Beauty berry and Loropetalum

cynthianovakSeptember 27, 2011

HI All

All summer I watched 2 already damaged azaleas get worse.

I kept saying: I wish I had an American Beauty Berry and a big loropetalum in those areas.

Both spots get morning sun. One also gets noon day sun. The other area gets some late summer western Sun. Not much, maybe 2-3 hours.

I found a Burgundy Blast Loropetalum and the Beauty Berry this morning. Which would you give the afternoon blast to?

Thank you


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I think the loropetalum - the smaller leaves probably wouldn't wilt as badly. And even tho they started out saying loropetalums were good in shady areas, they seem to prefer and look better/fuller and bloom better in sun. My loropetalum gets midday dappled shade, morning and afternoon sun, and does fine with it.

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I have both in my garden and I would go with the loropetelum, not only because BBs tend to wilt in hot sun, but because the loropetelum will look good year-round.

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Thank you both

That's what I was thinking. I put them where you suggested and I really like the color of the Loro. next to the green end of season foliage of the spring blooming azaleas.

Thanks again!

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

I have 2 BB plants. Both from seeds that came up in a bed in the front yard. I think the seeds came from one I planted in 2007. It died in 2009's freeze....I think.

They were both in full sun. One I potted to plant in the back yard. The other is beside the side walk. It has done well this summer. They only thing "wrong" is that the sun burns the berries on top of each branch.
They are about 2 years old and very good size. The one by the side walk is about 2 1/2 feet tall and aout 3 1/2 feet wide/around.

Here is a link that might be useful: transplanted BB

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Lin barkingdogwoods

Here in east Texas with sugar sand, the beauty berries grow in both sun and shade, most with no supplemental water. I had to take out a couple gorgeous ones in the one full-sun bed I had because that became my veggie garden and the beauty berry was too large and took up too much valuable sun.

The best berries I had on beauty berry were on the one in full sun and one that grows right up next to an oak. I can't figure out what that plant likes best! But, I do love when the cedar waxwings come swooping in to pick the berries in January...


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thanks all
I still haven't transplanted them...tucked 'em under shrubs until cooler weather comes tomorrow.

I'll try the mud method.

Looking at the azaleas, I may have room for another part sun plant. Big sigh and excitement too. Any suggestions?


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