Another Cage Gimmick?

taxtaxAugust 4, 2011

Instead of cages, I noticed a lot of dollar stores around here are selling a contraption which has three poles, which are connected to three rings (one ring larger than the other). The slidable ring at the top is the largest.

So, I figured out that you stake the three poles, and are supposed to adjust the rings to the height of your plant.

I haven't seen many people talk about these, so wondering if they are just junk or not. I bought two as an experiment this season.

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1 vote junk.

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2 for junk. biggest clue = dollar store

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I've seen this or something similar advertised in the Gardener's Supply Catalog (for tall perennials, not tomatoes). I figured it would be a bad idea for tomatoes because the "adjustable" rings probably wouldn't stay put under the weight of the fruit.

But I haven't actually seen the thing in RL. How secure are the rings once you put them where you want them?

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Well, the problem with the rings is sometimes they seem too lose and just try to slide down. But to be honest it's not that bad because they can only slide down so far since you generally put your stakes in narrow at the bottom.

I guess it's a bit hard to explain without a diagaram. Anyway, for a 1.25 I guess I can't complain. I've seen cages for 24$ which seems to me a bit rediculous.

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Tax brings up the question. I like how he/she speaks, but anyway, support in the end really is not as big an issue so long as you have room. I have only had 4-5 growing seasons, and I learned fairly quickly that most anything can be used with a bit of time. Thick branches, sunflowers,mature okra plants,garbage cans,pillows,litter boxes. I understand this idea of support method is not ideal for a number of reasons, but with space comes the overpowering harvest through numbers.

Take care,

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