PookieMichelleSeptember 14, 2013

Hey there fellow Texans! I was wondering if any of you are in the DFW area - and if there were any suggestions for bulb retailers.
I have found them at the big box stores, but I'd like to find somewhere that has them individually or that carries specialty bulbs, like the Clusiana Tulips, so that I can naturalize them.
Thanks so much for the help!


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I can't help you find them locally but I do have a suggestion. Order on line. I picked up some anemones at Costco that are larger than the other BB stores. About $12 for 100. But for something like Clusiana tulips or Byzantine Glads that will naturalize easily here I order online. Of course, you could raid a field and fine Lady Jane Clus. or the Byz. glads but this way you can get a lot and not get shot. I'll leave you a link below but do check out Vanengelen.com too. BTW I've had Clus. Cynthia return for years.

Here is a link that might be useful: species tulips

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Gretchen Wood

I have iris rhizomes if your interested? They are all mixed up. I pulled from here and there in my yard. I live in Carrollton.
Also I belong to a meet up group called Denton County Gardening and you don't have to live in Denton County to join.
We will be having a plant swap first week in October if you are interested.
It will be held in Carrollton.
Sunday October 6th. We are working on the time of day.
Look up Denton County Gardening
We are a great group! :-)

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I was at Costco in Rockwall last weekend, and they had some bulbs that would work in north Texas:
: Daffs: they had Baby Boomer and Pipit (2 jonquil-types), Mount Hood, and Ice Follies
: Muscari: They had Valerie Finnis (light blue) and armeniacum.
: Dutch Iris: Several different varieties

They may have others, but these are what I noticed. I bought some jonquils and muscari.

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andbowen(7b/8a DFW TX)

Northhaven Gardens typically has a pretty neat selection, but their prices can be a little high. They have a lot of saffron crocus right now for 60-something cents a piece.

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Barkingwoods You have more south friendly daffs at your Costco than they have here in Arlington. Today I picked up anemones, freesia and dutch iris. 100 freesia, mixed colors very nice size for about $12 Same for the anemones. 50 each Mr Focker and Sylphide. Hmmm maybe there are more coming.....

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I bought some anemones last year - the pink and purple ones that look delicate like crepe paper. They were gorgeous when they came up! This year I'm trying ranuculus instead.

The Costco I go to is in Rockwall. They had a bunch of other daffs that I didn't know as being southern-friendly (like Unsurpassable and Double Dukat), but all of the ones I mentioned except Ice Follies were in the $12 bag (and usually 50 daffs for $12) - Ice Follies were $19 for 90 bulbs - all of these are incredible prices...

Lin aka bdw

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Oooh, $19 bags? Now I know I need to go back. They had not made it to Arlington yet.
Why not have anemones AND Ranunculus? I'll plant my anemones in mid October, they will be up and blooming mid January and will bloom until it gets hot. I plant the Ranunculus in Dec and they bloom March or April.

warning I am a known bulbaholic. There is no such thing as too many bulbs in a pot or on a lot. Smiles.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

They actually had more of the $19 bags than they did last week when I was at Costco, so they definitely got another shipment in.

I was hoping my anemones might come back - figure I'd give them a chance, anyway. I may have planted them late last year, but they bloommed nicely. I want to show the little "hands" of ranuculus in a class I'm teaching.

I am also a bulbaholic. I bought some iris reticulata "Harmony" at Costco because on the package they showed them crowded in a pot, and I have just the pot to put them in! The folks at the checkout, and the lady checking my receipt on the way out, each did a second take/extra count of all of my bags of bulbs because I had so many.

I really wanted some more Ice Follies (one of my favorite Daffs) and wanted to try Mount Hood, and these prices are lower than even my wholesale sources (plus my favorite on-line source is sold out of Ice Follies).

If you like daffs, may I suggest that you try some Pink Charm? I won't know how well they perennialize till this spring, but they were GORGEOUS last year in my garden. They mature to a really pretty pink, with large trumpets. Even if they don't come back, they're worth planting for the show.


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Thanks Lin
Went back to Arl. Costco and found the big bags. Saw Mount Hood, but no Ice Follies. I might go with Einstein, resisted temptation yesterday. Next week is another story... When do you plant your Ranunculus?

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Lin barkingdogwoods

I haven't planted them before, but I thought I'd put them in the ground next month ....

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