Shrub question

cynthianovakSeptember 22, 2013

A friend gave me a plant that he was told is a French Hackberry. But it looks like my Beauty Berry complete with the signature purple berries. Only this young shrub is taller, has thinner branches and the berries have fewer in each cluster. He said they are all over his parents' property about 2 hours east of Arlington.

I did a search and the berries on the images I found were not like the purple berry clusters. [friend might have remembered it wrong] Any thoughts? c

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annieinaustin(z8 Austin)

Even though they're native, another name for Beautyberry is French Mulberry - think your friend meant to say that?

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Yes! Thank you annieinaustin. In fact, he probably said Mulberry" because I couldn't quite remember it except my brain labeled it something really invasive with the word "berry". I'm planting this taller version behind my American Beauty Berry and hopefully with the extra sun this taller one will become thicker and stronger.
thanks again c

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annieinaustin(z8 Austin)

No matter what you call it, the Mockingbirds will be happy to see those berries!

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No birds seem to pick mine and I end up with thousands of seeds each year.

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I hope the birds like them because I now have 2

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