what the heck is wrong with people?

RoughseasSeptember 17, 2012


this guy should never ever be allowed to have an animal again in his life.

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I ask that question too often these days, Roughseas. I shouldn't have to.

Perhaps the owners should be locked up for 8 days without food or water, and left with injuries...

We domesticated these animals, and now it's our responsibility to ensure they are cared for properly, from breeding to old age. Some folks here don't care for my views on the subjects of canines, but we spent 30 some odd years working with a breed that we left in better condition than we found. We maintain our reputation as having the finest quality within that breed.

If we're going to interfere with nature, we have a moral obligation, a responsibility, a duty, to follow nature's edicts, and do it right.

I will never understand how anyone can allow the suffering of any injured living thing. There are options... either help it, or put it out of its misery.

Fire away... I'm beyond caring what the group of "breeding attackers" say... and to that end, I express my displeasure at how this poor dog was initially treated, and am glad someone cared enough to help it.

And, no, it should not go back to its original owners... they failed to get help in a timely manner. In fact, they should be fined, made to pay all the bills incurred, pay for the rescue... and be investigated to see how they're treating any other animals they may have.

This kind of thing angers me no end. Would they have also left a lost child abandoned in the mountains, and just forgot he or she existed? Domesticated animals, much like children, are completely dependent upon our care!

What is wrong with people, indeed!

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david52 Zone 6

..... "I don't want to give her up - I love her - but those people risked life and limb to get her out of there, and that has got to be worth something," he said.
Ortolani was climbing with the 19-year-old son of a friend.
Bad weather was moving in, and the canine, whose feet were blistered, was unable to walk.
When his climbing companion's water supply broke, Ortolani decided it was time to come down. The two men tried to carry the 112-pound dog over the rocks for two hours.
He decided to leave her there and help his partner down, he added. Ortolani called a friend who contacted the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office but was told the region was too dangerous and that the rescue doesn't rescue animals.

end quote

So after trying to carry the 112 lb dog, all this at 13,000+ feet altitude, for two hours, in nasty weather, he left the dog to help the son of his friend down the mountain.

Now stupid to climb a mountain with your dog? Yes. Deciding between the dog and a human in lousy weather, well, I dunno. But he got lots of death threats anyway

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I have no doubt in my mind that if in the same predicament it would be all out or no one out...
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hug my dog.

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My question for him is why didn't he and a couple of friends go back up the next day to help the dog? Sorry but calling the sheriff's office & then doing nothing isn't what someone who cares about their pet does.

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david, firstthe guy he was "helping" down was 19,not a child.

But the main point is not that he left the dog up there,but that he did nothing to help it afterwards.
He didn't even put up a notice on the mountain hiking board.

NOTHING, he left it to die

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Read through the yahoo comments and see how many are a variation of, "But it's just a dog."

THAT is what our society has become.


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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

My understanding was that this person was to be charged with some kind of anumal cruelty charge. Now I see they're going to let him plead out??? This jerk should never have another pet again.

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But he's not getting the dog back, right? This man is despicable. He has to help a 19 year old down the mountain? A guy of 19 is at the prime of his life. Together they should have been able to carry the dog. But if this was not possible, the next day he should have gone back with equipment to carry the dog along with a friend to help. But he did NOTHING. What a creep. I'm glad he's in fear for his life.maybe he knows how his dog felt for all those days alone. Is the couple who rescued him keeping him?

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At 19, one should have the small modicum of common sense it takes to make the few phone calls necessary that ensure the safety (or finality) of any living creature under one's care. Suffering is not an acceptable end.

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one other point.. he said the dog couldn't walk because it's feet were all cut up ( confirm by the people who actually rescued the dog)

Once one paw had a bad cut, why didnt' he turn around?

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david52 Zone 6

I'm not defending the guy. He called the rescue guys who said it was too dangerous to go get the animal, he could have waited until the weather cleared and figured out some sort of backpack sling or something and tried again himself.

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I don't think he should get the dog back either.

