What happened to my tomato plants ?

readheads(6)August 30, 2012

Looking to see if anyone has any thoughts on what may have happened to my plants. Since early spring the leaves developed the "yellow" from bottom. I kept trimming off the leaves but the yellow kept on going until the entire plant was full of yellow at which point I pulled 17 of the 20 plants. The Sungold put up the best fight but even they are now succumbed.

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It's a foliar disease. It looks like blight, but you'd have to post close-up pics of more leaves. It's not going to be good news, whatever it is.

Did you ever spray fungicide? Daconil is popular as a preventative.

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Doesn't look like Blight to me, Usually yellow leaves with brown edges means water stress. Also Later in the season I think some leaf branches will just die off naturally, especially near the bottom of the plant.

I see no mulch and weed competition, so I would say water stress + the age of the plant. Clip off the yellow and dying leaves, Add some mulch and see if that helps.

For a home fungal spray, Add the following to a gallon of water. 2 Tbl Spoons Baking Soda, 2 Table Spoons Veg Oil, Few drops of Dishsoap. Spray on the tops and bottoms of the leaves and the stems of the plants.


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I didn't mulch this year, I suspect nutrient issues, used micronutrient solution but was not very accurate/consistent in its use. Don't want to spray Daconil all the time (it rubs me the wrong way). Thinking of removing the top 2 inches of soil at the end of season and next year using thick landscaping fabric and mulch to protect the leaves from splach infestation from the soil. I need to test my soil.

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