Complete yard disaster

mls0323September 16, 2013

This is my first time posting and I could use some serious help! Basically, all of the grass in our 4500 sq. ft. yard has been killed (not intentionally) and all we are left with are weeds. Should we be putting fertilizer down or weed control now in order to get the yard ready for spring? I'm pretty sure that we will have to put sod down in the spring, but I want to make sure that the yard is ready and healthy to do so. We originally had bermuda grass. Also, would putting newspaper and mulch help kill the rest of the existing weeds or is that not a good idea now? We also had 3 trees cut down by a lawn company and it doesn't look like they killed the stump, so now we have dozens of crape myrtle saplings sprouting all over our yard now. Any suggestions on how to kill those would also be helpful! Basically, our poor yard is a nightmare.

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daninthedirt(Cent TX; USDA z8a, HZ10, Sunset z30)

I have to ask, what killed it? Also, you should understand that Bermuda, this time of year, is naturally brown. It'll come back when it gets moist. So if you killed it (not intentionally) by not watering it, just take a deep breath and wait until spring. Is the grass GONE, or just brown? If it's gone, then that's more serious, and one would have to wonder whether what killed it is still in the soil.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Here's my 2 cents :-)

What happened to the bermuda? That stuff is hard to kill even with Roundup. It goes dormant if not watered but usually greens right up with water. You can hit actively growing weeds with weed killer if you want and there are just too many to pull out. Newspaper and mulch will work if you are creating beds or trying to add organic matter before sod but only if the bermuda is truly dead. It will laugh at your feeble attempts to smother it :-)

I like organic fertilizer and use alfalfa pellets from the local feed store. I spend about $12 for fifty pounds and can do my entire yard twice with that bag. The pellets are too big for my spreader so I just fling them with a dustpan liberally over the lawn and gardens, then water. Smells good and completely safe for everyone. The fall feeding is the most important of the year.

The saplings may respond to round up in a zip lock bag, just tuck the sapling into a bag, pour on enough RU to saturate and leave it. I used this method to kill trumpet vine. It will drink it up and hopefully kill the roots. There is stronger stuff for stumps and brush too which is sprayed or painted on cut wood. If the stump is really large, you can drill into it and fill the holes with stump killer. I've also heard of pouring white sugar into holes but have no experience with that method.

I hope you take this advice in the light-hearted attempt at humor that was intended.

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