Lots of progress on the creekbed

lucas_tx_gwSeptember 9, 2012

Got a lot of plants in this weekend, thanks to cool weather. Still have some gaps and have some stuff I need but the bulk of it is on.

At the far end of the berm are two Prarie Sky Switch grass (Paniucm virgatum) and one Lindhemirmer Muhly (Muhlenbergia lindheimeri). There is also a big space at very end to anchor that berm with a Common Senna (Senna corymbosa) that needs to be moved from the back but I'll let it cool off a little before we try that.

In the berm side of the creek in the little planting islands are Fall Aster (Symphyotricium oblingifolum), Flame Acanthus (Anisicanthus quadrifidus, var. wrightii) and in the biggest one a rose, 'Souvenir de la Malmaison,' with two grey shrub sage (Salvia chamaedryoides).

On the side closest to the house, at the driveway end is another OGR, 'Nacogdoches' with Lanceleaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata) and Pink Skullcap (Scutellaria suffrescens).

The 'hell strip' between the sidewalk and the creek is planted in Four Nerve Daisies (Tetraneuris scaposa) and Seep Muhly (Muhlenbergia reverchonii). I could have waited and gotten the seep muhly from the plant sale at the wildflower center but I wanted to get them in the ground since warm season grasses will soon go dormant. So I paid the big bucks and got the one High Country sells which is is supposed to be a nice pink but is grown from seed, so hopefully it will come true if I start any more.

The next island has another rose 'Valentine' (thanks for the suggestion Roseless, she's small and thornless, just what I needed.) If it ends up being too hot for here there I'll have to move her and put something else in but she looks cute right now. With her are some Winecups (Callirhoe involucrata) which I hope will hang down in the creek.

In the next area is a new Yaupon Holly cultivar, Micron. Have anyone seen him? Cute as a bug and little teeny tiny leaves. We also pulled the shubs that were in front of the porch because since we took the porch rails down we wanted a more open look and I have more of the Microns to plant there but didn't get them in the ground yet. With that yaupon are some Missourie Primrose (Oenathera macrocarpus) that I also hope will trail down in the creek.

The house side from the driveway to where the front walk meets the house got 1/2" drip emitter hose and is mulched and ready to go.

So, still some work to do, but actually starting to look like something!

Pretty Exciting!


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That picture in the previous post makes the creek look a million miles wide but it really isn't. I wish I had a good way to photograph it.

Here is one of Nacogdoches and her friends but they aren't completely mulched yet.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Wow -- you all HAVE been working. It's all looking good!

I have to laugh becauses this is the third time that I've been called Roseless, all on different GW forums. Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something? Hahahaha.

Okay, okay -- I got the message ... I have 2/3 LESS roses than I used to grow so I'm living up to my new name ... :-)))

BTW, I'm glad you got Valentine. It's a wonderful and easy to grow little rose.

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How funny. I actually even proofread the message and didn't see that.

Thanks again for your help!


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