UPDATE: Secret Santa; Games and Card Recieving ( Thread 3 )

flwrs4everNovember 16, 2010

WELCOME to the Secret Santa Seed Swap ! Sign ups are till Nov 17th at midnight E.S.T.

** PLEASE send me a list of SCREEN NAMES ( only) of WHOM your mailing to before DEC 1.

EVERYONE will have a DATE to mail this year, so we can keep the cards flowing all month..it will be included with the addresses PLEASE follow the schedule !!

** You will receive an email before the end of this weekend ( at the latest) with mailing addresses.

** Elves that offered to HELP, I will send a "need help" list by email after Dec 1st THANKS for the help !!


A Christmas Carol






candy canes





Christmas tree









ebeneer scrooge



frosty the snowman


greeting cards


gift tags

gift boxes





jingle bells






Mrs Seedy Claus


North Pole
















sleigh bells














wrapping paper


yule log

HOW TO PLAY : Choose 25 words, put them in an email to send to me, and SAVE a COPY so you can keep it for your BINGO CARD !!

HOW TO WIN: Be first person to get ALL 25 words on their card !!

PLEASE put BINGO as the Subject line..so I can save ur cards to a seperate file :)

I will accept BINGO CARDS Till Sat Nov 20th, and start the game on Sunday !!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Here's all the wish lists that were posted on the 1st and 2nd threads. This means that ALL the wish lists will

be on this particular thread, the 3rd one. ;-) I hope it helps some of y'all. I know it will me! ~Blessings,


dirtdaddy's Wish List:
black sea man tomatoe
jetstar tomatoe
supersonic tomatoe
lemonboy tomatoe
Biker Billy jalepeno
leaf lettuce
Greens: turnips, mustard, kale.
red burgandy okra
hot/mild potable chile peppers.

dan_the_mailman's Wish List:
coneflower / echinacea
blanket flower / gaillardia
morning glories
black-eyed susan vine
osteospermum/ african, painted daisy
catnip (for my 2 Wee Beasties)
mina lobata
your favorite annual

pumkingal's Wish List:
st joe's coats
gazania big kiss yellow flame or kiss orange flame
flowering kale-cranebi-color
monorda bergamo
honey suckle vine (really want this)
honey berries-blue berries
rudbeckia cherokee sunset
sun flower the joker & double dandy
purple smoke tree
helenium-helena mix
artemisia silver mound
lumina white pumkins
spicy sweet shrub (alycanthus floridus)
gazania sunbathers sunset
pink double decker cone flower
easter egg plant
pink paint brush grass
lion tails mine did not go to bloom
nigella african bride
witch hazel
penstemon esprit mix
hyacinth bean vine purple
zinnia candy mix

nlb52's Wish List:
columbine aquilegia formosa
or alpine blue
moring glory ipomea orange sunspots,
or red ones.
cosmos mix
spotted bee balm
hollyhock creme decassis
jupiters beard-rose red
ace of spades scabiosa
verbena hastata pink
pink turks cape lily
pink tiger lily
indian cheif iris
jack in the pulpit
love in the mist mix colors
oriental columbine-plum white
ruby red coneflower
cherry red rudbeckia
yellow coneflower
mexican hats
yellow blanket flower
golden marguerite
echinacea flam thrower, or
mango meadowbrite

angelady's Wish List:
Parsnips (fresh seed, please, as 1 year old + may not germinate)
Medicinal Herbs
Sand Cherry (tree/shrub, any)
Meyer Lemon
Celeriac (any)
Passiflora (any edible, named varieties)
Onions (any named non-hybrid, but especially want a perennial type)
Garlic (any named variety)
Shallots (any)
Fruit/Berry (any kind that comes true from seed)
Nuts (any kind that comes true from seed)
Vegetables (any non-hybrid, compact variety or good for containers)
Vegetables (any heirloom or open pollinated varieties)
Grains (any non-hybrid variety)
Oriental Vegetables (any non-hybrid variety)
Sweet Peppers (any non-bell, non-hybrid variety)
Okra (any named non-hybrid, other than Clemson Spineless)
Ground Cherry (any named variety, other than Aunt Molly's)
Squash (any named heirloom, other than the most common)
Watermelon (any named non-hybrid)
Unusual Vegetables/Fruit/Herbs (any named non-hybrids)
Anything you think my family and I might like! If you enjoy it, I'm sure we will, too!

deanna_in_nh's Wish List:
1. Agastache aurantica 'Apricot Sprite'
2. Agastache rupestris
3. Asclepias speciosa 'Showy Milkweed' (no common milkweed, please)
4. Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet' (no common milkweed, please)
5. Asclepias incarnata 'Soul Mate' (no common milkweed, please)
6. Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' Butterfly Weed
7. Calendula, any variety but not marigolds
8. Campanula persicifolia 'Telham Beauty'
9. Centaurea macrocephala Armenian Basket Flower
10. Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer
11. Chiastophyllum oppositifolium Solar Yellow
12. Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan'
13. English daisies, pom pom varieties
14. Erysimum Perennial Wallflower 'Pastel Patchwork', 'Sweet Sorbet', 'Bowles Mauve'
15. globe amaranth, purple--Gomphrena globosa
16. Helenium autumnale Sneezeweed, any variety
17. Monarda--all types except Panorama Mix
18. Leucanthum maximum 'Goldraush' Shasta Daisy 'Goldrausch'
19. Matthiola incana--Ten-week-stock or Gillyflower any variety,
20. Perovskia atriplicifolia Russian Sage
21. Platycodon grandiflorus 'Astra Pink' (already have blues and whites, thanks!)
22. Rudbeckia fulgida var. speciosa(R. newmanii) orange coneflower (Whew...that's a long one!!)
23. Rubeckia hirta any variety!
24. Rudbeckia triloba
25. Valerian officianalis
(26. If it's a flower you love, I'll bet I will, too!)

ruthz's Wish List:
Cardoon - cynara cardunculus
Centaurea cyanus - Bachelor’s Button
Centranthus ruber - Jupiter's Beard, Red Valerian
Ceratotheca triloba - South African Foxglove
Chives - Allium schoenoprasum
Coreopsis - Dwarf Red
Cosmos sulphureus - Ladybird Scarlet
Dame’s Rocket
Helianthus maximillianii - Maximillian Sunflower
Japanese Morning Glory
Love in a Mist
Lunaria Variegated
Rudbeckia triloba - Red Sport
Sunflower Moulin Rouge
Zea Mays Quadricolor variegated ornamental corn
Zinnia - Cactus Flowered or Lilliput
Rumex sanguineus
Tomato - your favorite cherry or heirloom
Vitamin Green - Brassica rapa

fcoffill's Wish List:
large flowered morning glories (Heavenly Blue is still my fave!)
Host plants for catapillars
Ornamental Peppers! LOVE LOVE LOVE these! (variagated/unusual peppers or folliage)
Variegated annuals

flowergirl34's Wish List:
Rudbeckia- Any
Gaillardia- Any
Gaillardia- Tokajer needed to be mentioned all on its own...LOVE IT!
Catmint- Felix
Catmint- Blue Carpet
English Thyme
Marigold- Mumsy
Monarda- Bergamo
Salvia- Rose Queen
Salvia- Blue Queen
Toad Lily- Miyazaki
Zinnia- Zowie Wowie: Yellow Flame
Poppy- Great Scarlett
Amaranthus- Autumn's Touch
Clematis- Radar Love
Hibiscus- Lady Baltimore
Viola- Helen Mount
Columbine- Green Apples
Columbine- Winky -any color
Columbine- Chocolate Soldier

sandlapper_rose's Wish List:
I feel like my list is a bit "picky" so I apologize for that. I have been contending with heat, drought,

rabbits, and deer --- so not easy to grow things the past few years. Much of what I plant for 2011 will be in

containers or in a very limited area so I can water that one place really well every day. If you have a

recommendation for me other than weeds and invasives, consider it added to my list. LOL
'Joey' Lamb's Tail
Corkscrew Vine
Horn of Plenty Hybrid Summer Squash
Agastache 'Rose Mint'
Begonia (any)
Coleus, especially the newer varieties
Geranium or Scented Geranium (any)
Pentas lanceolata (any)
Plectranthus 'Silver Shiled'
Sedum - any but prefer taller varieties like Autumn Joy
Spinach 'Space Hybrid'
Salvia Whopper Lighthouse
Salvia that has white blossoms
Potato 'Catalina'
Dusty Miller
Cucumber - Salad Bush Hybrid or Bush Whopper II
Onion 'Red Candy' or 'Candy'
Zinnia, pure red or pure white or Candy Stripe/Peppermint Stick varieties
Brazilian Fireworks Maracas
Any Full-Sized Sweet Bell Peppers

jas_il's Wish List:
**Mandevilla any ***Most wanted
**holly hock double flowered and mini hollyhocks
**Fruit - like custard apple, lemon myer, Berry like current (any kind that comes true from seed)
**Dianthus Microchips and Firewitch or similar or any
**Lynchnis Salmon
**Ornamental/edible pepper 'Sangria' or any what i don't have like 'black pearl'(the round bead like variety)(I

have cherry, medusa and black pearl oval types)
**Rudbekia cherry brandy or any
**Any shade loving plant seeds like coleus, impatience, hosta
**Any hanging plants with flowers or without flower
**Veggies like pole beans, Chard, spinach, Peppers, tomatoes, bitter melon, snake gourd, lettuce red varieties,

any and all
**drummond phlox
**dwarf candytuft-mix
**Dahlia any and all
**Clematis double flowered
**Black eyed susan vine white, mixed colors
**Perriniel Poppy or peony poppy any and all
**Water plants like papyrus, zebra/corkskrew rush or any other (I have umbrella palm)
**hardneck Garlic bulbils ***Really want it badly
Nemophilia - Penny Black
Petunia- mini, wave, bicolor any and all **most wanted
Salvia- any
Primula Auricula or any and all
Sweet peas

fearadyn's Wish list:
Dear Santa~I especially love the color blue~but I am not picky and will be happy for anything you send me this

tall Phlox
double hollyhock
Cosmos~any color
Morning glory
Painted Daisy
Blue bachelor button
sunflower~any kind
Blue flax
Pattys plum Poppy
Any poppy
coneflower~yellow or white
creeping phlox~blue if possible
sweet~ sweet corn
sugar pea
snow peas
vine beans~any
collard greens
honeydew melon
good cukes for pickling
any bulbs/corms for zone 5
any flower you love and wish to share

smitties's Wish List:
Nasturtium - any
Aster - Hulk
Blanketflower - Razzle Dazzle, burgundy, or yellow
Coneflower - Ruby Star, Pow wow Wildberry, or yellow
Double click bon bon
Calendula - Flashback, Dejavu, or Porcupine
4 O'clocks _ Yellows of any kind
Pampas Grass
Coreopsis -Route 66
Any berry
Nigella -African Bride
Double balloon
Cactus or any kind
Zinnia - candy mix

bustani_mama's Wish List:
medicinals (no illegals to any state please)
heirloom/op vegies
unique or unusial tomatoes and peppers

lois's Wish List:
tomato - black krim
tomato - brads black heart
tomato - anna russian
strawberry - any
Tanacetum coccineum perennial painted daisy
coral bells - any with red or dark pink flowers
delphinium bellamosa or connecticut yankees
Dicentra spectabilis Bleeding Heart
Dicentra eximia fringed bleeding heart
echinacea (pink or purple, 3 ft or taller to show behind other plants)
Lilium martagon
pentstemon - anything with red, blue, pink or purple flowers, hardy to zone 6
primula Auricula hybrids
primula goldlace
salvia greggii or salvia microphylla - any red or screaming pink :o)
Salvia penstemonoides
Silene regia Royal Catch Fly esspec. 'Prairie Fire'
Silene laciniata 'Jack Flash'
Spiranthes odorata 'Chadds Ford'
Stachys coccinea (scarlet hedgenettle)
sweet peas
flowers hummingbirds like

yotetrapper's Wish List:
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose
Zinnia candycane (red and white bicolor, any)
Squash, Hopi Pale Gray
Hollyhocks (Named only please I have tons of un-named ones)
Colored Bell Peppers
Beets (for pickling)
Peony poppies
Cosmo- Double Click Bon Bon
Any Perrennials in red, white, blue
Any medicinal herbs, especially:
ephedra (ephedra sinica)
Licorice (glycrrhiza glabra)
Wormwood (artemisia absinthium)
Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris)
Boneset (eupatorium perfoliatum)
black cohosh

kmpsmom's Wish List:
Anchusa Azurea "Loddon Royalist"
Shasta Daisy "Sante"
Primula " any
Lavendula strechas "Lemon Leigh"
Heliotrope " any
Gaillardia "Summer's Kiss"
Fringed pinks " Dianthus superbus
Hardy Geraniums " white only
Nicotiana " any
Thunbergia - blue especially but any
Nastutiums " lighter colors " no orange
Cosmos " yellow
Sweet Pea " any
Viola " any (Love ‘em)
Asarina " any
Crambe cordifolia
Cephalaphora aromatica
Lewisia cotyledon
Platycodon grandifolium Fuji White
Knautia " any
Rudbeckia "Goldquelle"
Salvia farinacea "Strata"
Salvia "Fairy Queen"
Any summer blooming flowers with fragrance

momstar's Wish List:
Bleeding Heart
Dusty Miller
Tiger Lillies
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Pampas Grass
Coral Bells

tn_veggie_gardner's Wish List:
Black Cherry tomato
Sungold tomato
Sungold Select II tomato
Sweet 100 tomato
Green Grape tomato
Ilini Gold tomato
Mini Orange tomato
Orange Banana tomato
German Lunchbox tomato
Thai Pink Egg tomato
Amish Paste tomato
San Marzano tomato
White Currant tomato
Dill Weed (container variety)
Any plantable garlic
Tabasco pepper
Marconi pepper
California Wonder Bell pepper
Any cherry/small variety tomato
Any edibles that can be grown indoors
Any fruit seeds (especially tropical)
Any easy to grow from seed flowers

poisondartfrog's Wish List:
Calendula, any
Acalypha hispida
Argyranthemum, any
Chrysanthemum segetum, Eastern Star
Emilia sonchifolia Lutea
Anoda cristata
Lantana trifolia
Quisqualis indica
Nicotiana knightiana
Papaver triniifolium
Portulaca oleracea
Salvia madrensis
Schoenea cassiniana
Zinnia elegans, Silver Sun
Salvia greggii, White
Salvia candidissima
Nicotiana tabacum, ornamental varieties
Ricinus communis, New Zealand Purple
Tomato, Vinson Watts
Tomato, Viva Lindsey's Kentucky Heirloom
Tomato, Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad
Ipomoea longifolia
Arctotheca calendula

rane_grow's Wish List:
tomato soup echinacea
any rudbeckia
any daisy
cactus zinnia
old mexico zinnia
razzamatazz echinacea
any sunflower
your favorite perennial
Legend tomato
Big beef tomato
Vintage Wine tomato
your favorite heirloom tomato
your favorite cherry tomato
Tromboncino squash
or any winter squash ;-)
any heirloom eggplant
your favorite heirloom veggie
your favorite bush bean
your favorite bell pepper
marconi peppers
slow bolt cilantro
mammoth leaf basil
lettuce leaf basil
italian parsley

debby_1's Wish List:
Coneflower any but purple
Bleeding heart
Butterfly bush

pseudacris_crucifer's Wish List:
Native prairie wildflowers
American hazelnut
Native hawthorn
Wild columbine (red and yellow)
Mint (a tasty one)
Any purple veggies
Green beans
Brussel sprouts
Sugar snap peas
Oak leaf lettuce
Swiss chard

perkybarb's Wish List:
Green Beans
Sugar Snap Peas
Lemon Basil
Morning Glory/Japanese or Ipomoea Nil

sji1981's Wish List:
--Petunia any
--impatience (not balsam)
--Allysum pastel colors
--Ross moss any
--Baby's breath pink, white any
--Vegitables/herb -Okra, eggplant, swiss Chard, Spinach, water Celery, basil minette or any, lemon balm, sugar

snap Peas, water cruss, lettuce, Cucumber, pepper thin variety etc.
--Trailing plants any
--Nasturtium any but not orange
--creeping phlox
--Carnation/Fringed dianthus any
--Ornamental Pepper - Piquin, Marbles, Pepper Bouquet, Chilly Chili, NuMex Valentine (any ornamental which is

edible too)
--Viola any
--Any perennial flowers
--Asarina any
--Primula any
--strawberry edible any
--Cosmos Double click bon bon
--Annuals under 18" any
--Shade loving plants
--Any basket plant
--bonsai tree/fruit tree (bunyan, Japaneese laceleaf maple any, guava, pomegranate, apple (true type), any other
--firecracker plant
--cypress vine white, pink but not red
--Asiatic lily, Calla lily any
--perenial poppy

appaloosa909's Wish List:
Corn Cockle (agrostemma)
Pelargonium (annual geraniums)
Yellow Mexican Sunflower
Sungold F1
Sungold Select
Chinese Giant
New Yorker
Red & Black Boar
JD Special C. Tex
Any sun annual
Any Daisy type flower

lily55rjw's Wish List:

