pnbrownAugust 11, 2012

This year I have one plant of what I am pretty certain is Reisenstraub. I bought a packet a couple years ago and one finally made it into the garden apparently (I never keep track of the seeds when I start plants, so it's a pot-luck surprise every year).

Anyway, the amazing thing is how whoppingly big this variety is. The plant is easily twice as big as any other I've ever grown. Luckily it just so happened there were a couple of empty cages around it because it has sprawled over 3 or 4 cages. It went about 8 feet high at first and then collapsed under its own weight, falling down over the 5 foot high cages, and now the suckers have popped up to the 8 or nine feet again.

I used to do the two-string training method for tomatoes but got kind of tired of the effort and went over to cages and no pruning at all, but this Reisenstraub is maybe just way to big for that. I won't be able to get at all the fruit. No hint of ripening yet either, which is really late.

Has anyone grown this one, and if so what did you note about it?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Yes, I've grown it. It was reintroduced to the US by an SSE member in the early 90's as sourced from Germany but is not a German heirloom.

It was widely grown in Europe and in Hungary, I think it was, was named in Hungarian Goat's T*T for the small nipple at the blossom end of each fruit.

It's what's called a multiflora type and one blossom stalk can hold several hundred blossoms but usually only 30-40 set fruit. For me the taste almost approaches that of a good beefsteak variety.

It was grown in the US back in the mid 1800's as brought to this country by immigrants, and documented as being in Philly at the time and has a good reputation for one to make wine from. A friend of mine did so and that wine was delicious, more like a pale sherry.

I haven't the faintest idea of how tall the plants grow b'c when I was growing hundreds of plants and varieties each year I sprawled all of them, but yes, a vigorous plant, no doubt about it.

And note the spelling of it for anyone who wants to Google it or whatever b'c it's Riesentraube ( with i before e), and not Reisetomate( e before i), the latter being a completely different variety and an oddball at that, and also known as traveler and voyage.

Hope that helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Riesentraube

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Thanks for the response and the name correction, Carolyn. I heard the flavor is good and strong, am looking forward to tasting the fruit.

The plant seems to have a mild case of blight but still is going strong. I am impressed by the vigor.

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