Make new friends but keep the old

beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)December 31, 2005

Hi all, Here on the last day of the year 2005 I just want to say a special thanks to all the great people who I traded with this year but I also want to say a special thanks to some old friends that I don't see on here anymore.

My first SASE was from Margie, "Log Cabin Lady" and her generosity made me feel SO welcome. The return envelope was stuffed with seeds and I was delighted. I hope to pass along that welcome feeling to other newcomers.

Another special person was "Violet" from Missouri. I first learned about Round Robins from her. There were not nearly so many then, maybe two or three a year but they were anxiously awaited. Violet was also great for finding information anyone asked about like postal regulations and sending to foreign countries.

A special thanks to these two great gals. I miss you both.

This is NOT a swap thread but If there is someone who you want to remember for helping you get started you are welcome to post your thanks here. It is so nice to have NEW friends around long enough to become OLD freinds

Happy Trading to Friends New and Old in 2006. BB

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I would like to thank Mellen who has not only become a great friend to me but also a wonderful secret pal to my daughter.

Mikee2 who is now Shimla who sent me a very, very, very large envelope full of seeds not this year but last year just to give me seeds to trade with others.

Finally my most recent secret pal Mudplayingmom who wrote me the most wonderful letters each month when she received my packages not only on gardenweb but to my email to share with me things of her family.

Thanks Beth for putting this on here.


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I would like to thank my best and oldest gardening mother, for everything she ever taught me about gardening. She's gone now, but every time I smell old- fashioned flox, I especially think of her.

I would also like to thank all of you , my newest gardening friends for all you have taught me, shared with me, and have given to me both in deed, gifts, and in word.

There are many new friends here who have been kind, generous and thoughtful toward me.
Through you, I can keep the memory of my mother and my love for gardening alive....
May your gardens be fruitful and rewarding throughout the year.


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A special thankyou to Beth, Skohler,Gloria, Deni, all my daylilly friends, Earthly and Mellen and new friend hummingbirddaisy. To all my old and new friends big hugs and to Marge get well and back on the board

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I'd like to thank Beth who was the first one to invite me into a group trade. It was fun and there were only three of us. I've managed to keep up with Beth in some way since then. This year I was her secret pal in a round robin and had a great time sending to her.

I'd also like to thank YaYa who was the secret pal for me and who sent great surprises each month with neat little drawings and such terrific cards.
I've also missed Violet who had so much valuable information on her Gardenweb pages. She also was the first to send me lots of seeds for SASE. I couldn't believe all the stuff she sent me for postage.

Thanks also to Jay S. who has been my friend for several years now and sends me loads of named daylilies and this year added a few names irises too. He even sends me Christmas cards with pictures of his "boys" (dogs).

Thanks to everyone who has traded with me and all of whom have been in round robins with me. I've made lots of special friends on GW and hope we will stay in touch.

Thank you Beth for starting this thread! It's a great way to end the year and begin another taking some of it with us!

Happy New Year one and all!!!


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BACK AT YOU VEEJA11 & Beth & to all who have been GREAT
Players and GREAT Friends In my Robins .

This pass year has been a learning one as for gardening
& hard Work Loosing loved one's , loosing a pet ,
or a Job , BUT YET WE Have All A Place to Come
to share For Here We Have Made Many friends.



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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i too give thanks to so many of you that hold a special place in my heart. my gardens blossom from your kindness and generosity, and my life has been enhanced just knowing you.

sitting on my desk are little mementos from many of you that make me smile each time I look at them and remember the box it was sent in and the many times over we have been involved in the same swaps. Small glass insects, lady bugs, an angel, an alaskan bear, a beautiful frame picture of your gardenÂ.and so on  carol, sue, mellen, allison, debbie, beth, my dear friend dawn who is no longer on gw, trudi who has shared so many seeds, and my year long pal kelli who treated me like gold as well as an entire group of traders that recently allowed me to join their circle. There are so many others and you all stand out in my heart.

To all the faceless names whose time, talent and generosity went into making my gardens what they are, I courtesy to you and wish you every happiness in the new year!

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I have many fine ladies to remember this year

These ladies were very very generous in helping me to get started and they hold special places in my heart. You all do to - to be honest. It is just that these ladies made my days even brighter when they sent above and beyond or just sent out of the blue. One time Tammie and I even traded b-day presents of precious seeds. Kathy out of the goodness of her heart sent me tons of plants and had another gardener send me orchid leaves cause she could not use them and since he was close by thought it would be nice to do so. But the very first trade that I did on here was with GrannieB and she only asked for a few seeds but sent me a ton knowing I had next to nothing to offer. The angel that she is. To these people I will be sending surprise packages later in the year when I have something nice to send them. I just hope my garden will bloom and give forth plenty of love to share with them. I know there will be many more great traders that will touch my heart since there are so many great and fabulous people here to laugh and enjoy gardening with. I will be forever greatful for each and everyone on here. You all made my days better and bright when the depression got too much for me to deal with. Living in the high desert where everything is either dead or looks dead and in colors of brown and cacky green where there is very little true green and hardly enough color to truely be awe striking. I give many thanks to each of you for helping me to make a better garden last year and this new year. I hope to be able to offer many seeds for anyone who wishes. God Bless you all and may you all have a happy and healthy year.

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MargeC(z6 AR)

I also want to add my Thanks to some great Ladies. Most are like me. Old timers here on the Garden Web. I am like Beth B. my first great big seed envelope came from Margie, 'Log Cabin Lady'. Then there was Violet and Doris J. A lady from New Hampshire, Can't remember her name but sure haven't forgotten her generous boxes. I Think Beth B. and Carol B. taught me about secret pals and Trudi taught me about winter sowing. Which I love to do.
Then a real special little lady named Fran was a great trader until lately and now she has found ways to make some bad days a lots brighter.
I would enjoy having all of you great people as neighbors. So many I can think of and wonder where they are at. Such as Nature Farmer and ZZTopsoil.
If I missed you it's not personal. Just so many to be grateful for. Hopefully it won't be long and I will feel like doing more trading and sharing.

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Wow, nice to see you Marge, get well we miss youJody and Zz spend most of their time on the other garden site, but are both still around.We love you get well big hugs carol

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