1. Rock Cress - Any
2. Four O'Clocks
3. Snapdragon
4. Iris - Any
4. Lily - Any
5. Lantana
6. Gerbera Daisy - Any
7. Gaillardias - Any
8. Petunia
9. Zinnia
10. Pansy
11. Canada Anemone
12. Roses - Any type (bush, tree, shrub,...)
13. Lilac
14. Black-Eyed Susan Vine
15. Torenia
16. Daylily - Prefer any kind but orange and yellow
17. Cosmos
18. Columbine
19. Phlox
20. Peony Seeds - Preferrable any color other than pink. Someone has already given me pink!!

jodie74's Wish List:
salvia artemis
agastache-purple pygmy
balloon flower-komachi
blackeyed susen vine-any "blushing" or multi colored
aster-blue stokes
coleus-ANY CHOCOLATE variety
carkscrew vine
globe amaranth-strawberry fields
zinnia-candy mix, swizzle cherry, whirligig
purple love grass
amaranthus-summer poinsettta
aster-any "fireworks" variety
monkey flower-blotch varieties
candy lily
bunny tails (ornamental grass)
pupmkin on a stick
purple coneflower-bravado
english daisy-habanera
nicotiana-baby bella
dichondra silver falls

micyrey's Wish List:
Bronze fennel
Birdhouse gourds

aphroditelaughs's Wish List:
Squash - red kuri
Tomato - Al-kuffa
Watermelon - Blacktail mountain
Melon - Collective farm woman
Beans - Hidata Shield figure and long noodle
Beets - golden
Carrots, especially unusual colors
Hardy kiwi (not the fuzzy kind)
Bachelor buttons - blue and other colors
Chamomile either German or Roman
Snapdragons - tall varieties
Arnica montana
Sunflowers - especially Maximillion
Poppies - all kinds
Nemophilia - Penny Black

v1rtu0s1ty's Wish List:
coleus - maroon foliage
Agastache Rose Mint
salvia coccinea
salvia greggii
salvia microphylla
Salvia clevelandii
salvia darcyi
Salvia azurea
rudbeckia with red flowers
any trailing plant seeds(annual is fine)
zinnia cherry
tithonia Fiesta Del Sol
Penstemon Papal Purple
Penstemon Red Riding Hood
miscanthus sinensis or any ornamental grass
plume poppy(Macleaya cordata)
coral bells
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis - common elder(American Elder)
Joe Pye Weed(pinkish flowers)

keiki's Wish List:
uncommon nasturiums
pink zinnias
ping tung eggplant
parris market or yaya carrot
baby pak choi or bok choy
sweet non bell peppers
lemon or lime basil
afina cutting celery
tall sunflowers
romanesco broccoli
solanum melocerasum huckleberry
solanum burbankii
fish pepper
rain lilies other than pink
your favorite edible

michiet's Wish List:
Blue fax
BallOon flower
Dwarf cosmos
Watermelon - big varIety
Pumpkin - big variety
Sungold tomato

ishareflowers's Wish List:
Looking for lots of coral and apricot shades..annual or perennial for my moms garden
Penstemons-any but huskers red, love firecracker
astleboids ****
salvia- any red,Dark purple or coral.
alyssum- apricot shades
geranium - alba
miribalis- coral,terracota shades
heuchera- vivid, gaurdian angel...any really
cleome- yellow
portulaca- sundial
feverfew- white wonder
tithonia fiesta del sol
cerinthe-blue shrimp
celosias- love em all
white zone 5 perennials- have obedient plant, phlox,balloon flower short and tall.
Dianthus- any pure white
campanulas- any named
Zinnia- bicolors short or tall
coreopsis-any named
your favorite...annual or perennial. I love to try new things!

xiangirl's Wish List:
Delphinium-any color
Poppy-any color
Mexican Hat
Rose of Sharon
Balloon Flower
Coneflower/Echinacea-I have purple, would like other varieties
Celosia-red or autumn’s joy
Gaillardia-Fanfare, Pulchella, Torch, Fanfare, Dwarf (This is my #1 favorite flower!)
Purple/Burgundy Carrot
Coreopsis/Tickseed-any kind, color, flavor & advice on starting from seed
Sunflowers of any kind/color except mammoth
Looking for suggestion for tall perennial or reseeding flowers (4-5 feet) for the backdrop of my flowerbed

against white house.
Any perennial you love and would share.

highalttransplant's Wish List:
Any red, or yellow Petunia
Any yellow, orange, or red Gazania
Any yellow, orange, or red Snapdragon
Nicotiana, any true red (not pink or purple), or green, or chocolate
Thunbergia (Black-eyed Susan Vine) -Terracotta Skies' or other non-pink variety
Salpiglossis 'Royal Chocolate'
Any red, or yellow California poppy (I have plenty of orange)
Any yellow, or orange Portulaca
Any yellow, or orange Penstemon
Any yellow, orange, or red Pansy
Any yellow, or red Geum (I have orange already)
Your favorite yellow, orange, or red sun-loving flower that maybe I forgot to mention, LOL!
Serrano Pepper
Dragon's Claw Pepper
Leutschauer Paprika Pepper
NuMex Big Jim Pepper
NuMex Sunset Pepper
Fresno Pepper
Your favorite mild to medium non-hybrid pepper for salsas, etc. that I didn't mention!
A large, heirloom paste-type tomato that isn't mealy and bland!
Cheddar Cauliflower
Copra Onion
Amarillo Oro Melon
Osh Kirgizia Melon
Okra good for container growing, such as Baby Bubba, or Little Lucy

erika_ct's Wish List:
Bunny Tail Grass
CA Poppy
Coleus - Chocolate Mint
Coleus - Limelight
Convovulus - Ensign
Cucumber - Diva
Dianthus - Firewitch
Feverfew - Any
Gazania - Any
German Chamomile
Hardy Geranium
Iceland Poppy
Jacob Cline Monarda (plant)
Petunia - Laura Bush
Petunia - any Yellow bloom
Profusion Zinnia - any color
Rudbeckia - Cherry Brandy

aggiebee's Wish List:
Any kind of dwarf vegetable
Sugar snaps
Sweet peas
Bachelor buttons, esp. blue
Your favorite annual!
Toad Lily
Joe Pye Weed
Osteospermum "Flower Power White" or other variety
Bells of Ireland
Pineapple mint
Chocolate Mint
Apple Mint
Purple Basil

smcapri's Wish List:
Bell Peppers
Leaf lettuce
German Chamomile
Lemon Balm
Pineapple Sage
Orange Mint
Anise Hissop
Lemon Thyme
Greek Pepperocini
Chocolate mint

neohippie's Wish List:
Holy Basil
Lemon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Curry Tree (Murraya koenigii)
Common Sage (Salvia officinalis)
Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans)
Turk’s Cap
Mustard Greens
Corn - Golden Bantam
Parsley Root
Watermelon - Rattlesnake
Okra - Texas Hill Country Red
Onion - Bermuda
Chard - Rhubarb
Pepper - Red Rocoto
Pepper - Datil
Squash - Pike’s Peak
Squash - Seminole Pumpkin

hibiscusfan's Wish List:
Cosmos-yellow garden,apricot,doubles, bon-bons, or any
Digitalis-named foxglove
Daylilies-esp. Doubles Have yellow stellas
Geranium-hardy, prefer named
Guara-hardy in zone 5
Leucanthemum-have Crazy,Alaska,Becky
Any lily-Orential, Toad etc.
Scabiosa-hardy named peferred
Hardy Hibiscus named
Coreopsis-prefer named
Veronica-named esp. Fairytail
Verbascum-Carribean Crush, any Jackies or named
Pennisetum -esp Karley Rose or any named
Centranthus Ruber-Jupiters Beard
Your favorite flower

molly_and_me's Wish List:
Bleeding Heart
Coral Bells with variegated leaves
Geranium perennial
Monarda burgundy or deep red
Morning Glories with ruffled or split petals
Native Violets any color
Nemophlia Total Eclipse or Penny Black
Scabiosa especially darker color or uncommon ones
Southern Charm Verbascum
Teddy Bear Sunflowers to plant with my granddaughter
Zinnias dwarf varieties or large flowering like cactus or spider
Any annual or perennial that is dwarf or has variegated leaves no hosta please
Asian vegetables would like to try any except bamboo or melons
Brussels sprouts red
Carrots, round or short varieties
Eggplant, small, or unusual no inedible
Herbs any creeping, low growing or with variegated leaves
Sage, pineapple or tricolor

farmergirl2009's Wish List:
All for zone 5 and below
Ajuga a. reptans
Chrysanthemun - perenials
Echinacea e. purpurea
Papaver - somniferum
Prunella p. grandiflora
Sedums - short varieties for a rock garden

karendee's Wish List:
1. Any Rudbeckia
2. Any Daisies (Especially the different ones)
3. Marigolds (I have many of the yellow/orange; maybe solid colors, red, yellow or white would be nice)
4. Foxglove
5. Lupine
6. Russian Sage
7. Solid Yellow gaillardia
8. Solid burgundy gaillardia
9. Any seeds that trail (for 2 large urns I keep on my front porch)
10. Tomatoes (We have a short season so quick growing is nice)
11. Any hot peppers (especially fast growing)
12. Any quick growing veggie that you have or enjoy
13. Basil
14. Other herbs (I have chives, cilantro, tarragon, mint, and dill already)

ohiovalleygardener's Wish List:
Daylilies other than orange
cardinal vine
anything that attracts butterflies.
Anything that you loved from your garden.
Love surprises so anything will be so exciting and wonderful.

graanieb's Wish List:
KALE - Red Bor , Red Russian
CUCUMBER- Armenian Yard Long, Sword, Eureka! , Diva
SQUASH- Magda-vine, White / your fav
ANISE HYSSOP - tall WHITE ( have lavender) butterfly magnet
BEANS_ Yin Yang, other colorful pole beans
ORN PEPPER - Holiday Cheer (cherry), Vietnamese, Shu, Black Pearl / your fav
CELOSIA Bombay or similar crested
HIBISCUS Disco Belle Dinnerplate any
CANNA lily- Dwarf Pink shades, white, Ivory, others
DAYLILY- Pardon Me, Red
ECHINACEA - Primadonna, Razzmatazz, Magnus / fav
SALVIA - Sangria, red and white on one, salmon
COSMOS- Tetra Versailles Red and others
COSMOS- Sonata red and others
ZINNIA- Cactus Flowered -any
ZINNIA- Magellan-any
ZINNIA- Semi-dwarf , half-ball or ball flowers
ZINNIA -Swizzle Cherry and Ivory
Your garden favorite that you grew this year, perhaps?

nottougly's Wish List:
China Aster
Moss Verbena
Zinnia - Canary Bird
Cosmos " Dwarf White
Creeping Thyme
Love In A Mist
Tidy Tips
Clasping Coneflower
Hollyhock " Majorette
Baby Blue Eyes
Five Spot
Flax Seeds
Illinois Bundle Flower
Maltese Cross
Snow in Summer
Natives, Heirlooms Flowers
Columbine " Crimson Star
Black Eye Susan Vine
Morning Glory " Raffles
Bunny Tail Grass
Rudbeckia - Cherry Brandy
Your favorite annual or Perennial Flower

ilovefarac's Wish List:
1. new jersey tea- ceanothus americanus
2. kolwitzia dream catcher
3. kirengoshema palmata
4. goji berry
5. franklinia alatamaha
6. nepeta-6 hills giant, sweet dreams
7. gaura- any
8. gaillardia-tokajer
9. dwarf monarda- fireball, pink supreme, grand marshall
10. armeria-any
11. shasta- old court, fluffy, wirral pride-No alaska or becky
12. columbine- melba higgins, blackcurrant ice, any winky, any clementine, or others
13. persicaria red dragon
14. platycodon mariesii
15. rudbeckia-moreno, sonora, denver daisy, solar eclipse
16. dianthus- any
17. named daylily or crosses-spiders, etc.
18.oenothera-summer sotstice, sunset blvd.
19. verbascums-newer ones
20. heirloom tomatoes-red strawberry, blacks
21. penstemons-stapleford gem, mesa, dark towers, etc.
22. kale-any
23. agastache-heat wave, summer love, purple haze, raspberry summer, others
24. achillea-terra cotta, richard nelson, heidi
25. unusual zinnias

rbrady's Wish List:
1. Petunias
2. Coleus
3. Marigold Lemon Gem or Tangerine Gem
4. Profusion Zinnias
5. Trailing Lobelia
6. Digitalis any
7. Shorter Balloon flowers
8. Tropicals any
9. Campanula lactiflora
10. Dictamnus albus
11. Toad lily any
12. Tiarella any
13. Heuchera any
14. Dicentra any
15. Pulmonaria any
16. Brunnera any
17. Any native woodland plant
18. Chrysogonum virginianum (Green and Gold)
19. Aquilegia canadensis
20. Non bearded iris
21. your favorite container plant:-)

