RE: question about the Neem Recipe

billgill(Atlanta 7)August 15, 2011

Hello. Some time back I got this recipe from Tapla about using neem [thanks, Tapla]:

Start with a pint of very hot water in a 1 qt spritzer bottle. Then add a tsp of cold-pressed, pure neem oil and few drops of Murphy's Oil Soap (or non-antibacterial dishsoap). Shake well. Add a pint of 70% rubbing alcohol. Shake again and spritz. Make sure to cover all surfaces, especially the underside of leaves and leaf axils (crotches). Shake frequently to keep the blend emulsified. Spray at 2 week intervals. Use it all or discard any remaining when you've finished spraying.

I've seen numerous formulas suggesting Neem, with warm water and detergent soap. No alcohol.

Any ideas about what the alcohol adds to the formula? Kills the bugs maybe with the Neem acting long term..?

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Where do you get cold pressed neem oil?

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billgill(Atlanta 7)

ummm.. got 1 pint Green Light from a nursery in Atlanta, a couple of years ago

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In the absence of actual study data, I follow the directions on the bottle. Green Light is perfectly capable of optimizing their mix to give the best results.

Great that people are experimenting around with the mix though and "cold pressed neem" may require a different procedure than processed and marketed products like Green Light.

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"Any ideas about what the alcohol adds to the formula?"

From a quick search, the active ingredient in neem oil Azadirachtin is highly soluable in alcohol, so I think the alcohol may be used as a solubilizer.

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