My results thru 7/31/11 for comparison purposes

per2011(7)August 2, 2011

Here are my results so far through 7/31/11. Maybe you can compare your results with these (if, of course, you're as retentive as I and keep statistics).

I have 5 plants in 18 gallon containers on my balcony. They each are at least 8 feet tall and are still getting taller. I used Scott's Moisture Advantage potting mix and Dynamite 13-13-13 granular fertilizer. I have southern exposure and get upwards of 9 hours of sunlight per day during May, June and July. It's been extremely sunny and hot this summer in Baltimore. I planted on May 5, 2011.

Mortgage Lifter: 28 tomatoes from 2 plants.

Moskvich : 17 tomatoes (but 3 succumbed to BER)

Brandywine : 35 tomatoes from 2 plants

I've had minimal pest issues, possibly due to morning hose spraying and a dose or 2 of Neem oil.

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Wow, that is a huge number from Brandywine. In containers? that is great. I just got my first 8 sun golds and one big Cherokee. NH where I live now is sure different than MD where I grew up.

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I planted mid june into the ground from 1 gal pots. plants are now 4' tall and I see tomatoes on 1884, italian heirloom, and some cherry tomatoes. got lot of mega bloom flowers, waiting for fruit to set in. Brabdywine is getting mega blooms with BER, hopefully some of these will turn into tomatoes.

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