What should i call it?

colokid(5)August 4, 2012

There has been so many posts that i hate to bring it up again but- I have both red brandy wine/brandy wine red. the true RL and the other PL. I like the wrong PL one and will continue to grow it. It's a good tomato , but i don't want to further the wrong name. I don't know exactly which one it is, but What do I call It? Wrong BR ? BR-PL,???

The many brandy wines never did very good for me, except I like OTV.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Colorado Kid Brandywine aka CKB

Kid Colorado Brandywine (sounds like a gunslinger :)

Colorado Brandywine Red

Brandywine, Colorado Variant

Coors Brandywine *grin*

Rocky Mountain Brandywine


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

There are two wrong Red Brandywines already, one PL and one RL and are already named and offered at Tomato Growers Suppply.

Brandywine (red)

And you can get the rest of the blurb if you go to TGS and read and I've pleaded with Linda to not call either of them Red Brandywine, but she says folks like them so she continues to list them.

Neither one is true Red Brandywine and both were wrongly distributed by Seeds by Design, a wholesale place in CA.

There are other places that also offer a PL so called Red Brandywine, which isn't.

#5062 is the RL
#3642 is the PL

If it were me I would enjoy it for what it is and not name it and not share seeds of it with others. ( smile)

Just my opinion so as not to make more confusion out of what already is a confused situation. Sigh.


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Oh well. Maybe I will just quit growing it. There are so many other good tomatoes. Reminds me of hot dogs--if you knew what was in it, you wouldn't eat it.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Kenny, I went back and read your first post and it isn't clear to me that you had two separate seed souces, one for your true RB as well as one that gave PL leaves.

So it wasn't just one seed source and you got both RL and PL plants from that one seed pack. Right?

Why would you quit growing the PL one if you like it, save seeds if you need to and grow it out for home use in the future.


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Sorry Carolyn, I was just being an old fuddy on a depressing day (I am older than you and can't walk.)
The wrong one,PL, wrong labeled RB, came from Neb- **hen- Unknown source. the RL I think should be right one. The PL is doing better that the RL. Other years might be different. I think I will refer to it as RB-PL.
I love playing with the heirlooms, but I got to admit that my best tomato this year in my limited raised beds is a hybrid supersonic right off the shelf ..Oh well...

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

So you know I'm 73 and can't walk either and have to use a walker b;c of a fall in 2004 when I severed all fout quads in my right leg, and someone else, actually four people help me.

Craig L in Raleigh raises my plants and sends them up here and Freda who helps with cleaning and does all my gardening for me tends the tomato plants and all else. And then Shoe and Lee in NC do seed production for me as well as Neil in IL but with the drought in IL it looks like he will lose all 600 of the tomato plants he has out, of which only maybe 7 varieties are mine.

Remember, older is bolder and also wiser and if you are older than I am it also means you are bolder and wiser than I am. LOL

And yes, I know CO well for I lived in Denver for many years and taught med students at the Med School, corner of 8th and Colorado Blvd and my home was on Locust, one block down from the 17th ave Pkway and one block East of Monaco. .

Yup, I grew tomatoes there in the 70's to early 80's, yes I did. LOL


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Yea Carolyn I know. Got you beat by 10 years. Born and raised around Greeley. Only knowledge of Denver is VA hospital for 30 days with staph from heart surgery 26 years ago--not many of us around. On my second ICD and trust it. We are both examples of not ever giving up. I was keeping track of you a bit back when you were having some problems. God, wouldn't it be nice to be able to just walk around the yard again? But I'm glad for what I have and I bet you are too.
Sorry for all this to you health people. But I want to tell all of you to take care of your selfs and live every day to the fullest.

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