klorentz's Wish List:
Inca or Apollo orange and yellow
Crush series
Mum flowering Marigolds
Orange Boy
Any double petunia
Italian Giant Beefsteak
Summer Cider(orange)
Abraham Lincoln
Yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnet
Any of the Giant Bells
Orange Sun
Golden Summer
Winter Luxury
Conetecut Field
Big Moon
Kabocha Squash
Mr. Wrinkles
Old Zeb
Howden Biggie
Freaky Tom
Ali Baba

redthreaddiy's Wish List:
I prefer named varieties, but I'm really happy with anything!
Bee Balm
Begonia (Hardy)
Bleeding Heart
Lilies (anything with lily in the name!)
Passion Flower
Sweet Woodruff
Rose Mallow

celeegra's Wish List:
Smoke tree
Variegated hostas " esp large leafed ones
Ferns, especially cinnamon fern
Catmint Blue Carpet
Clover " Crimson, Purple, or White
Geranium " any, esp hardy & esp white
Begonia " any, esp white & pink
Fig tree (zone 6 hardy)
White Lavender
White Lilac
Lavatera trimestris Twins White
Lisianthus - any, esp Sapphire Pink Rim
Savory " Winter & Summer
Jasmine " especially night blooming jasmine
Salvia Artemis
Black-Eyed Susan Vine 'White-Eyed Susie'
Any unusual white or blue or peach or fragrant flower

cardinalwv's Wish List:
1. Scabiosa, ace of spades
2. Agastache, black adder
3. New England aster, September Ruby
4. Aster, October skies
5. Coreopsis, early sunrise
6. Coreopsis, redshift
7. Catanche major
8. Catmint
9. Stokesia, purple parasols
10. Rudbeckia, maya
11. Rudbeckia, cherry brandy
12. Gloriosa daisy, rudbeckia hirta
13. Geum, double bloody Mary
14. Balloon flower, double blue
15. Salvia, rose queen
16. Obedient plant, lavender
17. Polemonium, purple rain
18. Penstemon, Stapleford gen
19. Bellflower
20. Joe Pye weed
21. Veronica, red fox
22. Catananche alba
23. Gaillardia, oranges and lemons
24. Heliopsis, golden plume
25. Helenium, red & gold

daffodillady's Wish List:
1. Achillea milleflorum- Yarrow
2. Amaranthus caudatus- Love Lies Bleeding
3. Any flowering bush or shrub suitable for wintersowing
4. Asters- any but white
5. Celosia- Cockscomb: dwarf plumed- any but red
6. Celosia- Cockscomb: giant plumed or brains
7. Coneflowers
8. Cosmos- dwarf
9. Gomphrena- Globe Amaranth: purple, white, red
10. Gypsophila- Baby's Breath- especially pink
11. Hardy Hibiscus- any, especially Luna series
12. Impatiens- especially starred/striped
13. Lantana- especially red, purple
14. Limonium- Statice
15. Lisanthus grandiflorum- Lisianthus
16. Nigella damascene- Love-in-a-Mist
17. Ornamental peppers
18. Phlox stolonifera- Creeping Phlox
19. Rudbeckias
20. Scabiosa stellata- Starflower
21. Sedums- any
22. Tomatoes- currant type
23. Violas- especially yellow or faced
24. Your favorite easy care fragrant annual
25. Zinnias- dwarf with double form

buturfliis_mom's Wish List:
anything with "Audrey" in name
Anything with "Alexandra" or "Ali" in the name
Acanthus Hungaricus
arisaema sikokianum
Cimicifuga black beauty
columbine any named...
Dianthus amurensis Andrey"
echinacea pow wow berry
hosta dorothy benedict hahaha,... anybody sharing?
lonicera prolifera (native honeysuckle vine/shrub)
lupine gallery yellow
Martagon Lily for zone 5
solomon's plume
thunbergia alata sunset shades
zinnia star white

amybeth82's Wish List:
1 Poppies! (any type)
2 snapdragons
3 marigolds
4 bee balm/monarda
5 nigella
6 coleus
7 bachelor's button
8 verbena (esp. peach, orange, or purple)
9 jack in the pulpit
10 dicentra/bleeding heart/dutchman's breeches
11 astilbe
12 ferns
13 primula
14 toad lily
15 heuchera (Coral bells)
16 tiarella (Foam flower)
17 Baptisia sphaerocarpa (Yellow Baptisia, have purples)
18 Asclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed, already have common)
19 bunny tail grass
20 Hesperis matronalis (Dame's rocket)
21 Japanese anemone, esp. doubles
22 Collinsia heterophylla (Chinese Houses)
23 peas
24 lettuces
25 herbs (basil/cilantro/rosemary/oregano/chives/your favorite)

nuttnhunee's Wish List:
1. Bee Balm- Red
2. Coneflower- Red
3. Rudbeckia- Red
4. Rose Sheran- Red & Blue
5. Hostas
6. Daylilly- Red
7. Geranium Hardy Perennial- Red
8. Foxgloves
9. Coleus
12. Aster- Red
13. Phlox- Red
14. Austible
Any perennial Shade plants and of course RED

canyonwind's Wish List:
1. self sowing annuals
2. larkspur
3. pablano ancho pepper
4. named zinnias
5. named cosmos
6. marigolds...any...short, tall
7. snapdragons...short...tall
8. bachelor buttons
9. Teddy Bear, Sunspot Sunflowers
10. Chinese Forget Me knot
11. verbena bonariensis
12. red salvia coccinea
13. Aster "crego"
14. red bee balm
15. nasturiums newer varieties or any
16. your favorite green string bean
17. Torenia Blue Summer Wave
18. Stock's
19. viola
20. candytuft
21. love in a mist, white
22. sweet william/dianthus
23. yellow summer squash crookneck
24. Tomato Super Sweet 100 (cherry)
25. Heat loving red tomatoes

paulan70's Wish List:
01. Columbine William Guinness Doubles Mix
02. Canna any except for Red really want Pink
03. Epimedium Alpinium aka barrenwort "Bishop's Hat"
04. Ganzia Any
05. Hardy Geranium Tiny Monster
06. Geranium splish splash
07. Gloxinia ANY
08. Hibiscus Jazzberry Jam
09. Hibiscus Pink Elephant
10. Impatiens any yellow,Accent Star,Candy Box
11. Indian Pink----realy want this one.
12. Lobelia Fan Trio
13. Painted tongue---salpiglossis Any
14. Pentas Any
15. Marigold Mumsy Any Color
16. Cosmos Double Take
17. foxglove pam's split
18. Snapdragon's Twinny Peach or any twinny color, bronge dragon, chinese lantern, Black Prince, Frosted

Mix,Rocket Mix, Tutti Fruitti
19. Verbena Any
20. Zinnia Any Profussion colors & Jazzy Mix
21. plumbago leadwort
22. Agastache Any
23. pumpkins maybe even pumpkins on a stick
24. Zinnia Zahara any color
25. Monkey flower any color
any good shade loving flowering plant NO nicotiana or hoastas

orgogal's Wish List:
Agastache (coral or rose color would be fab.)
"Candy lilly"
White Columbine
Species Columbine
Forget me nots
Flowers for cutting garden
Flowers that smell good :)

jmt2213's Wish List:
scarlet runner bean
asian greens - any variety (especially pak choi - toy choi)
cabbage - any variety, especially napa cabbage
heart of gold cantelope
honeydew melon - any variety
radicchio - any variety
strawberries - any variety
thai peppers - any variety
cauliflower - any variety
straw flower - any variety
Hibiscus - any variety
Hardy Chrysanthemums (commonly called Mums)
pumpkin on a stick
ornamental grasses - any variety
Fairy Tale Eggplant
Hansel or Gretal Eggplant
Eygptian walking onion
gerbera daisies
luffa gourd
any perennial vines
any ornamental peppers
any succulent perennials
Medicinal Herbs
small cucumber varieties

sherrih's Wish List:
Anything variegated
Bleeding Heart
Birdhouse Gourds
Canna's w/ colored or variegated leaves
Hosta- any
Honeydew Melon
Gourds- Large to make planters
Shrimp Plant
Spiderwort- White
Container Plant's- any
Obedient Plant- lavender
Orchids- any
Heather- mine froze
Ornamental Grasses- colored, variegated, dwarf
House Plants- any

skywaitress's Wish List:
I would prefer "named" seeds if it is possible.
Hardy Hibiscus
Holly Hocks
Artemisian "Silver Mound"
KBX tomato
Black Krim tomato
Any perennial that is red, white, or blue zone 5a hardy
Any favorite flower or vegetable of your choosing!

rosemctier's Wish List:
-ANY smooth gourd, any size, but I need small ones especially. nothing bumpy.
-Anything with black flowers, true blue flowers, or varegiated/marbled/streaked flowers
-Dutchman’s pipe
-Four o’clocks"I have broken colors, purple, and custard and cream but welcome more of the same and any new

-Peanut pumpkin
-Yellow diathus
-Yellow bleeding heart vine
-Hellebore" have pink and mauve. Apricot would be divine!
-cypress vine
-Moonflower vine in different colors
-Clitoria vine in different colors, double or single
-Hardy Hibiscus"I have red. Is there such a thing as a yellow or orange hardy hibiscus?
-Datura/Angel trumpet"I have white and light purple single flower
-Monarda, Bergamo
-Pocket book plant
-Gold lace primrose
-Candelabrum primrose
-Yellow Slipperwort Seeds - Calceolaria
-Korean beauty clematis or any Yellow clematis
-Sweet pea streamer orange or any peachy/orange/yellow color
-Phlox promise peach or any peachy/orange/yellow color
-Black eyed susan vine all colors, sunrise surprise or blushing susie would be nice
-Morning glory tie dye blue or scarlet o’hara, anything variegated
-Clove drop carnation
-Blue Himalayan poppy

cherone7's Wish List:
MATERS MATERS MATERS! (planted about 5 varieties this summer. None got bigger than grape size, but we ENJOYED

them! ;D )
Any easy to grow veggies, herbs, fruit, (you get the picture)
Anything else your heart desires to send. I just love getting mail that isn't bills!

dirt_under_my_nails's Wish List:
Rutgur Tomato
Japanese Morning Glory!!
YOUR favorite cherry tomato
4 0'Clocks
Yellow Datura
DADE pole beans
Curly Mustard
Burpless Cucumber
Rocky Ford Cantaloupe!!!
Anything that attracts butterflies
Anything that attracts hummingbirds
Anything that blooms black
Anything that blooms at night
Anything that's HIGHLY fragrant!!!
Anything that blooms blue

adrock430's Wish List:
Coreposis, any named
Golden Beets
Swiss Chard
Forcing Chicory
Interesting edible winter squashes
Interesting heucheras
Turnip Greens

amberroses's Wish List:
I like all flowers in all colors and plants in general. I would be very appreciative to receive anything even if

it is not on my list if you like it and you think it might do well for me too. This is a list of things I know I

want or want more of:
Nigella love in a mist
Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose or any zinnia reallyJ
Melons (any named variety)
Squash (any named variety)
Watermelon (any named variety)
Eggplant (any named variety)
Herbs that make nice tea flavors
Diva cucumber
Paw Paw
Bachelor buttons
Joe Pye Weed

roper2008's Wish List:
Mexican Petunia
White Marigold
Nasturtium 'Empress of India'
Columbine pink or red
Shrimp plant
Verbena, except bonariensis.
Mexican Sunflower
Coleus 'Alabama'
Coleus 'Kingwood Torch'
Cuban Oregano
Lemon Verbenia
Jalapeno M
Super Chili
Redfield Beauty Tomato
Monomakh's Hat Tomato
Cherokee Green Tomato
Diva Cucumber
Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash

vogt0047's Wish List:
beet-long season
broccoli- waltham 29
brussel sprout- long island improved
Chinese cabbage- China king
endive- salad king
leek- musselburgh
onions- any good keeping variety
rutabega- laurentian
squash- any good keeping variety
quinoa (any variety)
any medicinal herb

julie2112's Wish List:
I'm fairly new to gardening so I'd love to try anything.
EDIBLES (any variety):
Squash - love squash all kinds!
Greens or swiss chard
Any Tomatoes, peppers or onions (I want to make salsa this year)
Bee Balm
Rudbeckia (Cherry Brandy or any favorite)
Forget me nots
Anything for a cutting garden
Any of your favorites

margarita10's Wish List:
Hosta "Sum and Substance"
Hosta "Patriot"
Hosta "Gingo Craig"
Hosta "Elegans"
Hosta "August Moon"
Hosta "Francee"
Dicentra "King of Hearts", Bleeding Hearts
Dicentra Spectabilis, Bleeding Heart
Dicentra Eximia Fringed Leaf, Bleeding Heart
Astilbe Chinensis "Superba"
Astilbe "Visions in Red"
Variegated Solomon's Seal-Polygonatum odoratum
Japanese Painted Fern-Athyrium niponicum
Maidenhair Fern-Adiatum pedatum
Heuchera "Pewter Veil" Coral Bells
Columbine-Aguilegia flabellata "Nana Alba"
Tiarella "Candy Stripper"
Tiarella Cordifolia, Foamflower
Black Snakeroot - Cimicifuga Racemosa
Ajuga "Burgundy Glow" - Bugleweed
Brunnera Macrophylla, False Forget-Me-Not
Brunera Mac. Variegata, Variegated Forget-Me-Not
Laminum "Orchid Frost", Spotted Dead Nettle
Cimicifuga "Hillside Black Beauty" - Bugbane
Astilbe "Deutschland"
I would be very happy with anything for a shade garden just thought I would put out a few names for reference


w9yards's Wish List:
I have just started planting tropical fruits and plants so any seeds would be great.
I also have started doing gourd art so any gourd seeds other than birdhouse.
I grow food for several families as I have the space so any edibles would be fun.
I love unusual vegetables and herbs.
I teach a weekly cooking class when the friends and relatives pick up their produce to encourage organic and

healthy eating, so of course I would love any organic and heirloom varieties.

