Tasteless Yellow Tomatoes

wvbetsy(z6WV)August 31, 2013

I was given a yellow tomato plant. The tomatoes are large with a red blush on the bottom. They taste bland.
Has anyone else had this experience?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I guess you don't know the variety name?

The primary cause of a bland taste is over-watering as the fruit ripens. It dilutes the flavor. If you pick it when it first begins to show some color (called color break) and let it finish ripening indoors you can eliminate the problem.

With ideal growing conditions the yellow varieties can be just as tasty as any other.


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I grew something like Big Rainbow one year - it was labeled as Aunt Ruby's German Green but it clearly wasn't and BR was one of the other varieties offered. It didn't have a lot of flavour if I remember correctly - I only grew it once.

Do a search on this forum - there are yellow varieties that do have good flavour, although growing conditions have something to do with the outcome too. I am growing Persimmon for the first time, hoping that one's a keeper.

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fcivish(Zone 6 Utah)

I find Yellow Pear tomatoes and a very productive yellow cherry called Gold Nugget to be extremely tasteless and I won't grow them. (I know these aren't YOUR variety, but I mention them for comparison.) However, some yellow tomatoes are very flavorful. I love Yellow Brandywine. Lemon Boy is surprisingly good. Big Rainbow, mentioned above is technically a Bi-Color, not a yellow, and I think there are other bi-colors of better flavor. There are a lot of other yellow tomatoes on the market, some of them are rather bland, but some of them are quite rich. The fact that they are yellow reeally doesn't tell you much.

I breed tomatoes for fun and am working on about half a dozen yellow varieties: A yellow cherry that is sweet like Sungold, but not descended from Sungold, a much improved yellow pear. A medium-small yellow tomato that has good flavor but is fairly firm and has body. A number of yellow descendents of a Black Krim - Galinas cross. Some of those varieties DO sometimes have a red blush at the blossom end. (Also working on black, red and green tomatoes from that same cross.) I like my tomatoes flavorful and sweet. From that point of view, i have no disrespect at all for yellow tomatoes, in general.

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I found out that the tomatoes are Mr. Stripy. Overwatering was mentioned as a cause for the lack of taste. We have had plenty of rain this summer and I haven't needed to water the tomatoes.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

"Plenty of rain" can also be over-watering. :)


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I do not think of yellow tomatoes as tastless and again if they got watered a lot, just about any tomato will taste bland. Some of them like yellow pear and Ildi cherry type I do not care about and yes, really bland taste but you can find the same in other colors as well...
My some favorite yellow to date, including bicolors
Marvel Zapotec striped,
banana legs,
Orange paste,
Giant Belgium Yellow
Isis candy
Garden peach
I am planning to try Galinaôs and Medovaya Kaplya on recommendation from Carolyn in another post and Limonny which I have heard great yellow tomato as well.

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Wasn't there a thread about Mr Stripey, and how it was an awful tasting tomato?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Taste can be a subjective evaluations, to some extent. But, just most people can tell the difference between an excellent tasting and awful tasting fruit.

Another factor is the growing conditions, especially near ripening stage. I think, generally, less water and lots of sunshine can contribute to better taste.

Yet another factor is the genetics and characteristics of a given variety. Now that I am in the process of deciding what I should be planting next season, I am paying attention to how gardeners review certain varieties that I may plant next year. If 3 people in a row say that tomato "X" taste terrible, I am done with it.
I have been reading some not very good reviews on Early Girl's taste. And, of course , some favorable too. Now I slice my EG tomatoes, eat them, they are all right. Plus I find it VERY prolific. So I might plant it again next season.

There is NO SCALE to measure taste with it, other than to say it is SWEET or TART or in between. I do not understand what a COMPLEX taste is.. It reminds me of COMPLEX ALGEBRA ..very difficult... hhahh

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I grew, for the first time, 3 yellow/orange tomatoes this year: Limmony, Amana Orange and an oxheart. The oxheart will not be back again, due to lack of taste. I did enjoy the color variety. The AO was more productive than the Limmony; I will probably plant both again next year.

Every year is an experiment! And my "want to try" list is not getting shorter.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Aunt Gertie's Gold has lots of flavor. Highly recommended.

AGG is a large potato leaf type of tomato. Fruit are large. It is a late tomato, just getting into good production here in the past few days.


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