Asian Jasmine and Bermuda Grass

linccampbellSeptember 27, 2011

So like so many in North Texas, I have a Bermuda grass lawn.

There is a large area I am thinking of planting with Asian Jasmine. Prior to doing so I would usea sod cutter to remove the grass, spray enough Round Up to drive Monsanto's stock $0.10 higher even though they are evil bastards, lay a double layer of landscaping fabric and do any number of rituals to try ot keep the remaining grass roots from doing much damage fast.

The question is, once the Asian Jasmine takes root and really begins to do its thing in spreading, will it crowd out the Bermuda grass that survived the vegecide and eventually grows and pierces through the weed barrier of landscape fabric? Or will Bermuda just do what it does and eventually take over the Asian Jasmine?

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Bermuda will grow up through Asian Jasmine eventually unless it's really thick. You could use roofing paper instead of landscape fabric and that would be stronger. If you can wait a while after you turn up the Bermuda and spray it, you can see if it comes back and attack what's left a second time.

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david_tx(7a North Texas)

I spray my Asian Jasmine with RoundUp and it shows no ill effects. As long as you don't have new and tender leaves, the RoundUp doesn't do much to Asian Jasmine. I'd let the Asian Jasmine get well established and then spot spray any Bermuda that sprouts.

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