What do you plan to try for the first time next year?

CaraRoseAugust 1, 2014

I'm still somewhat vague on mine. For the most part I want--

Another indeterminate cherry to go with black cherry. I'm leaning towards sungold or giving super sweet 100 a try again.

I will probably add Tumbling Tom Yellow to share a basket with tumbling tom red.

Another small cherry that can be grown in a basket that is sweeter than tumbling tom.

Also thinking about Brandy Boy and Silvery Fir Tree.

My space is limited or I'd try so much more :)

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Oh my gosh, so many! I'm trying to source seeds for them in the next few months:

Bloody Butcher
Kellogg's Breakfast
Cherokee Purple or Cherokee Chocolate
Borghese Principe
A pineapple tomato - not sure which one
Black Krim
A brandywine - not sure which one
Amish Paste

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One (or more) of the cherry tomato types.

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I plant to grow some dwarfs:

Iditarod, an early red
Rosella Purple, a tasty black
Arctic Rose, early and prolific pink
Tasmanian Chocloate
Sweet Sue, yellow mid-season
Wild Fred, purple/black


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Linda that's so funny because I too am planting some dwarfs next year for the first time, Rosella, Tas and Wild Fred. Good luck.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Going to plant more determinate than in the past. Looking at Phoenix, Kewalo, and Hilltop to add to my other standards.


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Big Beef. It has such raves and it sounds like it'll have that "beefsteak" flavor I like. I might just buy a plant now. We have lots of warm weather to go here.

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I'm still trying to narrow down my list for next year. Here are the ones I know I'm growing for sure.

Northern Delight
Gardener's Sweetheart
Neves Azorean Red
Amish Paste
Black Cherry
Italian Heirloom
Russian Big Roma
Costoluto Genovese

I really also want to try
Julia Child
Black Prince
Indian Stripe
and Linnie's Oxheart

if I have the room.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Brandy Boy
I have read good reviews on Brandy Boy, especially posted by Hudson. I am also looking for a red beef steak variety with short DTM that is also a fair producer with tomatoee taste (juicy , tangy). I am growing Bush Steak for the first time. It is good producer mid season. But I have to see how the fruits taste.

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I'm waiting to see how I like the ones I am growing this year! Haven't tasted them yet: Black Cherry, Indigo Blue Berries, Sioux and Esterina.

I am interested in seeds for Paul Robeson.

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Linda, I am growing most of those dwarfs, I think they are just starting, will report. I like their compact growth and good production size related. They are in pots but next year I might deliberately get a bed of compact plants or at least a section...
I have seeds hmm, probably for next two season to try all new LOL Plus Tatiana growing bunch of new Russian varieties, Krainyi Sever is one I am keeping an eye for, it is very pretty.
Overall I am very pleased with what I am growing now. My needs are going more large beefs and hearts since it is all goes into canning, fresh juicing etc.
Out of cherries Sugar Drop is excellent this year and very much like Sungold to me. Also Blush is fantastic in exotic look and excellent taste.
Will likely grow Orange Banana as it makes totally outstanding sauce addition.
I have seeds for Donskoi and am looking forward to growing it, reputed to be one of the best hearts. Also hopefully will get seeds for Joe's Pink oxheart. Also we will see what new goodies Lee Goodwin will be offering with his blue ones. I might try Ambrosia Red, brix factor of 9 can be hard to get.
J and L gardens are also offering Rostova, which is very attractive to try.

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Just starting my list. Arctic Rose, Stupice, purple bumble bee, Goldmans italian American, just as a start. More to come....

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I am going to plant a black and some heirlooms.

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I tried Cherokee purple and caspian pink..they're taking forever up here so I've ordered the following for next year. Fingers crossed they're early enough!

Black Cherry
Sub Arctic Maxi

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Indian Stripe
ML Estlers
Amish Paste
Aunt Ginny's Purple
Brandywine OTV
Kennington's Big Red
Italian Tree
Omars Lebanese

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Brandy Boy
Some Purple/Pink Oxheart

Going to try Brandy Boy because of all of the reviews. Going to try Ashleigh because the flavor actually surprised me, the best beefsteak i've had in a long time. An old friend of my father grows it and i finally remembered to ask him for seed. He also has some type of Purple/Pink Oxheart, i'll have to inquire about it's origin. It has dense flesh, few seeds, extra sweet. Looking to experiment and blend it into my sauces, dressings and salsa to alter the flavor a bit.


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Joes Pink Oxheart is high on my list. Also I will need to get seeds for more of the dwarf project new releases. Other than that I have many hundreds of different type of seed and I am trying a few new ones each year. This year it was Kelloggs Breakfast - WOW no wonder its so popular.
Another great new discovery is Tarasenko 6. Productive, flavorful, juicy and abundant. I liked the Dwarf Wild Fred quite a bit also.

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It's too early for me to say because all the new-to-me varieties that I grew this year are not ripe yet.

So far I have been blown away by the taste of Prudens Purple and Anna Russian. Little Lucky was good too. Bloody Butcher has not even put in an appearance yet. So much for that one being "early!"

I'm also growing Tarashenko6, Eva Purple Ball, Fish Lake Oxheart and a host of cherries.


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Great question...

