Sap from Pecan tree

cjra(TX)September 18, 2009

How long does this "fall" and how easy is it to get off?

I've noticed it before, but until now all that was under the pecans was weeds and dirt so never paid much attention. Now we have some hardscaping (gravel patio)which is covered with gooey sticky sap.

Will it just wash off with some water? How long does this happen?

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The only time it's not falling is when the tree is dormant, in winter. It is hard to wash off, it takes soap and water and elbow grease. Cheryl

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It sounds like honeydew. Aphids secrete it. We are getting it here right now, too. We had it so bad one year that the asphalt was shiny under the pecan trees by the road. I have had to wash my car windows just to get my windshield wipers unstuck. I now try to keep my car away from trees when the aphids are active I have even seen them active in a mild winter. It does go away in time. There may be a spray for the aphids, but I have always just gritted my teeth until it passes. It would sure be nice if the ladybugs would stay on top of this.

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Interesting. I haven't seen any aphids but it is as you describe. It's not just under the pecans, it's also under the cedar elm, but not the other trees. Everything is shiny and sticky.

I know this happens every year - we've seen it before - but I've never paid attention to how long it lasts or how easy it is to remove since I've never had anything that mattered getting covered...well, except the car and that we have to wash. I just don't want to figure out how to wash off the patio stuff then do it again a week later. I guess I'll wait awhile. Maybe all this hard rain will wash it off.

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