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garciafaSeptember 7, 2012

i bought 20 bougainvillea plants last fall they were flowering and pretty i was fixing a bed so i didnt plant them until about march...i did keep them watered and in from the problem is that since i have planted them they have grown but never not even one flower on any of them and yes i have feed them bougainvillea food and watered them well. so what gives?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

It been my observation that when planted in the ground Bougainvilleas work on developing an extensive root system and grow large before they bloom. They are wonderful in the ground growing against a sunny wall where they will get eight feet or more tall and bloom their heads off. In a mild San Antonio winter they don't die back and start blooming early in the summer. If they freeze back they will want to grow tall again before blooming.

If you don't have room for them to grow that large they do very well in pots which restricts their roots so that they feel stressed and start 'thinking' "I better hurry up and bloom because I may die soon" or something to that effect.

I have nine bougies in two to three gallon pots that bloom all summer. They are my most reliable plants for summer color. Before the first freeze I tie up the branches and carry them into a greenhouse for winter. Maybe you could dig some of yours up and put in pots to place around the garden, others could go against a fence or wall if your climate would be kind to them in winter.

They are great plants and worth working with to get the best out of them. By the way, they like full blasting hot all day searing sun to bloom well. In pots they need watering at least every other day, sometimes daily, depending on the wind and temperatures. But if they wilt before watering they will recover as long as the intervals between waterings are not too long.

Wishing you the best with your potentially beautiful bougies.

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