Which other evergreen trees go well with Little Gem Magnolias

aukumar(7)September 1, 2014

Hi Gardeners,
I have about 8 little gem magnolias along a fence line to have a privacy screen along the edge. The 7 ft trees were planted about 5 ft apart, 2 years ago. They are about 8 ft tall now. Looks like these magnolias will not provide privacy screen soon and am looking for a 18 ft screen.
Can I include any other fast growing evergreen tree in between these magnolias? If so, which ones go well. Please suggest a few evergreens for Zone 7b. that need very little maintenance.
I was thinking about Carolina Laurel Cherry or Red tip photonia or Ficus Nitida (a.k.a Indian Laurel) or a holly. However Ficus Nitida seems to grow very big, needs lotsa trimming and are also invasive. I am not sure if they sustain DFW area weather. Whereas, Photonias are susceptible to rust disease. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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This is the privacy screen I intend to have it to block off road noise. I intend to plant another set of evergreen between these Magnolias Little Gem, to get a thick evergreen privacy screen of at least 18 ft.

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Another angle of the same set of trees. The second tree from left was also affected with fungus and severe leaf loss. After treatment with liquid copper fungicide and neem oil, these little gem Magnolias have sustained.
And the one on far right is a different type of Magnolia, probably the original one that grows in excess of 30 ft.

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Just a thought. Will planting Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora Secundiflora) be a good idea in between these magnolias?
Or another set of magnolias between the existing ones but a little staggered would do better? Any suggestions?

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I'm also trying to figure out privacy landscaping for my yard. Someone else might know better about spacing but I do know the Cherry Laurel requires regular watering. Have you considered the Wax Myrtle? 5 ft. growth per year and stops at 20 feet. It is also drought/cold resistant and repels mosquitoes. It's not as pretty though. It would fill in the space between the magnolias. The Mountain Laurel looks nice to me; it just grows more slowly. Also, have you tried mulching to increase the growth rate? I'm also considering the Moonglow Juniper.

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