priscilla2007's Wish List:
1. Tabasco Chile Peppers
2. Habanero Chile Pepers
3. Cayenne Chile Peppers
4. Purple Beauty Bell pepper
5. Brandywine Tomato
6. Purple Tomato
7. Burgandy Okra
8. Romaine Lettuce
9. Red Lettuce
10. Snap Beans- especially Empress or Provider
11. Papaya- especially "Red Lady"
12. Lemon Balm
13. Purple Delight Basil
14. Lemon Basil
15. Borage
16. Calendula
17. French/Mexican Marigold
18. Eucalyptus
19. Evening Primrose
20. Hyssop
21. Jojoba
22. Parsley
23. Purple Sage
24. Scullcap
25. Anything PURPLE AND EDIBLE for Central Florida

beauswatch 8's Wish List:
Artemisia Silver Mound
Easter egg plant
Ornamental Grasses
Rock rose
Japanese Morning Glory
Dutchman’s Pipe
4 oclocks
Desert Rose
Dames Rocket
Climbing Vines
Hibiscus tropical
Zinnia Red
Salvia Greggii
Hyacinth bean vine purple
Russian Sage
Spider Mums
African Daisy
Anything Tropical
Anything Drought Tolerant
Anything Fragrant

esco_socal's Wish List:
1. Rollinia
2. Chrysophyllum cainito (star apple)
3. Ambarella (june plum)
4. Annona squamosa Kampong Mauve (red sugar apple)
5. Annona squamosa (green sugar apple)
6. Annona muricata (soursop)
7. Kwai Muk
8. Miracle Fruit
9. Muntingia calabura (strawberry tree or jamaican cherry)
10. Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (Winged bean)
11. Hibiscus sabdariffa
12. Stevia (sweet leaf)
13. Adenium (desert rose)
14. Salvia divinorum
15. Ghost pepper

crisann's Wish List:
salpiglossis -- painted tongue
cypress vine
bachelor buttons
bells of ireland
cockscomb -- giant plumed
phlox -- creeping
tidy tips
zinnia -- purple giant
zinnia -- swizzle cherry & ivory
zinnia -- zahara starlight rose
zinnia -- queen red or queen red & lime
snapdragon -- candy corn or floral showers
dianthus -- black & white minstrels
nemophilla -- penny black, gothic or five spot
bee balm
sweet pea
impatiens -- double

wishdesign's Wish List:
Yarrow (especially pinks and reds)
Cosmos (especially pink and red)
Dusty Miller
Blue Flax
Dames Rocket
Bachelor's Buttons
Anything with red or pink flowers

sky2009's Wish List:
bat plant
moon plant
huge cocks comb
bouble pea vine
cup and saucer vine
money plant
cypress amy color but red
corkscrew vine
black eyed susan vine
tiger lillies
coral balls

daisyb's Wish List:
Drought-Tolerant Plants
Black-Eyed Susan Vine
Salvia Farinacea (Blue Bedder)
Cranesbill Geranium
Perennial Salvias
Hyacinth Bean Vine
Japanese Morning Glory
Mexican Sunflower
Butterfly Weed
Shasta Daisy
Hardy Hibiscus
Ornamental Grass
Japanese Beautyberry
Any Morning Glory
Any Salvia
Any Lily

gardendad_2k10's Wish List:
Catnip/Catgrass for our cat
Any herbs, vegetables or fruits
Your favorite annual or perennial

mao_tse_mom's Wish List:
* Asclepias tuberosa
* Amaranthus tricolor Illumination, Early Splendor , Molten Fire , Red Fountain, PERFECTA, Yellow Fountain
* Millet Jade Princess
* streaked hosta
* California Poppy 'Thai Silk Rose'
* cosmos Rubenza
* Sidalcea �Brilliant�, 'Party Girl'
* Columbine, like long spurs
* Delphinium and larkspur- only fresh seeds wanted
* Lychnis x arkwrightii
* sphaeralcea munroana, orange globe mallow
* sunflower- Claret,Velvet Queen, Prado Red, Earthwalker
* Rudbeckia hirta "Goldilocks"
* Orange Prince Daisy
* calendula- pocupine
* Silene mexicana �Hot Stuff�
* agastache- any red or orange, hot pink
* Scabiosa atropurpurea, Ace of Spades, Oxford Blue
* Gaillardia aristata 'Amber Wheels'
* Aubrieta- Blue
* Coreopsis grandiflora : Presto, heaven's gate, new moon
* Lupin, Tutti Frutti, Sundown, reds, mixed
* Ophiopogon 'Nigrescens'
* Cactus zinnia
* Dianthus carthusianorum
* â€"Clusterhead Pinkâ€
* looking for bright bold colors or large leaves
* Also red, variegated or chartreuse leaves

plant-one-on-me's Wish List:
* broccoli
* romanesco broccoli
* corn salad/mache
* bok choi
* lettuces (all types)
* carrots
* bush beans epecially colored ones (gkids love these)
* kohlrabi
* zucchini
* cucumbers
* sweet pea pods
* sweet peppers
* mildly hot peppers
* spinach
* dwarf cabbage
* tomatoes (never met a tomato I didn't like!)
* any bush type melons
* any smaller veggie or fruit that can go in a sq ft garden
* herbs, just about anything you can think of
* any veggies that do well with winter sowing

msirie's Wish List:
Any succulent
Japanese iris
Purple Verbena
Baptisia australis
Russian Sage
Purple Fountain Grass
Any mounding flowers
Any dought tolerate flowers

bumblebee1's Wish List:
Watermelon radish
Sungold yomato
Culantro (not cilantro!)
Amaryllis - named avarieties
Atigonon Mexican Creeper
Brugmansia or Datura (Doubles)
Canna - heat loving
Ensete, Musa or Heliconia Banana
Euphorbia - heat loving
Hymenocallis Spider Lily
Justicia Shrimp Plant
Plumeria Frangipani
Solandra Cup of Gold

aimsterfl's Wish List:
Calendula/Marigolds(any color)
TOMATO (Any! I love em all. I am looking for a good canning/paste variety to save seeds from Opalka, Amish

Any easy to grow veggies ...we are trying to grow a bunch of our own produce this year.

cryptid's Wish List:
1. Thai Pink Egg tomato
2. Amish Paste tomato
3. Viva Lindsey's Kentucky Heirloom tomato
4. Orange Banana tomato
5. Ilini Gold tomato
6. Any Culinary/Medicinal Herb (except Basil, Rosemary, Dill or Feverfew)
7. Goji Berry
8. Tomato Soup echinacea
9. Unusual Snapdragons
10. Any kind of berry
11. Black Pearl Pepper
12. Lemon Drop Pepper
13. Dragon's Claw Pepper
14. Chocolate Habanero Pepper
15. Celeriac
16. Any flower with "Chocolate" in its name
17. Styrian Pumpkin
18. Your favorite heirloom veggie!
19. Your favorite heirloom melon!
20. Your favorite heirloom "ANYTHING"!
21. Elly & I LOVE surprises!
22. Anything weird, unusual, productive and fun!
23. Toad Lily (*ANY*!!)
24. Out of the ordinary Rudbeckia/Echinacea
25. Again,...Elly & I LOVE surprises! :)

ggwrn's Wish List:
rudbeckias other than black-eyed susan
fragrant flowers
flowers that attract hummingbirds
Your best songbird attracting plant
flowers for a moon garden
bog garden plants
Paw Paw
osteospermum (any variety)
native wildflowers
your best butterfly attracting plant
butterfly host plants
wine cups
heart leaved golden alexanders
flying hedgehogs
red bunny tails
plants suitable for wildlife habitat
native grasses
carolina moonseed vine
Your favorite flower, tomato or hot pepper in your garden
penstemon huskers red

suegardens2's Wish List:
white sage
English Thyme ( Thymus vulgaris )
large variety tomato i.e. beefsteak
yellow cherry tomato
cucumber, burpless
collard greens
mustard greens
watermelon, bush sugar baby
cantaloupe,early harvesting variety
bush beans any variety
carrot, purple dragon
carrot,kaleidescope mix
cinnamon basil
lemon mint
Lima Bean, Big Mama
Bean, Italian Rose
Eggplant, Black Beauty
Pepper, Sweet Banana
Nasturtium, Peach Melba
Nasturtium, Vesuvius
Blue Picotee morning glory
Akahigezaki Hige Japanese Morning Glory
Rose Feather Morning Glory
Split Personality Morning Glory
zinnia senora
zinnia pinwheel
dahlia, cactus
dahlia, victorian
Korean Beauty Clematis ( Clematis chiisanensis )
Clematis macropetala(Early Blue Clematis)

gmom2-6boys's Wish List:
The most wanted seeds are in order of listing.
Oregano-Kents Beauty
Crowder Peas
Chrysanthenum-any color
Green onions
Dianthus-Blue-any color
Dragon flower
Grasses-Pompas, Rose fountain, Zebra
Grecian Wildflower
Hydrangia-Perennials zone 5
Lily-African Queen
Phlox-Bright eye, crimsom red, Orange, Royal purple

sheriannricherson's Wish List:
About a month or so ago a storm with 1-inch hail destroyed my greenhouse, and needless to say, I lost most of my

tropical plants.
My wish list is short and sweet - anything is fine.
I have lots of herbs and vegetables though, so unless they are unusual, I prefer not to receive those.

lisa831's Wish List:
christmas or thankgiving or easter castus white
cockscomb (big head) ones
White Marigold
Ornamental Pepper
unique or unusual tomatoes and peppers
bunny tails grass
salvia any color
peter pepper
Bells of Ireland
Trailing Lobelia
Bleeding Heart
pumpkin on a stick

columbusgardener's Wish List:
Sweet Autumn Clemantis
Coleus " any yellow/green or black/reds
Cosmos " white
Nicotiana "white
Aquilegia " white
Chrysanthemum ‘Northern Lights’
Cleome " white
Knautia " Melton Pastels
Malva " Mystic Merlin
Salvia farinacea ‘Fairy Queen’
Cherry tomato
Lemon balm
Marjoram Sweet

frostythecat's Wish List:
Polianthes tuberosa
Canna Ehemanii or any other ones
Milk and Wine Lily
La Lot aka Wild Betel (Piper sarmentosum )
Rau Cang Cua aka Vietnamese Crab Claw Herb (Pepperomia Pellucida)
Any Indigo, dark blue or black Hyaciths.
Any non-red heirloom tomatoes (especially any red or black ones)
Your favorite Lettuce or Lettuce mix
Any flowers that will do well several weeks of 100+ weather in Usda zone 8b.
Any flowers with blooms in the Burgundy, Indigo, Black or Crimson color zone.
Night Blooming Cerus
Any type of blooming cactus (day or night)
Sweet Olive (or any plants with this scent)
Desert Rose
Sweet Pea
Moon Flowers

riley17's Wish List:
1 Russian sage
2 Goji berry
3 Poblano pepper
4 Viva italia tomato (or your favorite heirloom variety)
5 Bougainvillea
6 Cow peas
7 Blue flax
8 Grape leaf anemone
9 Lungwort
10 Agastache
11 Asian veggies
12 Early golden bantam sweet corn
13 Quinoa
14 Gooseberry
15 Sea buckthorn (sea berry)
16 Honey berry
17 Lady’s mantle
18 Pawpaw
19 Any water plants (I only have one orange water lily)
20 Chokecherry
21-25 Ummm….suprise me! :)

ivyp's Wish List:
Snow in the summer
Lily of the valley
columbine, any but purple
poppy oriental and california
I would be happy to recieve any flower seeds suitable for wintersowing, flowers for containers and hanging baskets.

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

thank you Angela! this will make it much easier. i think i am going to print it out and take notes-- much easier to rifle through pages than scroll. wow, i sound like my grandma LOL

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

You're most welcome! You can also use the CTRL-F (both buttons at once) to use the "find" feature for searching the page. I noticed also that one other person posted a list separately, so I am posting it below. ~Blessings, Angela

Posted by tbbgardens Louisiana (My Page) on Tue, Nov 16, 10 at 23:59

Santa I am wishing for seeds of :
Plate size bush mallows - all colors
Royal poinciana
Purple basil
Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'
Mexican hats
Dark purple tall salvia
Yarrow - all colors
Russian sage
Black eyed Susan vine - all colors
Unusual color and types of coneflowers
Coleus - all colors
Luffa and any gourds
Dwarf canna lilies - any color
Succulents for my collection

    Bookmark   November 17, 2010 at 1:04AM
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Would Love to be included,
My seed Wish list is easy:


    Bookmark   November 17, 2010 at 8:21AM
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I have been filling so many wishes it is GREAT!

I will see if I have more to fill.

I have never played bingo but I will give it a try.


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NEWBIE here!
As my name indicates I am NOT the green thumb in the family. My husband is. He is the one who plants, tends, weeds, takes care of EVERYTHING in the garden. Then when he brings it home I do the rest. Canning, cleaning, planning meals with it, etc. SO.. long story short for a Christmas surprise I would like to sign him up for the Santa Swap and see the look on his face when he starts receiving all these seeds in the mail. A little about him: he has a degree in Biology and KNOWS his plants. His stress reliever is going to the garden. He spends at least an hour at the garden everyday of growing season. In more than one season he has spent more money on growing the plants than it would cost to just go and buy them. He uses square foot gardening along with companion gardening. Gardening is his passion and I wish I could create the ideal garden for him, but since I can't do that, getting him some great seeds will be AWESOME!
Thanks for your help..

when seed searching he looks through catalogs for different and sometimes weird plants
generally ANYTHING edible:
Hubbard Squash (any named variety)
tomatoes (any strange variety)(except Purple Russian didn't do well at all in our soil)
Bell peppers (any named variety)
Hot peppers (any named variety)
Ghost Chilies (he successfully grew 6 ghost chilies this year and wants more for next year)
Peter Peppers (I didn't ask why)
a producing brussel sprout (2 years unsuccessful)

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Thank goodness today is the last day of sign ups lol. I keep telling myself i am done, and then someone new posts and i'm like oh, i have that, and that and that. LOL

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I'm curious, my post office will not hand stamp without a .20 charge per letter. Does everyone else pay this? Also, if you drop you letters in the box with just a please hand stamp request and no extra money, do they just run them through the machine? I paid the extra last year and haven't seen it mentioned in the Secret Santa postings. Thanks,

    Bookmark   November 17, 2010 at 4:02PM
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I'm new here and would love to join! I am yotetrapper's Mother. When she told me about this, I thought that this is something that I would love to do! My wish list is:
Bell Peppers
Habernero Peppers
Jalepeno Peppers
Heirloom Tomatoes...especially brandywine
Morning glories
Light Pink Impatiens
Cranberry Impatiens
Red Impatiens
Carnations...any color
Scented Geraniums
Sweet Pea

    Bookmark   November 17, 2010 at 4:58PM
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Debby, there is no extra charge for hand-stamping, or hand-cancelling, a letter or package. Please go to the link I've placed below and report what is happening to you.
When you put your letters in the box with the request for hand-stamping on them, they do not go through a machine. They are taken to a mail-sorting plant and processed by hand, with no extra charge.

If anyone is having a problem with their local post office, please go to the link I've provided here and let the Inspector General know what the problem is. They are there to help us all make sure the mail is delivered in a timely, safe, secure, fashion.


Here is a link that might be useful: Office of Inspector General

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Thank you so much for collecting everyone's wish lists...

It is such a help. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...


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cat_delgado(6 - Ansonia, CT)

I have never done this before but it seems fun, I will look to see if I have seeds that I can give ( I just gave away 3 envies full of seeds last month not knowing about this swap) but I would love to get the following seeds from santa :) named varieties would be awesome if possible!

Red, pink or white carnations (perennial type please) zone6
Blue or white morning glories
Clematis seeds, red,or white or blue
Impatiens - white or purple or double would be very cool
red snapdragons
any kind of fuschia seeds ( I love how beautiful they are but they are soooo hard to find here)
Rose seeds? I am not sure how to do this but I'd love to try, or rose cuttings work too :)
perennial geraniums pink, white or red
daylily seeds, any
hosta seeds , any uncommon kind
brunnera seeds, looking glass?
any interesting perennials for sun or shade in any color except yellow or orange :)
thanks so much!!

I'm not sure if this is where I post my address but here goes
Catherine Delgado
37 Church Street
Ansonia, CT 06401

many thanks in advance!! I'm so excited!!

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catdelgado, welcome to the swap ! PLEASE repost ur wish list WITHOUT ur mailing address, as that post will be erased..it is UNSAFE to post your address on the forum..and is against the site rules..

