Near San Antonio Need Garden Tips and Info Please

stoicSeptember 16, 2013

we moved to the San Antonio area not all that long ago, actually Live Oak just out side San Antonio on the north east side

we don't know anyone else here who gardens and we've never done so in this region , we are going to put in a small vegetable garden after the turn of the year but we have no one local to get points and tips and wisdom from, we are use to colder climates,

for instance when do you usually start your garden in this area? february? we intend to start from plants not seeds

anything else that anyone could pass along to us would be so appreciated

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as a matter of fact are there any good charts anywhere for approximately when to plant various vegetable plants?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Welcome to Texas! There's a LOT of good information on this site to not only get you started, but will help you along as more questions come up. The forum is a little slow right now compared to spring, but I'm sure you'll be getting some more tips.

Wishing you the very best in your gardening endeavors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plant answers ...

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thank you very much, we carefully picked where we ended up to settle in knowing we wanted to end up in Texas for quite a few years and we love it here

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The good news is- you can put away the snow shovel, but not the jackets. In a couple of years your blood will be so thinned out you'll be grabbing a sweater when it gets to the low 70's :-)

You're right about the planting time frames being very different. A lot of people use planting guides from the extension office. I like the one on Fanick's nursery too. The website is linked below.

I've lived in a few parts of SA, but not in Live Oak. Have you dug in the yard at all? There's this rocky stuff they call caliche in a lot of the city. If you have that you pretty much have to build/construct some kind of raised bed. There was a pretty good thread that talked about some things to think about.

When you look at where you put your garden make sure you have access to water hoses. You'll need them.

Also there is a plant swap Oct 12. You should come if you have time. There's a whole lot of nice people and very experienced gardeners you could connect with. But feel free to post questions regardless.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fanick's gardening calendar

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thank you i'll be checking out those links

and looking for a sweater

we already have planned to do raised bed .. never done it before but we have done something similar in that we had a garden area emptied out once and refilled with nice garden soil

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