Suggestions for tall perennials

kryss(7)September 6, 2012


Im looking for suggestions on tall perennials/ bulbs for north Texas. I was recently looking at Orienpet lillies (anyone grow these? How do they do?) and I started thinking about planting unexpectedly tall plants at the entrance of my garden. My goal is a bit of Alice in Wonderland, but mostly just the feeling of childhood- when everything was tall and suprising. suggestions? I have a woodland themed garden. Can be sun or shade. Im looking for plants that are suprising, not really trees or shrubs. Plants that are tall nut not wide are best, staking ok. Thanks!

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Not sure just what you are looking for at this time. It would depend on your soil for some plants. The rose-of-Sharon does well once it starts to mature. Texas Star Hibiscus gets to be over 10 tall and has beautiful blooms. Confederate Rose Hibiscus gets to over 20 feet tall if it is not cut back each year before it starts to put on new leaves in the spring but it only blooms in the fall except in rare cases depending on weather conditions. Not sure if dogwood would do well in your area as it needs acid soil loves to be under the trees to well. As for bulbs I do not know of any tall plants from bulbs but hardy Amaryllis such as the Saint Joseph lily seems to not need any help blooming in the spring but it does enjoy being watered. I am not sure what its zone limits are. You should check with your local extension agent for more help with your selection.

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