Anyone grow Frost Proof or Heaven Scent Gardenias?

msroseSeptember 1, 2010

The only gardenia I've ever tried to grow was a dwarf version and it died. I've been afraid to try them since then, but I saw these two varieties at Lowes the other and they were described as easy to grow, so in my cart they went. Just wondering if anyone else has them and if they're as carefree as they describe. Would also like to know how big they get. I'm so excited about having the scent of gardenias floating around in my backyard, while I sit on the back patio sipping iced tea. Can you get any more southern than that :)


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All you need is the big floppy hat and you are there. I hope it works out just the way you plan. Have a great day. You brought a smile this morning and that is a good thing.

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I'm not sure what mine are, I think I bought them as dwarf, but they are anything but! Bought 3, one died, the other two took over my back bed (faces east) and had gotten over 6' tall, and completely filled in the bed the length of the house! I finally used a hedge trimmer, and cut them to a managable height of 3'. They need trimmed about 3 times a year, but I wait till they finish blooming in about april to trim. My experience is they either like where you plant them, or just up and die! no happy medium. I take cuttings after they bloom, and start new plants.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I have some Frost Proof and have not been too impressed with them. My favorite is the dwarf 'Daisy' gardenia. Don't know anything about the Heaven Scent.

I have found gardenias like morning sun and moist ground. If you have an east facing spot with no afternoon sun, they should thrive. Good luck! Their scent is worth finding the right spot for them.

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I'm going to make a make a note of Daisy in case I end up not liking either of these. Thanks!


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While I was looking for pictures of Daisy, I came across another one that sounds very interesting. It's Gardenia Jasminoides Radicans and it's described as a creeping gardenia. Does anyone have that?


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I don't have either of the gardenias referred to in your post, but to Laurie's question regarding's a super landscape plant, used extensively in Houston and surrounding areas. My daughter has several of them and they have been low maintenance and disease free as well as having very fragrant blooms. Of course they grow much larger than reported. They are easily 3 foot wide and approx 3 foot tall. I purchased 3 gardenia veitchii yesterday and I'm looking forward to growing these dwarf gardenias. Keep in mind that all gardenias require an acid soil so it may be necessary to amend the soil at planting, as well as mantaining the acidity.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I found this thread when I Googled for info on the Heaven Scent gardenia that I bought today. Wanted a Jubilation, but the nursery was out, so I settled on Heaven Scent for now.

I have a couple Frost Proof. One is about 10 years old and it's spread a good 6 feet, but is under 3' tall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heaven Scent gardenia

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