debbie_(z5 MA)August 22, 2008

A bug has been eating my tomatoes, it leaves small holes in them which quickly rot. Yesterday I found a green grasshopper, about an inch long, that seemed to be causing the problem. I don't see many of them, but most plants have damage. Has anyone had grasshoppers eating the fruit? Or is there a known green, grasshopper-like bug that attacks tomatoes? Is there anything I can do? thanks

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I just came in from checking my tomato plants, where I was just looking at one of those little boogers MUNCHING on a green tomato! And right next to it was ANOTHER one munching on a big green tomato also. It was about an inch and a half long, green, and had red on it's hind legs, the large thigh area. Don't know what kind it is ... but I have seen more grasshopper varities this year, than ever before.

I was very dismayed last night to find a couple of holes in a just ripening German Queen Heritage tomato, that I had been anticipating tasting. Never had a heritage tomato plant before, and I am very annoyed! I haven't done any pesticide spraying, and don't want to. I guess I'll just need to "hover" over the plants, and slap those grasshoppers silly!

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Grasshoppers can be very difficult to control. We got lucky this year in that they seemed to have lower numbers than normal, probably due to the extreme drought. They do have something called 'nolo' or something like that, but it takes months to work, as it affects life cycles. I think Guineas eat lots of grasshoppers, but some people don't want them around anymore than the grasshoppers. Good luck.

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