THEN kindly send ME an email with your screen name and mailing address !

No worries, ok ...just want ALL to be SAFE on the site !!

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Angela, thank you very much for making it easier for all, now printing the lists!
Is the Inrichmedia.com suppose to interrupt even while typing this? gee.

happy trades all,


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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

bea, i've noticed that too-- must be programming error. pops up every time i click on the site

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I got that inrichmedia.com over 30 times last nite JUST trying to contact a moderator ! Im glad it isnt just me..sure makes it hard to try and post on here, hope they fix it soon !!

THANKS to you ALL for signing up ! I have gotten about 25 lists so far, and as always your ALL SOO generous..I truly cant wait to see the MAILBOXING being :)

SEND IN THOSE B-I-N-G-O CARDS !! I will post a few words a day..you keep track of your card, and YELL bingo once all 25 of your words have been posted , it is EASY and fun !

Have you waited to start packing seeds ? If so, would you start from the bottom of the list ..to decide on whom to send to, please :)

Okay, Thanksgiving is a few days away...what are YOU thankful for, and do you have a family tradition to share ?

More games headed your way, keep checking in !!

    Bookmark   November 18, 2010 at 2:25AM
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Hmm Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my wonderful family and my loving husband. I'm thankful for our house in the country, and all of my poultry and other animals. I'm thankful for being able to garden and grow a lot of my own food, to can and freeze.

As for traditions, I remember the ones from when I was young. I would wake up Thanksgiving morning and all the men (and me) would go deer hunting. We would get home in time for me to catch the end of the Macy's parade on tv, and then I remember helping with the dinner. Some of the dinner would be done the day beforehand, such as the stuffin, and pies, but on Thanksgiving there was plenty to do, and the relish tray was always my job, lol.

Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, squash, sweet potatoes....
with pumpkin and apple, and mince pies for desert. Most years we ate with my grandparents, who lived right nextdoor.

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every year I have had to pay extra if I was sending anything that was not very thin, if I put any padding at all or want hand stamping I have had to pay more. not complaining I will pay what I need to but they just wont send the little fatties for a stamp.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Yotetrapper - "Thank goodness today is the last day of sign ups lol. I keep telling myself i am done, and then someone new posts and i'm like oh, i have that, and that and that. LOL"

I feel the SAME. WAY!! I think I'm adding 9 people to my list just from looking today. Going to be a very expensive trip to the post but I'm happy to make others happy. :)

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cat_delgado(6 - Ansonia, CT)

I have never done this before but it seems fun, I will look to see if I have seeds that I can give ( I just gave away 3 envies full of seeds last month not knowing about this swap) but I would love to get the following seeds from santa :) named varieties would be awesome if possible!
Red, pink or white carnations (perennial type please) zone6
Blue or white morning glories
Clematis seeds, red,or white or blue
Impatiens - white or purple or double would be very cool
red snapdragons
any kind of fuschia seeds ( I love how beautiful they are but they are soooo hard to find here)
Rose seeds? I am not sure how to do this but I'd love to try, or rose cuttings work too :)
perennial geraniums pink, white or red
daylily seeds, any
hosta seeds , any uncommon kind
brunnera seeds, looking glass?
any interesting perennials for sun or shade in any color except yellow or orange :)
thanks so much!!

sorry about the confusion, I'll send you a private email with my address. thanks!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

My Thanksgiving growing up was always full of a week long cooking spree along with enough leftovers to feed us for a month. I love that mom went crazy like that for us, but now as an adult, I find it overwhelming. We're having a very simple Thanksgiving with just our immediate family here in our new home. We're so far away from family that it makes it hard to get together for holidays. I'll miss not seeing them for Thanksgiving, but I'm going to enjoy doing a simple, immediate family only day of Thanksgiving.

As for what I'm thankful for... I'm thankful for the Lord, my family and friends, my health (although not perfect). These are things I'm always thankful for. I have an extra special blessing to be thankful for this year, too. My new home by the Lincoln National Forest. I don't think I've ever been this happy as an adult than living in my new home/city/state. I am truly blessed and fully appreciate what I've been given.


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skywaitress(5a, Central Oregon)

I am thankful for a wonderful family, my dog, good health, and being able to live in a location that I love. I will not be home for the holiday but that's okay as I will be taking others to their families.
My Thanksgiving growing up was helping my Mom in the kitchen washing the bird and helping "taste" the southern style stuffing making sure it was just right. Sometimes this called for a lot of tasting! :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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To those new this year to the swap ..I just wanted to mention..that in a few days you will be receiving an email..it will contain ALL of the addresses of people that have signed up for the swap ( just over 100 wonderful ELVES)

Then you will also get a PLEASE mail on date ( actually it is a few days, so u dont have to be inconvienced)

PLEASE when you are sure of who you are mailing to send me a list of JUST the screen names !

Thanks again to Angie for putting together all the WISH LISTS !!

*** I had PLANNED to have the email to all of you today, but I had an emergency happen yesterday..my poor dog has a spinal injury..so PLEASE bare with me, ok ??

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

oh no! i hope your dog is okay! did s/he have to have surgery?

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Hi all,, hope you dog is ok and that you are ok,,,
I am very thankful for a very loving family,,We had a very hard summer this year,, son's lost their dad,,they are 20 & 22,,very young to loose a parent,, but we stuck together and are doing ok,,Gardening has really helped me heal,,thanks to all you out their and all your wonderful seeds for me to plant,,I am thankful to gardenweb family too..Our tradition is to cook together alot of laughs,,and fudge,,ya peanut butter..Happy thanks giving to all..Lisa

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Angela, thanks so much for doing that! Makes it much easier.

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Thanksgiving...there are so many things to be thankful for. First of all, I am thankful for God and all of the blessings He has given me and my family. I am thankful for my daughter, (yotetrapper), and for the wonderful visit we had together last month. I am most thankful for the wonderful life she has made for herself and her husband, even though I miss her always. I am thankful for my husband, for his kind heart and his loving ways. I am thankful for my parents, and their love and support they have given me throughout all of my life. I am also thankful for being able to work at home, which due to a disablility, allows me to still make an income.
Our traditions have varied throughout the years. I still prepare the pies and stuffing beforehand, as yotetrapper mentioned, lol...(however I have to do the relish tray myself now)..but my husband and I usually like to have our dinner at home by ourselves, and then visit my parents later on for dessert. That way, everyone gets leftovers!! Thanksgiving still means the delicious aromas, parades, football games and togetherness..whether you are actually together, or just feeling your loved ones in your heart.

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keiki(10 FL)

Dan and all who use the UPSP if you request that your mail not be put on sorting machines like a DBCS you have to pay a non machinable surcharge. If you just don't want it cancelled by a machine that can be hand done free of charge but it will still be processed at mail processing facilities where we use many machines. All mail is headed for machinery, flats (magazine size) letters and packages all are worked on machinery. The PO is working really hard to work everything it can on machines with the least amout of people touching it. Have you ever been to a plant? It is completely different world than working on the customer service side, I have done both.

This is meant as information!!! I do not want to step on anyones toes or hurt anyones feelings.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I've had a very good relationship with my post office. I didn't like the feeling that I was being overcharged.

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My post office does the same, they will hand cancell an envy BUT if it's a bit thick with bubble wrap I have to pay the extra twenty cents.


Kym, I sent you my starter list.


    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 9:12AM
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My post office... as far as bubble envies go, if I take it the one in my town, it costs an average of $1.25, but if I take the same envie to the PO in the other town over, it costs an average of about $0.80.

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Iris Hendry

Good morning everyone ! Thanksgiving during my growing up years was always spent with my parents and brother as we were a military family usually faraway from our grandparents and extended family ( Christmas was another story ;-) ) My job was always to baste the turkey ... I took that job seriously as it was always the "secret" to a moist and delish bird ;-) I still smile to myself whenever I baste it in my own kitchen nowadays ... My mom is a fantastic cook and baker and Thanksgiving was always a big dinner with lots of leftovers , since my son is the only grandchild , he was always the " young prince " aka guest of honor ( and getting picked on by his favorite uncle ) ... the day was filled with fudge and snacks while watching football all day long waiting for the Turkey to be done ... I will miss not being with my parents especially so this Thanksgiving but I will see them in January ... Hug your loved ones this holiday season and let them know how much you love them ;-)


PS I can hardly wait for the mailing to begin ;-)

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Good morning All !


PLEASE check your emails !!

**Please NOTE** I am getting people trying to sign up still for the swap, I HATE to say NO, but I am !! I hope there are no hard feelings, but I DID POST NO EXCEPTIONS..so no late addresses, and no late sign ups ..With all going on at home, I cant add anymore :(

I will be sending all an email this evening, It is ready to go :) Thanks for being patient with me !

I am really enjoying hearing about everyones Thanksgiving..THANKS so much for sharing !!

** my dog is on complete bed rest for 6 weeks , with HOPES of some improvement ! The sugery is $5,000 and just not something my family can do..she cant use her back legs, and I have to help extract her bladder. GOOD news is she has feeling in her back legs, and some slight movements at time, so there is hope she may get SOME use back. I have been up the last 3 nights, giving meds, and keeping an eye on her. ***

I will post here, once the emails are completed, so you know they have been sent !!

Have a GREAT weekend !

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 11:20AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

PLEASE NOTE **** Addresses have been MAILED !! PLEASE CHECK ur OWN address, for my mistakes !!

If you didnt get an email today from me..please send me an email !

I am taking the nite off, now that I sent you the info, to HOPEFULLY get some sleep !

HAVE FUN addresses your cards !

** THANKS to ALL that offered to HELP make sure all recieved, I will send out a list on Dec 1st **

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 2:34PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

*** When I copied and pasted the addresses, the lines ALL shifted, please notice, and use ur common sense on them, I thought I caught them all ....sorry, for the mistake ! ***

any questions, feel free to email me !

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 3:00PM
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Well Mrs. SeedyClaus, my addresses seem to have come out perfectly and I'm really grateful for your efforts on this! I would continue with the list of all the things I'm grateful for, but I'm pretty sure they won't let me list everything.

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flwrs4ever, I hope your dog recovers ok. Last year around when this swap was going on I had to have my cat of 17 years, Ginger, put down because of kidney failure. That was rough.

Got the list of addresses! Mine is correct. I've got seed packets all over the home office trying to figure out what to mail to whom. I'll send in my list of who I'm sending to as soon as I can.

My cat, Lilly, keeps trying to attack the seed packets. I think she likes the sound of the seeds rattling around in them. If any of my seeds get to you and the packet looks a little nibbled on, that's why.

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 5:58PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I will send out an email in the morning with minor "take note" on a few addresses that I didnt correct the postitioning of the words..again I apologize !

Let me know if you see that urs is "shifted"...

neohippie, your cat sounds like mine..she will lay down right in the middle of all the seed packs ...and loves to play with the packets. She tends to chew on plastic too..lol gotta love them !

I appreciate all the kind words and support ,my dogs name is Princess...and this has just stopped my world. I am not allowed to leave her alone ,and getting her to drink anything is getting harder. I keep praying tomorrow will be better !

I have recorded 36 lists as of tonight...thanks so much for sending them in as you know who your sending to !

YES ..you can add, just let me know and PLEASE if you decide to send after your initial list,let me know ! I do alot of "behind the scenes" work to make sure all recieve.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend , and again sorry I didnt catch all the addresses shifting...grrr !! ( I read thru them like 3 times but hey Im getting old ..lol )

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 8:11PM
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I'm so sorry to hear about your dog Kym! :'( Is she quite old?
Praying for both of you,

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 8:49PM
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should everyones want list be posted by now? or do they have another day to post a want list by? (imma get the addys printed mine looked ok and imma print up a copy or so of the want lists that are on here compare to my notes from the first thread)

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 9:05PM
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************NEW ADDRESS LIST WAS EMAILED ********

on first email, the program I was using dropped the AVE, Circle, rd..to the beginning of the third row...


Riley, thanks she isnt very old, but she fell off the bed and slipped a disc..and cant use her back legs. If I am lucky she will regain a bit of use and not be in pain. She must have complete bed rest for 6 weeks ! Yes, there is surgery, but it is $5,000 ..so I am trying to get her thru the 6 weeks. She isnt eating or drinking too well today,so I will be watching her closely this weekend .

bustani...Angela posted all the lists, and a few more are posted below on this thread. Sign ups are over.

Again, sorry I didnt catch all the "shifting" when I copied and pasted.

***EVERYONE should have recieved a list of addresses today

Goodnite all, hope your all getting ready this weekend for Thanksgiving and those that are traveling, PLEASE have safe travels !!

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 10:46PM
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I, also, will be praying for your dog, Kym. Sometimes, when the vets charge outrageous prices, God can still work miracles. After all, Christmas is the time for miracles!

    Bookmark   November 19, 2010 at 11:17PM
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I've just accessed the bottom page with a hit of an arrow, nothing changed, don't know why, may be less traffic.

Kym, so sorry about Princess, got to be hard, hope and pray she gets feelings back in her legs and gradually improves.

You are doing so much on each side, thank you very much for the addresses and all. Had em all printed now will check to correct and fix the lists...and check who're newbies.
I've been making paper packets and sorting seeds about half of the day yesterday, while watching my cat, until we both had enough.
Good health to you all my friends and have a good weekend,


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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

kym--poor princess. that's got to be so hard on both of you. if you are still are having trouble getting her to eat and have the time or someone else to do it, homemade dog food is much more tempting, easier to digest, and might make a difference. you need 1 part chicken, 1 part rice(brown or white, can add some oatmeal too if you want), 1 part vegetables. boil/ roast the chicken, slice and crumble it, mix in whatever (cooked) veggies you have-- peas, carrots, green beans-- i used to get a bag of frozen mixed veggies without corn- mix in rice. depending on how much trouble she is having eating, you can just mix it or run through a food processor or just smash up with a potato masher. they love it. it freezes very well too so you can make a huge bag and freeze it in sandwich baggies. we found an ancient beagle after a nasty winter storm; she weighed less than our cat and the vet didn't think she'd live for more than a day or two and estimated her age at 11-13 years. i had to hand feed her for weeks before she was strong enough to eat out of a bowl. two years later, she weighs wayyy too much and shows no sign of stopping. our anniversary is the monday after thanksgiving. her still being here is something i am very thankful for. anyway, if you can get princess to eat anything at all, that will help. if you make some and boil the chicken, she might be interested in the water too. she'll get better every day. dogs are amazingly strong and it may take time, but your love will pull her through. i hope you both can get some sleep.

    Bookmark   November 20, 2010 at 1:36AM
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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Wow, I never would have thought about making homemade dog food. That's a great idea, along with the broth for water. Good info, rosemctier!

To those who appreciate the list I put together, it really was my pleasure and you're welcome! I've been ill with what appears to be walking pneumonia, so all I've had is time on my hands. I made the list for this swap, started all my seed packets to stock up (something I could do just sitting relaxing at the table), and tomorrow the kids and I are going to start making homemade cards (something else productive to do while in a sitting/resting position). It brings some much needed cheer to me right now.

