help identifying this yummy tomato

yankeekate(5)August 14, 2012

I bought these tomato plants as seedlings from a gentleman who said they were a German tomato called "Bosco". I love their shape (like a pepper) plus they are meaty, few seeds, delicious, and are great for making sauce. I can't find any info on a "Bosco" tomato. Any help out there? I'd like to grow these again next year.

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Save some of the seeds?


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yes , I intend on saving seeds, but I'd like to identify what kind it is.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

It sure looks like a paste tomato and probably is, but I googled it, checked Ventmarin in France which covers most European OP varieties, checked a couple of SSE YEarbooks and also checked Tania's website as well.

And nothing.

When one enters Bosco at Google, as in Bosco tomato, there's nothing, but the word Bosco is used in descriptions of restaurants named Bosco, and the like all associated with something Italian.

There aren't too many German varieties I know of that are paste tomatoes of that shape and that slender. Howard German is one that I remember, and that's about it and that one is fatter than what you show.

Perhaps there's a reason why this person gave it an Italian name. Do you think you could find him again and ask more about what he called Bosco?

And perhaps wait to share seeds with others until you know what it might be called, as in already known by another name? I hate to see varieties renamed if they already have a name and Bosco could also be a local variety that he got seeds from somewhere, who knows. ( wink)

And I do hate to say it but it has been known that some4 vendors selling plants or fruits at Farmer's markets and the like do change the names of varieties to indicate they have something exclusive. I'm not saying he did it, I'm just saying that it's known to occur.


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