Camellia yuletide

cynthianovakOctober 15, 2010

Do you have this one? How much or how little sun does yours get? How luch or little do you fertilize?

I've had the compulsion and the time to haunt several nurseries looking for camellias in the past month. Talk about very different looking plants! Some are covered with buds, others have a few bigger buds and some have none at all.

At HD they have a $9.99 sale going on but these have very few or no buds. They also have a $25 version that has many buds but Calloways has one that has a gazillion buds. I sure hope to find that secret. any of you know it? Yes, I went with the gazillion bud version...

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I have my yuletide camellia planted where it receives very little sun (filtered by an oak tree) and it is doing very well. The hot Texas sun will scorch the foliage. Camellias prefer slightly acidic moist soil that drains well and require little fertilizing. They are pruned shortly after blooming as later pruning will result in no blooms the following season. Allow plenty of room as it will eventually get to 7+ feet.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I've had mine in a container for 6 years. It started off getting good morning sun till about 11- dappled sun rest of day from oak tree, and it bloomed it's little head off and blooms for a good 6 weeks around Thanksgiving for me. It did scorch a bit in August there. I moved it to an area of dappled sun most of the day and it still blooms well, but not as well as it did with some direct morning sun. It might go back to its original spot in the spring since the oak tree will give it earlier shade now. I use osmocote on it in spring, and a few shots of liquid seaweed during the summer. The spiders sure like it - I'm always having to squirt the webs off of it. It's about 4 feet now, but it is in a pot which probably stunts it a bit. My neighbor has one in the ground facing east and it is about 8 feet tall and gorgeous in bloom.

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Thank you both

Glad to hear about the good results. I'm strangely attracked to the dark green glossy foliage and the way the branches seem to spiral up and out.

This year we had to have a roof repair and they cut down a lot of shade over my azalea and camellia row. Some of the plants get a couple of hours of west afternoon sun and seem to be doing OK. In fact, one sasanqua and japonica that did not bloom when in deeper shade are covered with buds this year.

I fertilized with calloways azalea fertilizer last fall and this summer. We'va also had more rain. Trying to put the pieces together. Don't you wish each plant could make it obvious? This makes me so happy I don't need to flower....

That makes me just happy enough that I bloom like crazy and

Look fool, my leaves are scorched and you didn't water me when I needed it so now you have to wait another year or worse: I'm a gonner!

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I have just started learning about camellias and have begun acquiring several varieties. Just last week I purchased two 5-gallon Yuletides from Lowe's at half off (reg. $32). No buds, but I'm patient and will hope for some next year.

Anyway, I have read that the plant needs to be consistently moist (but not too wet) during the summer months to have the blooms develop. If it's too dry, (like it can get here) they don't develop. Maybe that helps. And I think sun helps them, too, - IF it's not too strong (like it can get in Texas).

I now have plants on the east side, south side (under some deciduous trees), west side (again, shaded by deciduous trees), and north side. haha I'm determined to figure out where they will do good! My Professor Charles Sargent has done the best so far, north side, sunny but protected from late (west) sun.

Good luck with your yuletide!

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My last issue of Southern Living had an article on Sasanqua camelias and it said they tolerate more heat and sun than the japonica variety. I was thinking about putting one on the west side of my house which has no shade. Do you think it would do okay or do they need some shade? Yuletide was mentioned as one of their favorite varieties. They also listed Cotton Candy, Kanjiro, Leslie Ann, Daydream and Sparkling Burgundy.


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Mine doesn't bloom that well. And when it does, it blooms right before a freeze and all the blooms get frozen. There are better camellias out there.

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you said no shade so I would say no way. But if you do it would you report back? Everything I've read is morning or filtered sun. I'm thinking to treat them like a Japanese Maple: they can take a couple of hours but not the whole afternoon. But don't fortget...I don't know for certain.

cweathersby...that is sad news indeed. I am tempted to return it. Haven't planted it yet. Would you share which you like better?

thank you

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