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pnbrownSeptember 15, 2012

"Louis" is the best show on tv, now, IMO. Even if we include foreign shows. Anybody who has seen it disagree?

In his comedy routines and on his brilliant episodic show he hits most of the topics we have debated in this forum:

Bigotry, racism, mental myopia, hypocrisy, bullying, cowardice, pedophilia, one-night stands, divorce, hideous parents and parenting, bad food and eating habits, depression and more.

He's what Larry David dreams of being, a true observer and illustrator of society.

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I never heard of him nor the show. What network? I'll try to remember to tune in if I know when and where.

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Do you mean "Louie" on FX - divorced father raising two daughters in NYC?

Had to look it up; never heard of it.

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Yeah, with an 'e', not an 's'.

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It's a really good show I didn't think I'd like it but I really do.

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

Sounds like an updated All in the Family.

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Bill I think you may mean Family Affair. I thought of it right away but could not recall the name until you twigged me.

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