Big sodas 1 more time

labrea_gwSeptember 13, 2012

NYC Board of Health has finally done it they have agreed to ban big sodas. I hope they go after the foie gras positively unhealthy!

Oh & all those artery cloggers sold at street fairs NYC has loads of street fairs. Canolli's yep got to make sure Ferrara's only sells 2 per person NY cheese cakes, oh certainly not they are heart attacks by the slice. Theres a stat that says the city is overweight . Next will come zoning for pizza places limit 15 per square mile. What a crock of crap!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hiss

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Well, Joe... rather like banning anything else, an alternative always presents itself. So, really, what is being accomplished?

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Have you seen the big sodas? I went to (some fast food restaurant) the other day, I'm thinking it was Jack in the Box. I needed something to eat, they were convenient. They have a $1 menu, and since that soda was less than the smallest one, I got it. Iced Tea. It came in a hard plastic BUCKET.

That said, I don't think they should be banned. But you should have to bring your own reusable cup ;)

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You mean like a commode?

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If it came in a 3 gallon trash can big deal. I can buy a whole white pie at the pizza box on Bleecker st. & eat the entire thing myself show me the dif this is an arbitrary ruling based on the whim of a mayor who is not mister health.

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This stuff makes no sense to me. But it does occur to me one doesn't have to drink all of it. For a buck, or whatever, the trash can in the park or your very own sink is a large enough receptacle to handle the leftovers.

I can go to Sam's Club and buy their two boxes for one price muffins. I can eat one a day for 12 days or one a month for a year or...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Could it be that Bloomberg is barking up the wrong tree?

Google images "Beer Belly"


Google images "Soda pop belly"

I didn't see anything addressing the ban of 'free refills' as there usually is at most fast food places, so what really makes the difference what size cup it is in?

Big Chugs will still be available at gas stations and convenience stores.

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Dr Ruth chimed in today for men that a big belly equals small equipment!

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What's happened with some of the stealth price increases is as manufacturers have reduced quantity or volume of food and beverage products, people bought more than one downsized product, or larger higher calorie alternatives.

Guzzlers and face stuffers are going to get their excess calorie fix one way or another....

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Bboy, I almost choked on my coffee! Commode! LMAO!

I'm just glad we never developed a soda habit. We drink coffee or water, and sometimes tea, and the coffee or tea is plain.

I see people that constantly guzzle soda, or consume other drinks that you know contain a ton of HFCS, or way too many calories for one item... I just don't know how they do it... I'd be sick as a dog, or big as a house!

That said, it's impossible to regulate what people eat or drink, or how they maintain themselves health-wise... unless you go about it from the other end, through the FDA and legislation/regulations on manufacturers providing healthier foods. Educating people would help, too.

It's a giant cycle of greed taking advantage of peoples' weaknesses, though, and everyone knows it... we eat the unhealthy items advertised by manufacturers, then we develop health issues, and then we're at the mercy of our wonderful pharmaceutical and health care system... and at every turn, we pay more.

But banning a cup size in one city is not going to make that big of a difference... except to the pockets of drink manufacturers and the places that sell them. It might also fill city coffers if food is taxed in NYC. People will simply buy two drinks instead of the one huge soda.

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I can't imagine him demanding Katz's deli which is ok not great anymore manager their lunch menue & reduce their portion size portion size. Simple lunch Pastrami on rye a bowl of matzoh ball soup & a pickle. You can still get a fatty piece at Katz's unlike most places with the all lean & shot up with salt water.

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I haven't had a soda in ten years or more but I think it's a stupid regulation.

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That looks delicious, Joe... I'm a sucker for a great sandwich made with real meat! You should see the occasional Reuben's my husband makes! To die for! But that's why they're only occasional. :-)

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marquest(z5 PA)

I drink an occassional ginger ale but I prefer Cranberry Juice. This is the 100% juice no sugar added. Would you believe there is less sodium, sugar in the ginger ale than the 100% juice?

Read your bottles next time you go to the grocery store.

The other issue I have with this size thing is.....The cup can be as big as my house you only get a sip of soda the rest is ice. They are getting more water from melted ice than soda. Give me a break. This cup size and juice vs soda is stupid.

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Marquest, I'm a stickler for label reading, to the complete consternation of my husband, who hates to spend time shopping! But it pays off in the long run. Without all the sugars and junk floating through my system, I just feel so much better.

The first time I read a yogurt label, I almost had a mini-stroke! Have you seen the contents in one of those little Yoplait containers? Gross! I reach, instead, for the plain Greek yogurts... the real ones.

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Me too , Jodi..Always get the Greek yogurt.

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I'd allow people to buy whatever size soda they like, but I'd ban or tax the soda manufacturers for producing a semi-toxic product that becomes more toxic with increased consumption. IMO, govt needs to regulate the producers more properly, then warn, not regulate, the consumers.

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Warn AND educate consumers.

Many countries already have very strict, and very good, food regulations in place... and their populations are healthier overall because of their adherence to strict regulations.

Here, it's all about the money, once again... no one cares that obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes are killing us, and cancers are eating us alive. It's profitable. It's all profitable... even the illnesses caused by such poor food standards.

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