You all have been such a wonderful blessing to me when I've gone through some really rough spots in my life. I can't wait to try to fill some of your wishes and bring some brightness to your holidays as you all bring me anytime I'm on the forums. What a great group we have here on GW, the veterans and newbies alike! We have a wonderful caring and sharing group of good-hearted people.


    Bookmark   November 20, 2010 at 5:27AM
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Kym...The address list you sent is perfect! Thanks! Be well Princess!!!!! KISSES from my German Shepherds and me.

Angela...I love the wish list you put together.....very helpful! Thanks so much!

Don't forget to send in your BINGO cards. The deadline to send your BINGO words to Kym is today!

RE the postage...my small little post office charges 20 cents extra for 1 ounce non machineable mailings. However, when I go to the big post office, they do charge more. The big PO says they are right and the small PO says they are correct...go figure!

And what am I thankful for? Simply, I am thankful for everything!!! Thanksgiving with all the family this year...always fun.

I never take my fellow GW'ers for granted. So much giving and sharing....

Have a lovely weekend. It is pouring rain here in Southern California....making dog bones for the Germans, watching college football...great day to be lazy!


    Bookmark   November 20, 2010 at 2:59PM
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I forgot to post my wishlist!

Sorry for the delay here is my list:
1.Heirloom and Hybrid Tomatoes
2.Pickling and "different"(like white etc)Cucumbers
3.Squash (summer and winter)
4. Hot Peppers
5.Sweet Peppers
9.Any cut flowers
13.Swiss Chard
14.Any double flowers
15.Green + Red Castor Bean
16.Your favorite veggie
17.Your favorite flower
18. Any Annuals
19. Anything TALL

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the inital lists were 60 pages (lists and addresses) ive gotten them down to 45 pages atm im trying to get them to under 20 pages printed

if ANYONE wants a copy please send me an email asking for them with youre username and what kind of computer youre using (namely windows or mac if you dont know or dont want to say ill send an odt which youll need to download software (100% free AND legit) from openoffice.org that suite is linux native tho also works on both windows and osx (its on my computers withought issues its my preferance)

i hope thisa isnt too confusing for anyone if you have questions please email me

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Oh, if we're still talkin' Thanksgiving, I've got a doozy now!

I'm thankful that I GOT A JOB OFFER! The job starts in January, which is a big relief, since I'm one of those people you may have heard of whose unemployment benefits are ending in December. I really lucked out that someone finally decided to give me a chance.

It's only part-time, so money will still be tight, but it's better than nothing. Being unemployed can really drain your self-esteem, and I've been having nightmares about having to move back in with my parents. :-o

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I finished making my cards last week, and today made a bunch of seed pack labels. I have been packaging up seed slowly, but I think that's almost done, too. Send-to list is almost finalized. Woohoo! Working in retail has a way of ruining Christmas for me, but this year I'm feeling the spirit of the season again. Thanks to Kym for hosting and thanks to everyone for participating.. I see now how much work it can be. :) Very rewarding work though. Can't wait to send these out!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

neohippie - That's awesome! Congrats on the new job! Maybe, if things go well, it'll turn into a full time position. ;-)

Anyone else want to mention what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving???


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Kym, not sure if it will help your pooch but my husband gives our dog Flex-a-min and it contains a glucosamine chondroitin formula along with other vitamins and such. (Soothes achy joints)). Our dog is older and was having difficulty going up and down the two stairs we have to get outside. We give her the people brands but it is sold in the pet stores as well. Of course, the people brand is cheaper so we give her the same recommended dose as the pet brands say. Honestly, she is doing much better and bounds up and down those stairs. I don't think it would hurt to try it on your little Princess.

Either way, I hope she improves daily for you.

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Kamil I sent you an email the other day...I am sorry not accepting any late wishlists or addies this year !

To ALL that have given me support with Princess I cant say THANKS enough !! I should have waited to send the addresses when I could concentrate better, thanks for not complaining about them "shifting"

I appreciate all the suggestions on how to help Princess and I am trying them ALL ! THANKS :)

I am happy to report she pee'd all over me...which I am happy about because it was close to having to go get an IV treatment. She seems in better spirits tonight. We bought her a new stuffed toy and she is funny, all doped up will wake chew it and fall asleep with it hanging out of her mouth !

I took a MUCH needed nap away from her, so I wasnt wakin each time she moved, and feel like a new person !

I hope everyone is having fun packing up your seeds !:)

*** PLEASE NOTE someone said the address list is very long, you can copy and paste it into a word document, then make the font smaller, before you print !! ***

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Dirtdaddy is thankful for all the peppers that grew and gave me bushels of peppers. And Eggnog! And family!

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B-I-N-G-0 Cards must be in tonight...Feel free to email them to me if you would like to play, game starts Sunday !


Guess how many ...

1. How many TOTAL cards will be sent when this years swap is over

2. Guess the highest number of cards one person mailed. ( I will NOT disclose WHO, this is just for fun, and the swap isnt about who sent most ! )

3. Who will receive the most cards this season ?

4. Who will be first to receive ?

5. What is the grand total of cards mailed in the last years of the Santa Swap ?

6. Who will be the fastest to the mailbox ?

7. Who do you think still has the taste of the envelops in their mouth ?

8. Who do you think cussed the most, while packing seeds ?

9. Who will be the last to mail ? ( procrastinator ..lol )

10. Who is going to be the first to do the "mailboxing dance" in the driveway ?

Numbers 1-5 will count for a prize..rest are for funny answers :)

POST THESE ANSWERS HERE ...Before Midnite on Dec 1st

ALSO...there will be a CONTEST for "Best Display" of Cards..so be thinking of where you are going to place them:)

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For Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my job, which allows me to provide such things as heat, a dry place to sleep, and food for the 4 beings (including myself) who live in my house. I am thankful for (most of, don't ask) my family, and our continued health. I am thankful for my family/friends I've met here on the GW, who have shared the laughter and the tears of the last few years. And lastly, I am thankful that I live in a country which allows me to believe in what I choose to believe in, to not believe in the things I doubt, and the freedom to seek my own answers.

And now, I am going to take my exhausted body and go visit dreamland, where I hope I'll stay until at least noon tomorrow... (insert tired grin here)

G'nite All!

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Neohippie that is WONDERFUL NEWS !! Congrats :) I hope it will turn into a fulltime or open new doors for you !

I am thankful for my "GW Family" and my children...and the fact that I have such a wonderful group of friends. I am thankful each day for waking up, and for a beautiful garden full of plants from my friends all over :)

The last Thanksgiving at my Gram's I was 14. My Gram was always VERY strict, and would have about 20 people for dinner. She had one of those tables with like 6 extensions to it, and most years the kids ate in the kitchen. I was so excited to be eating with the "adults" this year...my Gram was at one end of the table, gpa at the other.

My father said, " mom, pass me a roll" and my Gram TOSSED him a roll down the table...I will never forget how shocked everyone was..and how much I laughed .

We always ate, and then the women (and girls) did all the dishes. Then we all crammed into the living to watch the STEELERS play football.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thanks again for being part of my days !!

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1. 1025
2. 43
3. suegardens2
4. sky2009
5. 1,985
6. angelady
7. dan_the_mailman


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keiki(10 FL)

Kym Im so sorry to hear about your dog. My babies are the world to me as Im sure Princess is to you. Sounds like your love is making a difference.


1. 3001
2. 1000
3.Rane Grow
5. 2503

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1. 634

2. 67

3. Danthemailman

4. Angelady

5. 1875

6. redthreaddyi

7. bustani mama

8. ME!

9. darlyn58

10. grannieb

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)


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lol i havent even STARTED with the envies yet ive first gotta print and sort my lists then print the seed type tags for everyones seeds lol THEN i get to sort the seeds im sending and THEN stuff envelopes tag and all then LOL i can seal and mail

oh AND before i start getting envies i need to clean off an area for them too i have hmm maby 5? that i could put up right now

so ive still got a bit to do and about 60 envies i could send out as well

oh and update 60 pages is down to 35 remember anyone wants they only need to email me i ideally want it down to 20 or less pages but if its over thats ok too (remember too please this is addresses AND wishlists)

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Sent in my first list to Kym. I was planning on sending more but have to see if I can get into the basement to get the rest of the seeds. I tore a muscle in my calf while walking into work this morning. Going into the basement on crutches is just not safe but I have a little time yet.


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i have my lists done they take 18 pages from my setup the want lists are font size 7 (you can adjust as you wish) the addresses are size 10 i thinnk the borders are .3" from all sides

again if ANYONE in this swap wants a copy please email me --or should i just sent to flowers4ever/the host? could it be distrubuted from there if anyone would like? its in a .doc (NOT .docx which you need 2007 or newer for) format which if you dont have the software then openoffice.org will allow you to use

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Guess how many ...

1. How many TOTAL cards will be sent when this years swap is over 255

2. Guess the highest number of cards one person mailed. 52

3. Who will receive the most cards this season ? Dan the mailman

4. Who will be first to receive ? rane grow

5. What is the grand total of cards mailed in the last years of the Santa Swap ? 1259

6. Who will be the fastest to the mailbox ? ME

7. Who do you think still has the taste of the envelops in their mouth ? Kym

8. Who do you think cussed the most, while packing seeds ?
9. Who will be the last to mail ? ( procrastinator ..lol )
10. Who is going to be the first to do the "mailboxing dance" in the driveway ? ME

I just guessed with some names from posts etc....

I love this swap. I am sending over 25 cards right now. Some people get more than one pack of seeds.

I have some agastche if anyone wants an NOID one. I was going to send to someone for SASBE but she never sent the SASBE.

I have lots so I hope some people want some.....


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1. How many TOTAL cards will be sent when this years swap is over? 1005

2. Guess the highest number of cards one person mailed. ( I will NOT disclose WHO, this is just for fun, and the swap isnt about who sent most ! )73

3. Who will receive the most cards this season ? Kym

4. Who will be first to receive ? me, danthemailman

5. What is the grand total of cards mailed in the last years of the Santa Swap ? 2025

6. Who will be the fastest to the mailbox ? ranegrow

7. Who do you think still has the taste of the envelops in their mouth ? bustani mama

8. Who do you think cussed the most, while packing seeds ? it wasn't me! I'll be having some wine and mellowing out when I do it next weekend! lol!

9. Who will be the last to mail ? ( procrastinator ..lol )dirtdaddy

10. Who is going to be the first to do the "mailboxing dance" in the driveway ? grannieb

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Iris Hendry

LOL Dan, I might be the fastest to the mailbox cause with no hair, I am more aerodynamic ;-) LOL I guess it has its advantages !

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I addressed a bunch more cards today ;-) Being an elf is fun ;-)

Kym, hope Princess AND you are getting some good rest ;-)


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nottougly(Zone 7)

New game answers:

1. 1079
2. 69
3. rane-grow
4. rane-grow
5. 4969
6. nottougly
7. me, nottougly
8. my husband, he helped sort seeds and he said his hands are to big. He did alot of cussing while I was laughing.
9. nottougly
10. grannieb

I am thankful for all my friends here on gardenwed.
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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keiki(10 FL)

SHOOOOT IM all messed up I put 1000 for number 2 when it was supposed to be 100 and I didn't get any bingo numbers either. Booo hoo I guess I better go pack some more seeds :)

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Guessing Game:

1. How many TOTAL cards will be sent when this years swap is over: 1,000

2. Guess the highest number of cards one person mailed. 75

3. Who will receive the most cards this season ? rane_grow

4. Who will be first to receive ? rane_grow

5. What is the grand total of cards mailed in the last years of the Santa Swap ? 1,200

6. Who will be the fastest to the mailbox ? ME!!!

7. Who do you think still has the taste of the envelopes in their mouth ? yotetrapper

8. Who do you think cussed the most, while packing seeds? my dad - gardendad_2k10 (LOL)I've actually had a relatively easy time packing seeds!

9. Who will be the last to mail ? ( procrastinator ..lol ) I have no idea

10. Who is going to be the first to do the "mailboxing dance" in the driveway ? me!

I don't know everyone that well to make good guesses. But I tried!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

1. How many TOTAL cards will be sent when this years swap is over? 1,213

2. Guess the highest number of cards one person mailed. ( I will NOT disclose WHO, this is just for fun, and the swap isnt about who sent most ! )62

3. Who will receive the most cards this season ? Mrs. Seedy Clause :) and Princess

4. Who will be first to receive ? dan_the_mailman

5. What is the grand total of cards mailed in the last years of the Santa Swap ? 3012

6. Who will be the fastest to the mailbox ? ME!

7. Who do you think still has the taste of the envelops in their mouth ? graanieb

8. Who do you think cussed the most, while packing seeds ? maybe me...i cussed once, when I was bagging up seeds smaller than dust...then I did a half sneeze...anyone want to guess what happened next???...as my daughter said, "mommy said a bad word." :)

9. Who will be the last to mail ? ( procrastinator ..lol )no one...we're all too excited!

10. Who is going to be the first to do the "mailboxing dance" in the driveway ? me!! I can get down and boogy all the way down the driveway!

And what am I Thankful for this Thanksgiving...
a loving family of the 2 and 4 legged variety, good friends nearby and on the GW, and a beautiful home where I can garden till my hearts content...what else do I need :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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LOL....I see I'm racing to the mailbox with few others...someone better install a cam out there, lol
Depends on it if I'll boogy some!

Sorry, no paper licking here, but paper towel in a bowl of water.

Need to get into swing of things here..can see 2 of my words in Bingo, yes!

What am I most thankful for? Family and friends, some who don't keep in touch but we know they care...my Garden Web friends and some are special.

Wishing you blessings to be thankful for , see you soon.


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I am so stressed tonight, LOL I have been trying to order my husband a police scanner for his birthday, which is November 28, and all of the deals are for 300 channel scanners, and my Dad says that all I need to order is a 10-channel scanner. Plus, my husband and I have been racing in and out all day trying to put up our outside Christmas lights in between the rain, and just when we think they are perfect, there is some electrical problem. Grrr. THEN, I heard that Illinois is getting tornadoes, which is where my daughter lives, (yotetrapper). Just needed somewhere to de-stress, I guess, LOL

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Hope your daughter and all will be ok, she will....glad my daughter and grandson have a good weather on their drive from their home in TX, I've been making room here mostly for their new pup...and my cat doesn't approve, smile, both spoiled,but we will work it out, take turns being in different rooms and outside which both love.
Thankful for water hose and water spray bottle...but we will play and ignore discipline, lol
Suppose to rain thursday night, then cool off some as it's 73 deg now.
Kym, how are you and Princess?
wishing you all health, luck and love,


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Iris Hendry

Good morning everyone !

Bea , could you send some of that warm LA sunshine my way ? We've had beautiful weather the past 5 or so days , its been so nice to walk outside in the yard with short sleeves soaking up the rays aka vitamin D ... but the weather man says cold and rainy weather is on the way ;-(

Darlyn, I know how you feel, my parents live in Georgia, in the Chatahootchee Valley and they get tornado warnings a lot ...

I am enjoying reading everyone's wish lists , resisting the urge to add to mine when I see something interesting .... ;-)~


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Well I didnt get blown away, anyhow, lol.

