In Praise of Moravsky Div Tomato

woodcutter2008August 22, 2011

I bought seed from Victory Seed Co., and planted this fairly late -- early July transplants. It is producing now, and worth another look next year. The fruit are 2-3 oz. with a few bigger, but those are usually "doubles." Not terribly sweet, but definitely a good strong tomato flavor. Determinate, and a smaller plant than other potato leaf "early" varieties that I have grown. Definitely larger tomatoes for me than Kotlas, probably equal to Stupice. Probably still not comparable in most respects to Early Girl, but a useful OP addition.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

And if you go back to Victory Seeds and read the blurb you'll see that I was the one who sent the seeds to Mike, my seeds from Andrey in Minsk, Belarus.

When I first grew it I knew it was a winner and I obviously do like it very much, and each year I try to send the best of what I've grown to those seed places where I know the owners and share their philosophies, so that includea Mike Dunton at Victory, Glenn Drowns at Sandhill, Adam Gleckler at Gleckler Seeds, Jeff Casey of Heirloom Tomatoes of Airdrie ( sp?) and Tania, who like Jeff is also in Canada. Over the years I've sent a lot of seeds to Linda Sapp at Tomato Growers Supply, I've known her since 1991, but right now she's way behind in trialing varieties.

I'm so glad you like it, I really am. And you'll find quite a few others that I've sent Mike for trial that I also feel strongly about and was glad when he listed them.

I've grown Stupice and Matina and Kimberly and Bloody Butcher and Sophie's Choice, all earlies, and like MDiv the best for both taste and production. I have to laugh a bit when I read Glenn Drowns comment in his catalog where he said he set out 4 inch transplants and had ripe fruits 43 days after that.


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I did notice that, Carolyn.

As with so many tomato things, "thank-you!"


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Tried to make a post in tom ville about this variety,but kept getting transferred to damn advertisments,think that site needs to be cleaned up by the owners.Anyway,I`m going to grow the Moravsky Div next year based on carolyns advise.After reading all that can be told about this variety ive determined that when stupice was introduced to this country years ago it was really a hybrid at that time,NOT A OP.........And with all the hype,everyone growing it,has come up with slightly different varietys because it was a hybrid and had to be grown out.Just my opinion.Ive been growing tomatoes for a very long time,and there is just too many variables in this variety across the country.....

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Pappabell,please read the history given in the link at the bottom. Stupice was never a hybrid, ever, and in Tania's page for it, below, quite a bit of information came from a person in the Czech Republic who has been a treasure to many with his knowledge of tomatoes bred in the former Czechoslovakia.

There is also some information that Moravsky Div may be related to one of the 4 stable Stupice versions,

I have no idea what you are referring to with respect to ads at the other site since there are none. I think you e-mailed me once about membership, but I don't have time to track that down.

So please e-mail me at and bring me up to date as to what's going on.

Thank you,


Here is a link that might be useful: four OP versions of Stupice

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I've grown Moravsky Div first time this year and found it to be semi det at least, with one big flush and then continuous production well into fall, prefect container specimen too. I stopped growing Early Girl long time ago as it does not cut in taste for me.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Good reviews.

So if Moravsky Div is similar to Stupice (fruit wise ) but it is semi-det , I might grow it in place of Stupice, as I am dropping it. I am switching to dets and semi-dets, cause they require less space and are better manageable.

One more thing: I grew both Stupice and Bloody Butcher. To me their fruits are almost identical in size and shape (lobed instead of round).

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

One more thing: I grew both Stupice and Bloody Butcher. To me their fruits are almost identical in size and shape (lobed instead of round).


If both were lobed and not round you either had the wrong seeds or there was some kind of weather effect although I can't tell you what since I've grown both many times and always round,

At the bottom of this post is a link for Stupice showing the round fruits and here's one for Bloody Butcher and if you click on where it says more pictures you can see more round fruits.

All four Stupices bred in the now Czech Republic and Bloody Butcher bred by Sahin Seeds in the Netherlands, and I'm not sure why Tania made mention of Tom Wagner, well I do, but he had nothing to do with BB,


Here is a link that might be useful: Stupices ( plural)

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