Very Late Comeback

ocgf(Z8)September 5, 2011

I just found out that my Giant Turk's Cap came back! I thought I had lost in January. It sprouted in August!!

Moral? do not pull out the plants you think you lost to the winter. Just cut them back!


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I had a friend pull hers, and I planted it- guess what my "new " turks cap is about 4 inches tall! haha- good luck to you

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I am very happy for you, Omar.

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That's great, Omar! I had a duranta that didn't come back at all last year, but has magically appeared this year.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Amazing and congratulations! It seems some plants will come back from a little piece of root. I know some roses will. Also I had a Rangoon creeper come back in it's old spot about three or more years after I dug it up.

The Giant turks cap you gave me came back in early summer after I thought it was gone for good, but now the deer are eating it so it hasn't had a chance to bloom. But it's alive and I will move it to the back yard this winter. I'm going to try Pentepete in it's spot because I want something tall there. I have no idea if deer will eat it. Does anybody know?

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YAY ! I never, never, never pull up a plant until a really long time has gone by. Like...a year or more. Especially with our really odd weather the past few years. You never know why something didn't come back, but give it time and it might. I've lost enough plants as it is...I don't want lose any more because I'm being impatient with them coming up.

Omar, how are you !? Do you know if the Buda swap has been planned yet ? Guess I can contact Charlotte, just wondered if you knew. If you'd like, you can come to our swap on October 8 here in San Antonio ! If not, I hope you will be able to get to Buda. Got anything to trade this year ? things are tough, aren't they ?


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Thanks y'all!

Patty, I'm doing fine, now teaching at the high school and getting used to our "special" teens' attitude. I haven't heard about the Buda's swap yet but I doubt that Charlotte would stop doing it. The invite should be on its way...

I think this time I will make it to the swap in Buda since I am not teaching Saturday School no more (yay!). I may have Graham Thomas yellow rose cuttings, sweet potato vines, bluebell seeds, fountain grass seeds, Ampelopsis arborea cuttings and a few others...


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Good to know. I think I lost an agarito early this summer. Maybe I should start watering it again.

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