Flowers for Cutting Garden

mollyinthegardenSeptember 30, 2010

HI All,

I am thinking of planting a small area of my riased garden as a cutting garden and I am wondering what everyone's favorite flowers are for cut flowers? I already have plenty of roses, but am open to any other suggestions of plants that stay relatively compact (2'x2' or so). Annuals or perennials in a mostly sunny area. Thanks in advance! Molly

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Daisies are a nice perennial that spread slowly and are easy to divide. They make a great cut flower too. Sunflowers look lovely in a cut arrangement or all by themselves. They are available in a lot of different color variations now too. Zinnias also bloom all summer and make great cut flowers. Cheryl

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Lynn Marie

I accidently broke off a dahlia flower, so I stuck it in water. It is still pretty after 4 or so days. If you can grow them, I would.

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Thank you both! Cheryl, what type of daisies? I know coneflowers make nice cut flowers and would love to add some other daisies. I love dahlias, but I am not sure if I have ever seen them in Austin. Does anyone know if they grow easily here? Thanks again, Molly

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Not sure about Austin. I don't have personal experience, but they're supposed to grow here if you choose the small flowered ones.


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