Azure allium - sun or shade

eventfarmOctober 23, 2008

I bought a bunch of shade plants (I thought) but as I was doing more research I'm reading that azure allium wants full sun (but tolerates part shade).

I was planning on planting it with some spanish bluebells and hostas in the front of my house which never gets direct sun. With 4 massive oaks in the front, some light gets through, but not much...

Has anyone had any success with growing allium in the shade?

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

I looked it up and it said that it takes Full sun, part shade to full shade. If the bulb is only a year old it might need another year to flower or it might need some fertilizer, I use bone meal it's cheap and easy and I get a lot of my bulbs to bloom using it.

........Warning...... though if you have dog's running loose do not use bone meal or you'll find all of the plants dug up. My dog's follow me around the yard when I bring out the bone meal. I use it when I plant something new it works great on roots but I have to cage up the plant from the dog's.

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I love alliums, but haven't planted this one. They really do want full sun. I;ve got lots of shade and part shade. I looked your allium up and it's fairly tall. What happens is they fall over stretching for the sun. I have the little white ones return like weeds, even they want more sun and fall over.

These look lovely in the photos. Any chance you have a spot that will get lots of sun in the spring? I try to choreograph my bulbs with the trees leafing out. Sometimes I miss some steps.


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I really wanted to use these in the front of the house since I'm working on a blue garden up there. I do have a place that gets about 3 hours of morning sun, maybe I'll plant a few bulbs there and some where I really want them and see which place the plant likes better. :)

It is a pretty color though, huh? I hope it gets that really neat blue tint that the pictures show.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

They are beautiful. Where did you find them?


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