my tomato plant is not giving complete flowers?

natilovesmikeAugust 5, 2011


I have been growing a tomato plant in my balcony this season...its the first time I do this and the plant has been growing nice.

But the first flower was incomplete, meaning that there is only the star shaped green base of the flower but there is no flower. It did not fall off, it was never there. I know this because there is another one coming out and it is looking the same way.

Can anyone help me? The only thing I could think of is that since I am in Texas the heat is intense during the day. (above 100 degrees)...could that be it? should I move the plant inside?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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What type of plant/name are you dealin with? If you planted late and this is a young plant less than a couple feet in height,then this is natural.(saw this on heirlooms)

I would not move it inside, since I do not believe in treating my plants like babies. I believe in tough love, doing my best to observe the important things, like water and air.

This is only my point of view. If you can share how young or old your plant is, what type of plant, as well as average direct sunlight your plant receieves, it would be much easier to talk about this specific question. I myself am glad you brought this up since I live in Texas as well and had this very same situation on a few of my Carbon and Paul Robeson tomatoes back in early March.

Take care,

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I'm not sure about your specific flower issue, but the following is from a Purdue University Master Gardner publication about tomatoes.

"Blossom Drop is caused by temperature extremes. Fruit
set occurs only when night temperatures are between 55
and 75�F. When fruits are not set, blossoms fall off."

With that huge high pressure area stuck over Texas for the past month and temperatures over 100 degrees day after day, I would think you should be having serious tomato problems. Plus the drought you are having, not any fun.

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I apologize, I asked about the size of the age of your plant and skipped over a crucial part of your post "first flower". I dealt with this and I do not believe you have anything to worry about. Keep it watered and look at it,hope for it, and give it phoof.

This is not blossom drop in the classic sense. Just a first undermatured wannabe flower,over-sized and green? It'll come.

Take care,

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

I answered your question about the weird non-blossoms at another site where you posted the same question and gave you a link from that same site that you should find helpful, with pictures, from others who have experienced the same as you have.


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