year that i bought over Christmas and i should try some daffs this year then.

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hi rema
I'm in Arlington and I love spring-flowering bulbs

I'll tell you a secret....if you love daffodils there are many that return well and many that do not.

I love King Alfreds but they don't return for me. Wish they did. The smaller the actual cup the more reliable the return. Some are worth planting again anyway.

Barrette Browning, returns year after year, so do the little
ones with reflexed petals like Jet and Tete e Tete, Rjnveld Early sensation returns even for my sister-in-law near Belton. Ice follies, Ice king and many more do. Most of them I find at Sam's where they keep bulbs cool.

Crocus are great too. I'm glad you like anemones. HAve you tried anemone giants from Van Engelen? I also get their giant ranunculus too (apologies for spelling). Plant the anemones in mid October they'll start blooming in mid February. Soak them first.

The old fashion narcissus come back again and again for me. Lots of tiny flowers and fragrant. I can give you names if I'm not trying to remember. Poeticus Actaea, or Pheasant's eye, or Avalanche aka 17 sisters. This one literally brings neighbors up the driveway following the scent in the evening. Check out Quail too. Not so old and real intense road-crew yellow.

Oooh, Leucojon (lily of the valley for the south) Oxalis, and hyacinthoides hispanica. Dutch Iris are easy to find in the BB stores....the others are not. If you've never compared an anemone giant to those in the BB stores you'll be surprised.

I'm a huge fan of tulips too. If you go for species tulips try clusiana. At least I've had good luck with those: lady jane and cynthia.

I know I'm forgetting some wonderful bulbs hyacinths are so fragrant and they'll come back a little stunted if you leave them in the ground but full size if you life and chill them.

chilling is another story, what I've mentioned here are bulbs that do not require it. But if you want tulips in all their Holland glory you'll need to give them what they crave: 3 months of consistent cool which starts for those like me in zone denial in the fridge October 8-14th and in the ground around New Years day to they get the benefit of January's cool temps

I hope this wasn't too much....grins. I promise not to ramble next time so if anyone has a question or the spelling was way off you can tell me without setting me off

my new favorite bulb mail order is colorblends still like VanEngelen too.

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

Ack, how could I have forgotten Leucojum, aka Summer Snowflake. Yes, they are a must.

Actually, daylilies are not bulbs and you are right, they bloom in the summer, May through early July here.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

I've had good luck with the Ice Follie's daffs and the hyacinth that I planted five or six years ago keeps coming back even though I was positive it would just be a one time thing. Glads are typically good for me, but the box of 100 that I got from Sam's didn't do much the year I put them in and have gotten worse since then. It could be the location, I could have planted them too closely, I don't know. But, next spring I'll probably have to get new bulbs and replant...and not try to have so many!

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tx ag 95
I had bad luck with Sam's glads a few years ago too. Haven't touched a glad from them since. My hyacinths come back stunted. ARe yours full size?


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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I had the big blue hyacinths come back almost as full as ever for their third year. I was amazed. I don't remember their name, but I got them from Van Engelen. Here they are this spring with Tete-a-tete daffodils.

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I'm so jealous you have returning hyacinths! I adore their fragrance! Are they in full sun year round? Or do they get some shade from the mid day sun?


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hyacinth envy here too! Mine are in full sun near the curb. Maybe my problem is they get too dried out in the summer. Others remain in pots that I've fertilized and some return, but again, they are really neglected and maybe too wet at times. Hmmmm

every tried hyacinthoides hispanica? After several years I have several thick clumps. I like them even when they are sparse. Last years didn't do well. Don't know if I got them out too late or there was a problem with the bulbs. I'm trying colorblends this year to see if they are better or at least give another try. I liked their dark purple hyacinths too! Last year they were really tall and fragrant.

just love bulbs. so much promise in a little package....smiles

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

These are part of a border around a long bed, most in full sun but some of them getting afternoon shade from a building. I didn't notice any difference in performance based on sun or shade.

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I've had Arum Italicum going for two years now. I grow them as a foliage plant. They look like little caladiums. (They are hardy to zone 6) Their foliage withers in May without any mess.

I've also heard good things about leucojum and hyacinthoides hispanica

I order most of my spring bulbs - usually from Brent and Becky's

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

Cynthia, I just ordered 100 anemone giants on the strength of your recommendation. I've got a nice stand of clusiana tulips, thanks to your earlier advice, so I'm trusting you again. :-)

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what else did you get?

You won't be disappointed. Which color? I love them all of course but still want to know....grins

I love the Anemone De Caen and the Blue Poppy that VE sells is a lovely denim blue. They looked great in front of red and yellow tulips. Those were the 2 I went for this year.


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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I got the De Caen singles in mixed colors. For my tulip "annuals" this year, I ordered late-blooming Dordogne, a pinky salmon blend that will probably clash with everything else in the yard, but I'm not big on color schemes.

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I LOVE Dordogne! It is tall and gorgeous. It is late so most of my reds are gone and while it is true it is in a category all its own it is so beautiful it doesn't matter.

The De Caen mix actually ends up looking like you intended a red white and blue quilt. I can't wait to hear what you think once they are blooming. I even like the parsley like foliage.

Just for grins, look at the colorblends mix French Blend Rose. It has Dordogne and other late "French" tulips in it.

I'll try to make a link

Here is a link that might be useful: French Blend Rose

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