Do Tomatoes Ripen Faster After Being Picked or on the Vine??

nordfyr315(5)August 4, 2010

Just curious. I am taking a trip overseas in four days and my first Black From Tula is starting to blush. I really want to eat it before I go, preferably as a BLT or on a piece of baguette with basil and EVOO (as Martha says).

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Do you have any ripe tomatoes handy? Tomatoes give off ethylene gas, which hastens ripening. If you have a ripe tomato, put it into a brown paper bag with your Black from Tula and seal the bag up for a couple days. The ripe tomato will help ripen your BFT.

Alternatively, you could use a ripe banana. They give off lots of ethylene as well. (You know that old trick for ripening avocadoes -- put them in a bag with a banana?) I'd go the tomato route, if it were me, because I think the bananas give off some banana taste as well, and that would be very good on a BLT.

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I think they almost always ripen faster on the vine. But you can put an early-picked one in a bag with another ripe fruit (apples supposedly emit high levels of ethylene gas, higher than bananas)

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

The problem with letting them ripen on the vine is -- if you miss it by a day, they might crack, whereas I dont think they will crack if you let them ripen inside via either methods listed above.

While I was picking another tomato, one of the New Girl green tomato fell down on the ground, it was hard and green. I took it inside and just set it in front of a window, and 2 weeks later is is red and ready to eat.

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