Southeast Texas Weed Problem

gentleman-farmer(8)September 23, 2011

I did a weed and feed for the first time back around March, but right now I have a lot of weeds still. I've been trying to get this lawn looking good but the weeds just do not stop.

I think I am mowing at the right level but my lawn was probably very thirsty for a while. However, now I have a couple sprinklers set to go off for like an hour each morning at 5AM. I think that will help the weed problem by getting the grass healthier (or am I wrong?).

However, is there anything I can do to more aggressively kill the weeds right now? Like perhaps the weed and feed? I have been told numerous times that if you use that stuff too much you can kill your lawn. I've seen some of those lawns too and they are way worse than me! So i don't want that... but I do want to improve. Thank you.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Weed and feed isn't good for trees and doesn't seem to be doing much for you anyway. Weeds like poor, compacted soil. The way to smother them out is with manure. You can buy a scentless humus/manure inexpensively at a home improvement store. It will never overload or over salt your lawn. You can also get pure manure (bagged) or the kind that's delievered to your home by the yard. If it's too stinky do it in winter that way by spring your garden will be fertilized and ready for spring. The more you manure (one inch at a time) the healthier your trees and sod will be. The sod will choke out the weeds.

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What kind of weeds? broad leaf or grass?


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I'm not sure what kind of weeds they are but there is a variety. I can get pictures.

Also, I don't have many trees and the ones that are there are very mature so I'm not worried that some weed and feed would hurt them. I've only been in this house for a little over a year as well and only weed and feeded once. It seemed to help a little at the time I did it around March. There was one area that I noticed improvement but it didn't seem permanent.

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if you do not want to buy manure you can go to almost any farm or ranch for free- not sure where you are at but we have plenty

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Well, if the manure is not decomposed, it could be another source of weeds.

You need to get to know your weeds. There are herbicides for broad leaves weeds. I would try that if I'm desperate. At the same time, pamper your lawn: add organit material, airate it in spring, apply fertilizer a couple of times a year. The idea is to make your lawn so strong that overgrow the weeds that may emerge in it.


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