looking for seed suggestions for 2015

njitgradAugust 12, 2014

Looking ahead to 2015, I am seeking suggestions for new tomato varieties to try. From the past two seasons below is what I've tried.

I am also looking for suggestions for my first variety to make sauce with. How many minimum number of plants are recommended for making a measureable amount of sauce?

Cherokee Chocolate (2014 workhorse, returning for 2015)

Cherokee Purple (limited production for 2014, retired)

Lemon Boy VFN (great production in 2014, returning for 2015)

Mortgage Lifter (started out good in 2014 but plant collapsed due to bad support, returning for 2015)

Brandywine Pink (not that much production as I expected, may return for 2015)

Big Beef VFFNTA (enormous gorgeous fruit, definitely returning for 2015)

Sungold Cherry (excellent production in 2014, may retire because I will be trying Sunsugar variety in 2015)

Sioux (beautiful medium sized fruit in 2014 but limited production, retiring)

Black Cherry (great production in 2014, but lack of taste, retired)

Black Zebra (limited production in 2013/2014, retiring)

Black Krim (limited production in 2013/2014, retiring)

Pineapple (limited production in 2013/2014, retiring)

Indigo Apple (limited production in 2014, small fruit but amazing appearance, retiring)

Super Sweet 100s (limited production in 2014, retiring)

Abe Lincoln (limited production in 2013, retired)

Chadwick Cherry (good production in 2013, retired)

Big Boy (limited production in 2013, retired)

Better Boy (limited production in 2013, retired)

Super Steak (limited production in 2013, retired)

Independence Day Hybrid (good production in 2013, retired)

Gardener's Delight Cherry (great producer in 2013, retired)

Sweet Millions (new for 2015)

Box Car Willie (new for 2015)

Sunsugar Cherry (new for 2015)

Super Sioux (new for 2015)

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I tried a Wapsipinicon at a tomato tasting that had excellent flavor.

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It would be very hard to recommend since everyoneôs needs are different. I like hearts and large meaty beefs for sauces and prefer variety of them. My most favorite seed companies to choose from are Tatiana Tomatobase, Doublehelixfarms and Heritage tomato seeds.

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Indian Stripe is said to be more productive than Cherokee Purple. I'm growing it this year and the taste is great.

I agree with you about Black Cherry.

I don't think I can retire Sungold, but I may try Ambrosia Gold next year to see how it compares.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Check out the What do you plan to try next year? discussion below and the Whats in your permanent rotation? discussion below for lots of good suggestions.

As for sauce, as is often said here the best sauce comes from using a mixture of types and varieties. If they are good to eat they are even better for sauce. How many? Deoends on how much sauce you want to freeze or can. Many find only a few plants to be enough. Personally we can it in dozens of quarts so the more plants the better.


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm growing both Sungold and Sunsugar this year. I cannot tell them apart by taste, and they both crack pretty good! Sunsugar is a less vigorous plant. I will grow out what seeds I have but stick to Sungold.
As far as sauce I disagree with most here. A good sauce tomato probably is going to taste very bland fresh. The cooking brings out the flavor. The problem with using good tasting tomatoes is two fold. One, we don't know what it tastes like cooked, this is the most important aspect. I have been cooking with Sunsugar (green beans with sautéed tomatoes) and it becomes quite tart cooked. The sugar goes away, really different tasting cooked. Also water content, more bang for your buck. You want a tomato that is dry. You can sauce anything, but time is money, overcooking kills taste, you need dry tomatoes for the best sauce.
As far as what varieties I really do not have enough experience to say what is best. I have heard many opinions and brokenbar is the one I respect the most. Decades of making sauce, grows over 5000 plants a season (plants, not just tomatoes). Even her saucing techniques are very insightful. She posts in that other great tomato forum. She only uses Costoluto Genovese.
She wants to try all Costoluto tomatoes, and likes them all that she has tried. She also mentioned Cow's Tit, and Russo Sicilian Togetta. Others too, but that is all I remember. She says she has tried almost all the others. And pastes and stuff I have mentioned, she comments on them all. A wealth of experience and knowledge no doubt!
I am growing Russo this year, it is super productive, although the plant has constant leaf curl, still it is an amazing producer. It will be grown every year for sauce.
Brokenbar says it has good taste but a little watery.

We all though want to try stuff for ourselves, and so extra's seem headed for the sauce pot. I know this is true with myself. But her experience tells us that to get the most bang use drier tomatoes, and I would suggest tasting them cooked before saying they are good for sauce, results may surprise you in a good way or a bad way.

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Personally, Sun Sugar is my preference over sun gold. Rarely cracks and very sweet. I'm growing Neves Azorean Red and Indian stripe this year, which I haven't tasted but are starting to blush. Indian stripe is very productive and short for an I determinant, about 5'.
Depending on tomato size and meatiness, it's hard to say how many tomatoes you need to make sauce. I prefer the red and pinks, especially the hearts for sauce. I love to oven roast cherry tomatoes and smaller varieties. Next year, try growing Orange Strawberry for an incredible sauce. It has a sweet/tart taste which really came out when cooked and they are large tomatoes.
I am not a fan of black tomatoes cooked. Just a personal thing. To me they are best eaten fresh or oven roasted, especially black cherry.
Juliet is a Roma type cherry that made great sauce and was fantastic oven roasted, but bland to eat. So it all depends.

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IMO you have to try:
Ramapo F1
Polish (Ellis)
Goose Creek
Tami G

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