Pride of Barbados Seeds

jojotexasgal(8A)September 29, 2012

A Facebook friend has graciously offered me some POB seeds.I live in Fort Worth (North Texas),and want to know should I start the seeds now in a pot to winter over and baby, then replant in the spring outside in my flower beds, or take a chance and sow seeds directly now(Oct 1st)since any danger of frost could be 2 or more months away? I would of course mulch and protect them during winter if sown outside.In researching how to plant the seeds, should I scarify the outer seed and soak in warm water,then in potting soil, or try the coffee filter method to get them started? Thank you for any input to help me along.

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Sowing most any seed before winter is not a good idea. That holds doubley true for tropicals and winter weather.
Pot it now, two months is very little time for it to get established.

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these go dormant in winter so I would not bother. Mine starts to drop leaves when it starts to get cold. I would sow the seeds in Jan or FEb indoors, keep them inside until last danger of frost then plant outside.

Just soak them overnight then plant shallow in a seed starter mix, keep them warm.

Tally Ho!

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JoJo -- I agree with Tally. These are really very simple to start. I stick seeds in small pots and keep them moist until they come up. Once they have a good root system you can put them in the ground. They come back from the roots each year, but up north I'd mulch where you are. But you'll have seeds if they don't come back for you. Just start them over again each winter.


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Thank you all for your info. I just got the seeds today, and will wait until Jan-Feb to sow them indoors and then transplant them to flower beds!

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