But Kym, I did not receive the first (un-revised) name list, and therefore did not receive my date to send the cards on. Want to re-send it or should i just send whenever?

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yole my date to mail is dec 12-15ish

but i dont see youre vaddy on the list to who mine was sent

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Thanks bustani, Kym answered me in email!

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** I am keeping up with the posts and emails by email..I keep a close eye, even tho Im not here posting as much ;)

Princess actually barked today, first time in 5 days..and she took some water and food..small steps in a good direction !! MUCH thanks for all the ideas to try, prayers and support..made getting thru this so much better !

Princess recieved a cute get well card today from Bump and Stella. They are Dans cats...and It was really nice..Princess says RUFF RUFF :)

WISHING you ALL a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving !!

PS ONE week left to send in your lists of whom your mailing to !

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Hi everyone,

I love reading this thread, even if I don't comment much. I am thankful this Thanksgiving for my health and the health of my family and loved ones. I am thankful I get to spend every day with my two beautiful little girls, even when they are crying, fussing and throwing food on the floor. I am thankful we have a house to live in, in a nice community with friends and family nearby.

I am thankful this has been such a gorgeous fall and that with the nice weather I have been able to sneak out to the garden after dinner to do a little digging, a little bulb-planting and a little mulching here and there.

I am thankful for GW -- I would be lost in the garden without it!

I have made the cranberry sauce. Tomorrow is the big cooking day. We have 19 people coming this Thanksgiving, so I have my work cut out for me.


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keiki(10 FL)

I have been sick and my I guess my painting reflects it cause I was trying to paint my secret santa cards and my dh said "cool your painting, whats that? a palm tree?" :(( Maybe I will go buy some cards after all.

Tomorrow will be quite here, just the two of us. We probably will have our turkey out on the lanai by the pool and if I feel up to it maybe a glass of wine or champagne. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hi all!
Okay I'm sorry to be the one to mess up this swap...but it looks like I'M IT!!!, lol!!!
All of my cards were done...envies stuffed and addressed...and all sitting in some fabric grocery bags in the kitchen. (I was putting them away :0) )...anyhow my wonderful husband had to run to the post office and noticed one of the fabric grocery bags sitting there...

to make a long story short HE MAILED OUT SOME OF MY CARDS! Some of you will be having a early Secret Santa :0)

He only meant well and thought he was helping, bless his heart.

So Happy Thanksgiving and Secret Santa!!


ps. I do still have some of my cards from the other bag so I'm not done with my mailing yet and will mail those out on my scheduled day...hopefully :0)

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I have not participated in a swap for a few years. What are the "guidelines" for the amount of seeds? Or does it not matter in the swaps? I want to be sure to send enough, but some items I may not have the "right" amount? help please...

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Dirtdaddys guess answers:
1)How many total cards will be sent in this years swap? 882

2)How many cards will be sent by 1 person? 42

3) Who will recieve the most cards? flwrs4ever

4)Who will be first to get a card? Rane grow

5)What is last years total? 786

6) Who will be fastest to the mail box? bustani mama

7) Who has the taste of envelopes? Me, and papercuts!

8) Who cussed the most while I was packing seeds? wifey

9) Who will be the last to mail? uk

10) Who will be the first to do mailbox dancing? gardendad

Everyone drive safe, don't eat too much, and have a happy turkey day. dirtdaddy

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I usually send 20-50 seeds (a normal gw trade is 25 seeds). However, if I don't have a lot of a particular seed or it's commercial seed. I will send as little as 5 seeds if it's on a wishlist. I know I would be happy to get only 5 seeds of one of my special wants... a gift is a gift no matter how you slice it!


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I usually consider what would be in a commercial pack of that variety and send about 1/3 to 1/2 of that.

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*** as for amount of seeds try to go by what you would be happy recieving. and I agree with Ishare..a gift is a gift :) If it is a WISH, I am sure people will be happy just to recieve !!

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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Last year, I picked all the wrong words for bingo. I barely got to scratch any off my list. I am doing awesome this year! What fun.

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That's the way I was thinking, I would rather have some than none. Thanks for your help.

I hope everyone have a nice Thanksgiving Day...

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Melinda Hagen

Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your day be blessed and safe! Hugs, Melinda

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all. Be safe...be happy!!!!


    Bookmark   November 25, 2010 at 12:45PM
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi all elves,,a very happy thanksgiving to you all
Ours was just wonderful,,still too full for pie,,,
My cards are waiting to go,,thankful to fill alot of wishes this year,,It will be great,,Thanks Kym, and helpers.

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crisann(4 SD)


Hope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are my answers to the game:

1. 1162
2. 36
3. rane grow
4. amberroses
5. 1208
6. dan_the_mailman
7. smitties
8. skywaitress
9. plantoneonme
10. ishareflowers

Have a great evening!!


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of blessings!

    Bookmark   November 25, 2010 at 11:29PM
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hope everyones day will go well just thought id say im home from wallmart and it was a MESS!!!

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I think the amount of seeds one sends in this swap doesn't matter too much since it's not a one-to-one swap where we're making sure everyone gets back the same amount they sent. Some people may get more than they sent, some less, and people may get multiples of the same kind of seed.

In a regular swap, they usually give guidelines on how many seeds is fair.

My personal thoughts on the matter: I've gotten small amounts of seeds in swaps before where none of them or only a couple of them made it, which was disappointing. With that in mind, I like to send people enough seed so that they can mess up at planting them and get another chance, because that's how much I would like to get, especially if it's a seed that's tricky to germinate. The only seed I put up on my Have list are seeds I have in enough abundance to do this.

But again, in THIS swap, I say send whatever you can. People are generous and I got TONS of seeds last year, so I'm not worried about not getting enough. Shucks, the pretty cards were enough even without the seeds in them!

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 12:01PM
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Neohippie makes an excellent point. This is not a swap in which you send the same amount you get. This is a swap based entirely on giving, and I think most of us realize that. That being said, the basic rule of thumb for a swap such as this is one really boils down to this... give what you would be happy to receive. The kettle/bushel gourd seeds I have to share came to me through a swap, and I received about 3-4 cupsworth of each type of seed. Yes, I was happy with that many. It meant that I could plant plenty of seeds to make up for my mistakes, AND be able to further share some with others. I've also been very happy when someone shared just 3 seeds of an uncommon type of plant with me.
All I know is, when I see a card in the mailbox, I'm pleased as punch that someone took the time to think of me long enough to put a card in the mail. As for the seeds that come with the card? That's pure "bonus", and I'm happy with whatever amount I receive or don't receive.

And now I'll get off the soapbox and let someone else speak...lol!

Here's hoping y'all are having a great weekend! I know I am, and I've still got 2 more days off after this one's over! YEE-HAW!!!

...and now I'm gonna go sort some seeds into some envelopes. I got the envies addressed and the cards signed last night. This is sooooo much fun!

-Santa Dan

Here's a picture of my favoritest elves, Stella and Bump. They absolutely love to help me package swap boxes and seed envies!

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Alot of cat there Dan!
Kym, hows Princess? dd

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 7:16PM
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which kitty is which? and do you know the breed on the darker one? (looks a little like buffy but buffy like neveer sheds compaired to angel)

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Bump and Stella are both Maine Coon Cat mixes. Bump is that handsome fella on the left, and that's Her Royal Highness on the right...lol! And you're right DD, that IS a whole lot of kitty! Combined, they weigh close to 35 pounds. And neither of them is overweight! If you've never had a Maine Coon, I heartily recommend the breed, I'm addicted! I used to have another male who was just a bit larger than Bump, but sadly had to put him down because he was too ill to live.

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 8:41PM
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    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 9:54PM
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dirtdaddy thanks for asking !! I am seeing small improvements , she is wanting to jump up and do things and doesnt understand why she cant...which is making it a bit harder to keep her in one spot. I think that is good, she will be determined to get around. She has a bit of movement in her back-right leg.

I left her for a short time today, for the first time, and I came home to a bathroom covered in poo...wasnt a fun afternoon..but, as I try to stay optimistic, I smile and say "atleast she went" ha ha ha !

Her pain , seems to be less finally now too..was very hard to see her shake and yelp when I would try to take her outside.

I am still hand feeding, and getting water in her with the syringe. Have to help express the bladder..but each day is small improvements.

I, again want to say thanks for all the support !

I added a link to a photo of Princess

Here is a link that might be useful: princess

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 10:18PM
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Well, my husband and I have been working all night with Christmas decorations! I finished a bush outside in 27 degree temp. with about a 5 degree windchill, but it is done! (Took 1100 lights to cover it)!! He is working on the artificial tree that we put in the sunroom..we put a real tree inside, but closer to Christmas.Is anyone else decorating yet? Once Thanksgiving is over, I am ready for Christmas!! Dan, I agree...Maine Coon cats have large bone structures, so look large, even though they aren't overweight. They're beautiful cats!

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 10:27PM
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It took a glass of riesling wine, but I have sealed the last envelope and stamped them all! Now I just have to wait for my "send" date! Now it's time for another glass of the grape, some relaxing music, and some time spent simply "existing" before going to bed.

    Bookmark   November 26, 2010 at 11:44PM
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Iris Hendry

Kym, I am so glad to hear Princess is improving ! What a sweet face she has ! I hope she will soon be up and running around 100 % recovered !

We're thinking about getting a tree this weekend, we don't usually get one this early but I just love a real tree ;-)

Dan, it was nice to see a pic of Bump and Stella again , they really are beautiful kitties ;-)

I just love dogs and cats ;-)


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Everyone had extra thankful day, is overstuffed and tired?

Thankful almost all of my family was here and heard my son and son in law on the phone. Bonded with the new pup, smile.
Daughter worked a bit on this pc and now can access things faster, like these messages!! She deleted some things I couldnt, you know how you learn from your children!!
Kym, so glad Princess is doing better, hope she improves quickly. You sure need a relaxing weekend.
Dan, Bump and Princess are beautiful!

back in a few, we all have been extra busy and weekend is here...have a great one, take care all.


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nottougly(Zone 7)

I received my first christmas card today from flowerfirl34.
She included love in a mist, hibiscus and blue flax seeds.
This is starting the holidays off right. Thank you to Vina and everyone.
Merry Christmas,

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Dan - I love your maine coons!!! We have a maine coon named Tobor - he is a bundle of fun :)

    Bookmark   November 27, 2010 at 12:47PM
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Tabor is quite the handsome fella! I don't know how many times I've seen that pose...lol! I keep telling Stella it's not very ladylike, but how do you get a cat to change their mind? Silly question, eh? Because the answer is... you don't!
Thanks for sharing that picture of Tabor! I'd show my two, but they're both napping, and when that happens I don't disturb the peace!
Hmmm, a nap sounds good, maybe I'll go try one on for size...

    Bookmark   November 27, 2010 at 3:54PM
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Hope I haven't waited too long to post a list:

1. Coral vine
2. Carolina Jessamine
3. Star jasmine (confederate jasmine)
4. Black-eyed susan vine
5. Pride-of-barbados
6. Duranta (brazilian sky flower)
7. Firecracker jatropha
8. Salvia
9. Yarrow
10. Texas Lantana
11. Victoria perennial or garden phlox
12. Hibiscus martianus (Heartleaf rosemallow, heartleaf hibiscus)
13. Viburnum rufidulum (Rusty blackhaw viburnum, southern blackhaw, downy viburnum)
14. Stiff greenthread
15. Rock Daisy (Blackfoot/Plains daisy)
16. Western white honeysuckle (Texas/White honeysuckle)
17. Coastal indigo (Scarlet Pea, Texas Indigo, Western indigo)
18. African daisies
19. Dewberry
20. Texas persimmon
21. Mexican plum
22. Fig
23. Any veggie
24. Any herb
25. Anything you've had success with in a dry, deer-loving environment with limestone/alkaline soil or think might have half-a-chance in south-central Texas. I'd especially love to find more natives.

Happy Holidays!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Kym, Princess is beautiful, I am glad things seem to be improving for her.

Maine Coons are just gorgeous; calendar cats, every one of them. Our Odin looks like a Maine Coon, but he is not super-sized the way they are. Unfortunately, he does not like being brushed, so when the mats get bad, he has to be clipped.

Here he is, our (currently naked) mini-coon.

I am thankful that I have a DH who loves me in spite of all my eccentricies, and who, as a confirmed dog-person, obligingly fell in love with the two kittens I insisted on getting 4 years ago. I am also grateful for seed exchanges, which make me feel like a kid again at Christmas.

    Bookmark   November 27, 2010 at 5:46PM
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what breed is odin?

also both bump and tobor look like buffy in atleast general facal markings SAME eye color as her --d thewy both have racoon stripes on some of there tails? how badly do they shed? (buffy is a larger cat or larger then angel atleast buut she isnt known for her shedding tho she does get matted --both can-- and im the only one brave enough to chop it offa the cats im the only one that dosent mind getting hissed at or scratcheed lol)

im thankfull apart from my first trade that like every trade has gone amagingly im thankfull that buffy can tolerate me that i have angel and harley im thankfull that apple will help with old issues unlike hp (apple a week or so ago helped with my out of warranty iphone 3gs) im thankfull that with mac os my non-networked printer makes a better networked printer then the networked one thats plugged into vista

hmm i could proubly think of a few more things (yes i am happy for them some were just mentioned because they are true and make no sence)

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crisann(4 SD)

Evening everyone.

I received a card yesterday from flowergirl34. She sent me some sweet pea seeds! Thank you ~~ I can't wait to plant them!

Love the pics of all the cats -- I had a farm cat growing up. She was pure white with blue eyes and named Crisco :) Can't have any indoor cats though -- because I am terribly allergic. So instead we have Elli :)

(she loves to play catch with apples from my mom's tree)

Hope you all have a nice evening!


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skywaitress(5a, Central Oregon)

I sooo was not expecting it....and...I GOT A CARD!!!! Thank you so much Vina aka flowergirl34!!! Such wonderful seeds of hollyhocks, sunflower, hibiscus! THANK YOU again, it was so fantastic! I'm was so excited that I came home and decorated my house for Christmas so that I could proudly show off my card :)

    Bookmark   November 27, 2010 at 8:33PM
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i have our buffet (house from the 20's has natural wood and mirriors) semi decoed with 2 cards from previous trades and 3 cards of mine (there from the ones im sending just so i have extras myself) and our lil x-mas tree

i need to make orniments (think ill do oragami or something) or something for the tree

hmm what else would you add to it? hmm we cant do shredded paper snow (too messy with 2 cats) theres flat areas semi above the tree and outher areas there too soo lol any suggestions may be good for multiple people

our tree is from wallmart i think its a norfolf pine if the cats start digging in it i know how to stop them (papeertowel over dirt keep moist) but it should be sufficient as a tree

    Bookmark   November 27, 2010 at 9:23PM
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Wow, I strayed away and finally realized I hadn't check on this activity in a while. I had to spend quite a bit of time catching up and viewing the pictures of all the adorable pets that you guys have.

Wow, cards are already arriving, that's great!!!

I started out slow on the Bingo words but started picking up on the last couple of lists. Still only have 8 of the words.