You have to be prepared for the worst to some extent, especially when you have live beings depending on you.
He should have never taken the dog ... should have considered, hey what if I need to carry it ... will I be able to? When you know someone is depending on you for thier life, thier everything, you can't get yourself into "unfixable" situations like that.

He made a really really bad judgement call, and then compounded it by not going back for the dog, which is where his culpability level just starts to soar imo. Not sure why he didn't go back, sometimes people have a hard time fixing a mistake because they are having a hard time dealing with the fact that they made it in the first place.

Long story short, I'm trying not to judge him too harshly since I am not that outdoorsy and may not fully grasp the challenges involved. But total agreement that he doesn't deserve another dog, or particularly to have that one back.

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david52 Zone 6

Getting a 110 lb dog that can't walk off a 14,000 foot mountain in bad weather. You couldn't just carry it in your arms. Carrying a 110 lb anything on your back over rough terrain is pretty risky as well, so you'd need some kind of stretcher set up and at least two people.

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unfortunately for him, abc news is now reporting that the professional rescue team didnt' tell him the weather was too bad, it told him they could only rescue humans.

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

unfortunately for him, abc news is now reporting that the professional rescue team didnt' tell him the weather was too bad, it told him they could only rescue humans.

So,the rescue team is confirming his story that he tried to get help for the dog?

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I can sort of understand someone taking a pet with them when they later realize they shouldn't have.

That's not the issue for me. If some perfect strangers had the where with all to get the dog rescued, why couldn't the owner have also. Sorry, calling up a couple of government agencies and getting a 'no' answer doesn't qualify.

He was lazy and just left the dog there to die...he and his 19-year old friend.

He'll go out and get another puppy and do the same thing. In some places I read where the guy was 29 and other places they said 31. And he looks like a big dude judging from the photos I've seen. And from what I read, he just expected them to hand the dog over to him.

As far as I'm concerned he should be registered as an animal abuser...just like sexual molesters. Oh that's right..."it's only a dog."


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You have to appreciate the volunteer mountain rescue people-they go up and risk their lives all the time for people who are facing a Darwin Moment-but in this case the poor dog-who but a total idiot takes a dog into that sort of terrain? Then there was the the fact that they turned back because the 19 yr old 'broke' his water supply-say what? What on earth was he carrying his water in? I am guessing it was a good thing it was in something breakable since the weather was turing-brainless boobs-too dumb to have a dog.

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david52 Zone 6

'broke' his water supply-say what

Ah, this touches on a rather sensitive subject chez the '52er backpacking horde and their Dad. No longer do you need just a plastic or metal water bottle to carry water around in, you need a whole system which includes a bladder you stick in your pack, a tube that runs through the spiffy holes and loops, then a mouth piece. All of which will cost you about $40. And of course you need a special pack to carry it in.

DS finally threw in the towel this past trip, he was doing a technical climb up the fools 'alternative' route of a 14er, and the thing broke, filling his pants with water, and then he was out of luck, water wise, having to get some from his climbing buddy. He has now decided that the effort to take a bottle out of the pack and drink it isn't too much to ask.

They break all the time. They are almost impossible to sterilize. They are the equivalent of replacing good old yellow wooden #2 pencils that cost a dime with mechanical pencils that require special leads and cost $5 and break constantly.

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Ah-gear-no wonder-if you can buy the gear you are capable of doing the climb...

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It was a mistake to initially take the dog up there. And if you needed to get the 19 year old down, fine. But the very next day, YOU go up with friends and bring the dog down in a stretcher. You don't leave him there to die. Did he ONCE think about the bleeding starving dog?

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He only wants the dog back now because the dog is a star and he's not. He thinks he'll be a star now, the idiot. I wish there was a "like" prompt on this forum because I could have just checked it off on most of these posts and not said a word. LOL

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That would be my thought, Lily. Any place that holds possible dangers for human beings obviously holds dangers for pets, too. I'd never entertain the idea of taking a dog I couldn't lift and carry, myself, up a mountain with me. It defies common sense.

But then, the world is filled with all kinds... and I find that common sense is not always in decent supply.

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