Okra flowers not blooming fully

ybindsSeptember 20, 2013

Hi all,

I have noticed that the okra flowers are not blooming fully and dropping off before I could see the fully opened up flower, so far. I also noticed that after the flower drops off the small tip at the end of the flower is the okra that grows into full pod. I could only get one where as the rest of them are kind of light green and not growing. Any ideas as to what could be the reason? The rains? we are having continuous rains, but the temperatures are around 80 to 90 consistently. The ants? I have seen some ants taking trips to the buds, you think they could be problem? Any help is appreciated.

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beacivil1(8a/8b NW Austin, Tx)

Okra likes full, continuous, hot summer sun, and I suspect that is the problem considering you are having constant rain. As for the ants, look for aphids or mites on the underside of your okra leafs, which are a source of food for them. Otherwise, periodically hose them off if you start to see holes in the pods.

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Yesterday, being sunday, I went during the day time and checked on the flowers, they are actually blooming, but I guess they would not stay like that for couple of days. So, I am happy that they are blooming, next thing I need to watch on is if the okra pods would grow or not. Since the rains are gone and having some good sun light, hopefully they would grow a bit.

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andbowen(7b/8a DFW TX)

Okra flowers typically only last for one day. They open in the morning, then they close up and fall off. The green tip left behind is the okra pod, and they should should be ready to pick within a few days after the flower falls off. Depending on the variety, you will most likely want to pick them when they are still small (under 4-6") to prevent them from getting tough. Ants are a surefire sign of aphids, which can potentially stunt the growth of your pods. Also keep an eye out for stink bugs. The bugs are good at hiding, but their damage is unmistakeable - it looks like tiny bumps on your okra pods, almost like warts or pimples on the pods. They will also cause your pods to grow curved instead of straight. Nasty creatures.

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Thanks andbowen, That is exactly what happened. Every word you wrote I have seen it practically. It was only one plant that had stunted growth for a while but now it started back again. I am growing some Indian variety of okra and Emerald also along with Jade and having good produce from all of them. Of all my favorite is the indian variety (ofcourse ;-) ). Next is Emerald. Will only plant these two next year.

Thanks for all the help provided.

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