Greenhouse tomato recommendations needed

kiropod(7)August 4, 2011

I'm thinking ahead to the coming winter and would like some recommendations on which tomato varieties would be best for hobby greenhouses? I live in Southern NJ. Thanks

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go to a UK veg gardening forum. the Brits are big on growing tomatoes in a green house though the taste is not worth it.

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I asked that question a while back some where else. Didn't get very far with it. One person advised me to look to the Canadian seed stores cause they carried the GH varieties....good advice, but if I wanted that kind, I would just buy in the super market. I think any might be worth a try. But I am thinking about any of the shorter ones? I just started seed for four:-- new big dwarf, Russian red, matina (or stupice),and rutgers. Why them? because I had the seed left over. Bush beefsteak is an interesting one that I am watching in my bed. Any one that has been there please speak up.
I hope for fresh tomatoes for the holidays.

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