I can't get up the energy or enthusiasm to get the tree and start decorating. My husband did an artificial tree in our front room. It has wooden seashells with white lights. Sounds weird but it is beautiful when lit. He also got the lights on the house. I am in charge of the tree we put up in the family room but that one is a live one and it is just to cold to go walking through the woods to find one we like. I will try during the week.

I want to get my daughter to help me post pictures of our menagerie of critters. They are a lot of fun.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hi all!
I passing along the well-wishes for early cards to hubby.
He'll be thrilled! I think little mistakes like this do happen for a reason :)

Those cats in the pictures look EXACTLY like my Apple and Kiwi.

Dan, Bump could be my cat's long lost brother :) They look identical.

I never thought much about there breeding since they were just kind of "found" for our family. But Apple weighs 22 pounds and Kiwi (the smaller one) weighs only 18 pounds. Other than the size difference, which this time of year you can't tell with them fluffing out all over the place, there eye color is the only way to tell them apart.
Kiwi's eyes are almost a darkish yellow, like a dark mustard color. And Apple's eyes are a dark green.

I love everyone's critter pic's and Ellie chewing on an Apple looks like she has a big smile on her face. It must be GGGOOOOOOODDDDDDDD :0)

Happy Sunday everyone!

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 10:30AM
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I do love this swap! Even though it is not a 1 for 1 swap I got a lot last year. I probably got at least as many as I sent out. Plus I have some pretty common seeds on my list and I think that helped.

This year I am sending more just for the fun of knowing people get my cards. I like knowing I brigntened someone's day.

Also, for people that do not get many cards Kym has some elves that help and send them seeds too. This way everyone is sure to get some. I was an elf last year and even though I may not have had something from their list at least they got some seeds and a nice card.

(I suggest if you have lots to share or have trouble sorting through the lists volunteer to be an elf, then you know you are sending to someone that might be getting fewer cards. )

I think it is great your hubby sent the cards Kym. Sounds like he is thoughtful! I am sure no one will be sad if they get cards early !

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I just finished my christmas decorations and will be happy to add cards! I hang them across the bottom of the stairs railing.


    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 3:01PM
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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Well I have all my cards ready to go. My mail out date is pretty
Everyone's cats are so pretty. I would like to get one but
my 3 little dogs would not tolerate it.


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lois(PA Zone 6)

Just got back inside from stringing the lights outside.... Karendee, I love this swap, too! My goal is to be able to send more seeds to people every year. It's taught me to save seeds from plants I never thought anyone would want seeds from.

bustani, Odin is just an ally cat who had a long-haired dad. Odin was the only long-haired cat in the litter. Although he is smaller than a Maine Coon, he seems to have other Maine Coon characteristics, such as: affectionate but not a lap cat, kittenish mew as an adult, plays in water, head-butting to show affection, very smart. Male Maine Coons are the most likely type of cat to appeal to "macho"-type guys.

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 3:48PM
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(I am having a hard time logging into the site the past two days ...)

Loving all the photos of your furbabies..thanks for sharing ! Ill try to show you my cat :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend !!

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 6:46PM
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bustani, Odin is just an ally cat who had a long-haired dad. Odin was the only long-haired cat in the litter. Although he is smaller than a Maine Coon, he seems to have other Maine Coon characteristics, such as: affectionate but not a lap cat, kittenish mew as an adult, plays in water, head-butting to show affection, very smart. Male Maine Coons are the most likely type of cat to appeal to "macho"-type guys.

hmm tho buffy likes to sleep under the covers with my mom (not kidding) she playied rough to the point she had to get her front paws declawed she nibbles some too --my mom at times dosent know annoyiance from playing LOL

angel on the outher hand looks alot like the popular golden furred cat (think 9lives has?) on cat stuffs she is the first kitty to like me acttually she purred when i first picked her up i think the say shees persian or so? meh lol my mom has said the papers from the humane society said she was a stray (as a kitten!)she is i swear the sweetest kindest BEST cat ive known (and sence any outher cats have hated me and only dogs had liked me i thinnk thats saying alot) she has accidentally broiken skin before but most of the time she knows the power of her claws and she only uses enough to get the point across

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 8:49PM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

now i feel like i have to share my baby too but i have no idea how to post a picture LOL. any help anyone can give would be appreciated!

so glad to hear princess is doing better and totally loving all the pics of the pets. we had maine coon too, but he passed on this year-- made it to 16, and he had a good long life.

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 9:02PM
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crisann(4 SD)

rosemctier ~

I upload my pictures to Photobucket -- then just copy the HTML code for the picture and paste it in your message where you would like the picture to appear.

maybe someone else has an easier way, but this works for me :) Hope this helps :)

Good luck!

    Bookmark   November 28, 2010 at 10:24PM
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Here is the html code:
<img src="">

Here is the link of bingo pic for example (this type of link should go in between the quotation of html code. http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o251/darla1020/CompletedBINGOCard.jpg

As Crisann said you need to upload the picture on photo bucket or some othe site then you need to right click on photo and in properties you could find the adress (url) and paste it in between the quotation of html code. This method is for Internet Explorer browser.

For Internet Explorer: right click on photo -Properties - Address (URL)
For firefox browser: right click on photo - view image info - Location

Then when you put this entire code here in Gw it will show the image.
Hope it might be helpful.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

bustani_mama - Tobor actually sheds a ton less than other cats I've had that were short-hair. We hardly notice him shedding at all! He is a maine coon mix - not pure bred or anything. Also - I'd love to hear what kind of ornaments you're making - I am a HUGE crafter!

I have 5 Bingo words, woohoo! I think I check this thread 5 times a day lol.

We set up our tree yesterday and we're trying to get up the courage to brace the cold and decorate more outside.

I hope people post more animal pics! I'd love to see 'em!
I am thankful for Tobor keeping me company all day since working at home, for my awesome husband, and for Garden Web swaps for giving me something fun to do since I can't go outside!

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I got a card today!

Thanks Flowergirl134
2 kinds of daisy seeds and a neat coneflower!

Now I need to get my cards out!!

Also, I found a nice photo card site. I plan to use this for cards to my family so they can see the kids photos

Site http://h30393.www3.hp.com/printing/app/us/en/consumer/greeting-cards.aspx

Here are my Kitties
Taz Almost 6 years old

Smokey Almost 6 also

Simba 1 year old(He has brown/orange eyes not a good pic)

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Got my first card. Flowergirl34. Thank you so much for the beautiful card with the horses on it. The seeds are already burning a hole in my seed box wanting to be planted. I got hollyhocks, Alaska Daisy, yarrow, oh shucks, something I forgot and I dont't have them with me. Thank you soooooo. Much. I love this. My cards go out in a couple of days. Vicci

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

thanks for the advice everyone!

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 5:52PM
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Got my first card. Thank you so much for the beautiful card with the horses on it and the seeds specially Asiatic lily wow!, Sweet peas and Clematis jackmanii. I can't wait to try them.

My cards are waiting to fly.

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Melinda Hagen

Wow, I am loving the animal pics! Such beautiful pets everyone has!
Already getting cards, how nice is that!
Hope everyone is well. My grandson (who lives with me)is ill. Has strep throat and a regular virus on top of that! So, I have alot to look forward to! Poor fella! (I'm going to think that when I get it! LOL!)
Anway, have a great evening all and happy mailboxing! Some of mine are going out soon!

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 6:02PM
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After a 10-hour day at the post office, it was absolutely fantastic to come home and find a card from Vina/flowergirl34! She gifted me with some gaillardia, zinnias, morning glories, and eyeball plant! Ho Ho Ho! The eyeball plant wasn't on my list, but it sure was a pleasant surprise! Thank You Vina!!!

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 6:34PM
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I think that, ironically, long haired cats actually shed less than short haired cats.

Ginger (the cat I had who passed away last year) was a Persian mix (we suspect). She had lovely THICK, long fur and a short, round face (but not smushed-in like a purebred Persian). When she shed, or when we brushed her, it came off in cotton-ball-like clumps that were easy to clean up.

That wasn't nearly as bad as my fiancee's Siamese. She gets little white hairs EVERYWHERE. You just pet her and the fur flies, and it doesn't stay together in clumps either, it just blows around. She's a sweet cat, but she's an allergic person's nightmare.

I've never had a dog before, but I've heard they're the same way.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)


dan_the_mailman - Ooooh... eyeball plant! I looked that up and it looks AWESOME! Unique plants rule!

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ONE MORE DAY to get your initial SENDING to, lists sent to me !! So, I can make sure everyone will recieve..so keep sending me your lists !!

12 days of Christmas game, will start soon !! Stay tuned..

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 7:47PM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

this is little dog, the beagle the vet said would last two days. two years later, she is still kicking! today is our anniversary :) she is wearing her "pennsylvania pee hound: pee free or die" t-shirt :)

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i hope you got my send-to list kym? i sent it a good few days ago

ok onto my pictures (because someone said how to do it LOL dont think they have watermarks? please excuse if they do they ARE older pictures as well)

thats my angel i easily have TONS more pictures of her from me messing around with the flash and such i love taking pictures of her but shees just soo camera shy!
--if anyone knows what breed she is im ears all i know is to me shees like perfect soo kind soo loving the first cat to llike me and really aware of her claws

was taken according to its statistics (the website these are all on is an art site) in 04 i know this was before "taming" her at the time i think i took a step closer and she bolted so its OLD--anywho thats buffy who my mom thinks may be a coon

and theres harley that was the first picture i took with that camera it was literally "har can you come? can you sit?" and took the pic he is OFTEN on my wing watching out and just being a good pup i think hees a border collie mix and overall i think great pup --oh lol aand GOOFY!

ok that ones not a photo of my "pets" (lets face it you dont "own" them you care for them and if they dont respect you then youre theere servant as well--ill stoop my possible rant there as well) but its one of my many art projects it was hand drawn (1/4th of it) then scanned cleaned up colors inverted with the pattern put together on illustrater and border added on illustrater then saved as pdf and resaved as a jpg on shop (ok it SOUNDS a lot worse then it was) but i had fun and its been too long sence ive drawn too too too long this waas done in fall 07 i think its prolly been that long sence ive really drawn

also in fox on 7 i right-click "copy image location" to get the url it works on xp and vista i think it also works on mac os (may require a control click on the thing in question an image here) yes i am geeky

oh! lol aas for orniments i dont know yet i have hemp paper some atleast basic skills could prolly make something from them alone (thinking a square knot variation of a bead thing i made at the camper was the only 3d option ive done bead things and tho most were like gekos or so fairly common to find) hmm if i can find some wire thats soft enough i could prolly hammer out some design and all from there

--hint the JOKE with me in high school was which art classes i HADNT been in so i think i understand the basics of some few things --ohh! ohh! i need to get our blowtorches over here! i could make real glass orniments (we have stuff for glass beadmaking which i rarely get to use)

what does everyone concider "basic" matereals? (oh plus i have ALLL my 2d supplies and i think i could dig out some paper machet paste/powder/stuffs some add water and let dry sort of thing) thinnk ill start basics try to go from there? know theres an oragami star that i could make for the top i think it uses 4 like "strips" of paper and i did have the pattern to make it memorised at one time

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 9:34PM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

hmmmm not sure why my pic came out so big :(

    Bookmark   November 29, 2010 at 9:40PM
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nottougly(Zone 7)

Hello everyone,
Have you guys noticed that most gaden webbers are cat people.
Don't get me wrong when I had a dog I loved him but there is something special about cats.
Last December when my dad was dying of cancer, when I did get any sleep my cat was right there with me, hugged up to me in the bed. He actually stayed with me as much as possible. He is the only cat that has ever slept with me.
much less stay with me. I think that is special.
I think us garden webbers are cat people which makes us special.

    Bookmark   November 30, 2010 at 1:52AM
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Morning All,

Nice to see cards flying already, can't wait to get mine out. They are staring at me begging to be put in the mailbox!

Faye, I hate to be Debbie Downer BUT I'm not a cat lover. I think some are pretty BUT I'm highly allergic!

here are my babies saying goodbye to the breeders.

All grown up!

210 pounds of fun!

Kym,I sent you an email the other day, did you get it????

Have a great day!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Morning everyone!
So glad everyone is getting there cards!***smile*****

Dan, I went back and checked your thread about the Eyeball Plant, and you wanted "my favorite annual"...that happens to be it. It's so easy to grow my kids grow it every year, its compact for container growing or growing in the garden, and everyone asks...."What is THAT?" when they see it :) I think you'll like it too...and a bonus if you get a toothache (okay a bonus IS NOT a toothache, you get the idea) its like novocaine...that actually works I tried it last summer. Mouth was numb for about a half hour, and I only tried a small part of a leaf.

I am loving all of the animal posts, and those 2 210 pounds of fun are absolutely gorgeous!!

We lost our Noah ( a rottie/lab mix) a few years ago. He was 14 when he went to heaven. He took some of my heart with him when he went. He weighed 122 pounds when he died. When he started to get older the winter started to get to him, so I had to order him a blanket from a horse catalog for a mini horse. Fit him perfectly! :) I haven't had the heart to even look for another dog yet...maybe when my kiddos are a little bit older.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. Try to stay dry and warm!

    Bookmark   November 30, 2010 at 7:38AM
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I'm sorry about your Noah, you only know the pain of that type of loss if you have been there before.

I had to put my fifteen and a half year old lab down just 6 days before christmas a few years back.

I wanted to get another right away but hubby felt like he was cheating on our Lance...I felt that he would want us to love another! We waited about a year for these two goofs!

I also had a pure bred rottie before my children were born, over twenty years ago. They just have such a short life span that I decided to not get another. He was only six when we lost him to heart disease.

I say "go for it" you obviously have love to give and so many animals need a good home!!

This is my lance,just a few days before we had to let him go.

I'm such a dork! This pic still makes me cry!


    Bookmark   November 30, 2010 at 8:30AM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

oh lisa i'd be bawling too! so easy and natural to love a pet. i still get teary over pets i lost in high school :( nice to see this little tribute to them all!

i was more of a cat person before i got involved in gardening lol. now all the cats seem to think my garden is their litter box and all my plants are catnip!

    Bookmark   November 30, 2010 at 10:04PM
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My cats think the gardens were put there for them as litter boxes too but there is nothing funnier then being out there weeding and I reach inside the foliage to see one of my five furry critters staring at me.

We lost our first family dog when she was 16 and I was so lonely at home, I adopted a dog from the Humane Society on my own. When hubby and the kids came home that day and spotted her, they couldn't have been more thrilled. That was 12 years ago and she is still with us. She loves the kitties too and it keeps her exercised chasing them around.

Temps were in the 50's yesterday and today it is snowing. Just flurries but they are lightly coating my world. Brrrr


    Bookmark   December 1, 2010 at 10:16AM
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ive caugght angel nibbling and rubbing aganst pepper plants last year even nibbling on them some

    Bookmark   December 1, 2010 at 2:44PM
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New: OBF Signs of Spring
Our Blooming Friends Friendship Swap Group {OBF} was...
2015 New England Plant Swap, Adams Farm, Walpole MA June 6 2015 9am
Calling everyone with green thumbs and dirty fingernails!...
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