Need Suggestions - fast growing screen/vine

shinyredthings(8)September 3, 2010

Hi, I'm in need of some help to hide an eyesore!

We've got a short chainlink fence at the rear of our property. The soil is sandy, I've been putting compost in it and its still a little alkaline. As there's an alleyway on the other side of the fence, I'd like to grow a voracious flowering vine as quickly as possible! Or maybe a screen plant in front of the fence. Bamboo comes to mind but its not really my thing. The area gets some sun but is partially shaded most of the day.

Any suggestions on fast-growing plants that are quite hardy?


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clairtx(z8 TX)

When I first moved into my house I had honeysuckle all over my back fence. It is a shady area and it grew fast. I pulled it all out and finally got rid of it, but it will give you the cover you want.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Yea, but it might take over your tees and your Yard. But that is the problem with fast growing voracious vines. They don't know when to stop. Trumpet vine, Blue sky vine. The native coral honey suckles are a little more controllable, read slightly slower. blooms longer and more interesting.. Cross vine is a good one. It will take sun and part shade. potatoe vine. Confederate jasmine is evergreen, honey suckle is not.. native wisteria. Silver lace vine. So many, sweet autumn clematis

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Lynn Marie

I think for a short chain link fence, you need honeysuckle. For a tall one, you need evergreen wisteria. However, with it being late in the year, you may want to also plant some morning glories. They'll grow a lot faster but die when it freezes.

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Mexican flame vine seems designed for chain-link fence. =) That, and hyacinth bean vine.

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My vote is confederate jasmine. Mainly because it is evergreen. it might take a little to establish, but once it starts, it grows fast. It is not too invasive either, and the flowers smell good.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

For vines, I really love the Passionflower Vine Passifloraceae incarnata, and it is the host plant for the caterpillars for the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly. Also mentioned already on this thread are trumpet vine, blue sky vine, cross vine, and native coral honeysuckle, and not the Japanese honeysuckle Lonicera japonica which is highly invasive. And I would stay away from the Air potato Dioscorea bulbifera which is also highly invasive. And there are some very nice climbing roses that grow fairly fast.

Also there are lots of great shrubs and vines that you can check out on website:

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kayakita(z9 TX)

Carolina Jasmine is one of my favorite screening plants. It seems to like to climb any kind of fence; but especially likes chain link. The neat thing about it is that it seems to stay nice and thick and green year round here in central Texas and in late January (when nothing else is blooming) it becomes a mass of fragrant yellow flowers....Such a cheerful sight out my kitchen window on a cold wintery day!

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You may want to google Brushwood Nursery, they have all sorts of vines. I have some of their honeysuckle that grows 10-20 feet, is not considered invasive, and some trumpet vine "Morning Calm" which is not invasive and is gorgeous. These have not grown real fast on my chain link, but I think I am somewhat challenged with vines :)

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Once you get vines growing you will be so happy. A screen is only part of the gift. If you plant a variety you get a variety of cats and butterflies and birds and excitement.

Before going further, I confess I'm a gradener that believes more is more....not less

we have areas of full sun, and full shade with evertyhing in between in our neighborhood. One green vine has tiny red berries on it now. Sorry, I don't know the name but I'm sure 3 outers know immediately....grins It is everygreen. Once it's there it's there.

If I had your problem I would grow several different vines. I love Mexican Flame vine. It dies here, but may not where you live.

I love passiflora incense and have it growing with hyacinth bean vine AND Blue Sky. But they freeze too!

Passiflora caerulea is evergreen. I love the creamy white, cobalt blue and black flowers. I love the foliage. I have that it is mannerly (that translates into it costs more when you buy the plants because it is more difficult to root,)

I would plant lots of dill and parsley to grow fast and tall and feed the butterlies and cats while your vines make roots. If you were here, I could give you long cuttings of blue sky and incense...but I'll bet there are folks in Austin who would love to give you some too!

I would toss out seeds for tall poppies to come up in the spring and tall zinnias and tithonia for the summer.

I would consider growing birdhouse gourds, because I love to watch them climb too and a pkt of seeds planted in late June have climbed and covered more fence than any other plant could in 10 weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: caerulea

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greenleaf_organic(8, TX)

I am also looking for a vine to make a privacy screen. Is there a species of passionflower that stays green in a San Antonio winter? How about the fruit? Self fertile? Best tasting variety?


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