Tomato ripening and high temperatures

mihaip123(6)August 10, 2014

Hello fellow gardeners !

I've just read that when temperatures are above 86 Fahrenheit, tomatoes stop ripening.

Here is my dilemma : most of my fruits are green, and 2 of them are pink. In the past week and next 2-3 weeks temperatures were/will be 95 degrees.

What should I do to get them to ripen ? I can't do anything about weather, maybe I can do something with the plants?

Should I put them to shade, out of direct sunlight ?

I'd hate to wait until end of August until they start ripening again (or they die of some sort of disease)

Thank you !

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I dont think that temps 86 to 95F are critically high temperatures for tomatoes. Even if they were, the thing to remember is that 95F high reported/forecast lasts just a few hours in 24 hours. I can estimate that within 24 hours period, when the high reaches 95F that no more than 6 hours the temps will be in 86F to 95F range. In the remaining 18 hours the temps will be lower than 86F. You can verify this by checking your hourly temperatures.

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Don't agree with the ripening statement b/c I notice oodles of my tomatoes ripening in my greenhouses when temperatures are very high. However, when temperatures are very high they don't set fruit as well ( variety dependent) and the stress on the plants leads to more Blossem End Rot (variety dependent). What I have predicted very well is a lag in production 50-60 days after a period of very high temperatures.

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