I've hoping to try out the following:

1. Holy Land (red strain; oxheart beefsteak; if I can find seeds)
2. Bloody Butcher (red beefsteak)
3. Gardener's Delight (cherry)
4. JD's Special C-Tex (black beefsteak)
5. Japanese Black Trifele (black pear shape)
6. Rebel Yell (pink beefsteak)
7. Rose (pink slicer)
8. Chapman (red beefsteak)
9. Delicious (red beefsteak)

  1. Black and Brown Boar (blownish slicer)
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Smithmal, bloody butcher is not a beefsteak. They are generally on tithe small side. But they are tasty and early.

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Well, This season I have taken over my parents garden, so I have been trying a lot of new things. My next experiment will be a winter garden. It is not for next year but I am putting it here any way.

Also, next year I am hoping to plant lettuce with seeds from this growing season.

This year I found success planting the "Three Sisters" (Corn, Beans, and Squash grown together). Next time I think I will use a different part of my garden that I suspect will give me a better crop.

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Hi there tomato growing friends! My list for 2015 is still in the works. I'm checking out what has already been posted. Some varieties I'm familiar with. Others I am not. I grow tomatoes from seed as a hobby. I wish I could do it year round but the weather/climate never cooperates. I try and select my varieties based on it's history. For example for 2015 I hope to germinate and grow the "Purple Calabash". Why? Well it happened to be Thomas Jefferson's favorite. He grew it on his farm in Monticello from 1806 to 1822. This past year I grew Livingston's Paragon which was the 1st tomato introduced to the public and commercial growers here in America back in 1870. It took him 20 years to perfect it. Ok it would be great if when you are adding your list for 2015 you could indicate why you chose a certain variety. It might be impossible to do it for all but even if you just picked out the one that interests you the most. I think by doing this it would add to the joy that this thread has created.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I haven't grown a heart tomato since 2011. I grew one
heart variety this year and it reminded me of how meaty
and wonderful they truly are. So next year I'm growing
mostly hearts. This is what I will be growing, subject to a
little tweaking here and there.

Anna Maria's Heart
Fish Lake Oxheart
Brad's Black Heart
Livingston's Giant Oxheart
Mediterranean (maybe)
German Red Strawberry
Non Hearts so far
Paul Robeson

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We started putting together a list a few months ago...wow, it's starting to look a little ambitious, but here goes:

Pork chop
Pink Berkeley tie dye
Dr wyche's yellow
Pink bertoua
Pruden purple
Tsar's royal gift
Black krim
Green zebra
Nebraska wedding
Paul Robeson
Mortgage lifter (halladay)
Hungarian heart
Gold medal
Striped cavern

Plus we want to grow out old stapes...i might need another raised bed :)

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I'm tempted to buy the rootstock and clips, to try grafting my own tomatoes.

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

For me it more of a what I will be doing rather than what I will be planting.

First is I will start with using fungicide from the start.
Next is I am going to be more generous with spacing for a few varieties that have show to be space hogs.
After that I will have better, and bigger cages.

I am still on the fence about what I will be trying as far as new varieties. I am going to be looking into a couple of cherry varieties to substitute for Sweet 100. The plants grow just fine. They keep producing when others shut down. Taste good. Just my wife thinks the skins are too tough, and thick. Though that seems to help keep them from scalding in the hot sun here, as well as very few cracked even when it rained heavy. I may try out Gardner's Delight.

I am also thinking of adding a green house for the winter here. Though it will have to be something I can take down when the weather warms up, or it would turn into a sauna quickly. I doubt much would survive our 100 plus degree days in a green house.

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I'm planning to do more early and mid season tomatoes next year. The late season heirlooms simply aren't being productive enough with the weather patterns we've seen the last couple of years.

I'm still narrowing down my list. But, thinking Siletz and Matina.

Also considering maybe some mid season tomatoes that are supposed to do well in cooler climates. Sunsets Red Horizon is one I'd like to try. While not really any earlier than the Cherokee Purple, Gypsy seems like it might be a bit more cold tolerant. So, I may mix in a few of those.

I sent an e-mail to TomatoFest asking them about their cool climate tomatoes and whether or not they are a good choice for western PA as you never really know whether it's going to be a cool summer, or an extremely hot one any more.

I'll probably be picking some off the list of those if I get a favorable report. No word back from them, yet.

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Next year will be my first year trying heirlooms, I can't wait! I did buy a green zebra but I planted it a month after the others. I doubt I'll get anything off of it with the weather the way it is. I've bought some seeds for next year but there are a few, NAR being one, that I need and I may tweak it who knows

Cherokee Purple
Kellogg's Breakfast
Prudens Purple
Black cherry
Mortgage lifter
Arctic rose
Neves Azorean red

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To grow list are:
Neves Azorean Red (NAR)
Kellogg's Breakfast
Mariana's Peace
Brandy Boy

Returning are:
Opalka - productive (both plant and fruit) and good taste
Cuostralee - "
1884 - not quite as productive, but good taste
Paul Robeson... My wife's favorite black tomato of 2014.
Sun gold
SS100 (not my choice, but my wife's)

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I also want to try Brandy Boy. Burpee sure wants a lot of money for their seed, any of their seeds.

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