UPDATE: Secret Santa 2011 games, thanks and more (#4)

flwrs4everDecember 10, 2011

Please post here when you recieve ..and feel free to share recipes, jokes, your Christmas Tradions.

Thanks to EACH of you for join..and sharing a little JOY this season :)

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Thanks Rudolph 25 for the pretty santa card and the marigold seeds!
Thanks Michelle for the card and the okra seeds!
Getting closer to feeling like Christmas! dd

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Dan--the---mailman thanks for the snowman card and hibiscus seeds but I don't agree with what it says on the front "Let It Snow" ha-hope you don't have to through thru too much of it. Thanks for the card and seed!

Annie (canyonwind) I like your nativity scene card and am looking forward to eating Japanese cucumbers this summer, always wanted to try them. Thanks!

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Santa Kym....my guess total cards to be sent 1685

More Christmas spirit has arrived in my mailbox from some very nice elves.....

*Dem_PA (Don) sent a lovely card and enclosed were Tomato "Bradley" and Rudebeckia "Indian Summer"...Thanks so much!

*Flowergirl34 (Vina) sent me a cool card with seeds, Red Amaryllus, Rudebeckia "Indian Summer" and Nigella "Transformer"...Thanks!

Don and Vina, much appreciation for your generosity! Merry Christmas to you both.

I just love reading about the cards and the seeds and the happiness.....giving amd sharing is truly the best!


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A super BIG thank you to Alana (Poisondartfrog)!!! size> color>
I had no idea you were a fellow Kentuckian, so that made it even more special! I love tomatoes that are unique, and Alana didn't disappoint:
Thai Purple Egg & Purple Dog Creek
She also had a heavy hand with the seeds, giving me PLENTY!
Thanks again Alana, and Merry Christmas!

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Time to catch up again. Yesterday I received two cards, one from Dan the Mailman with Supper sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and zucchini seeds. Last year is the first time in 25+ years that we didn't have zucchini.

I received foxgloves from Imogene (wvcardinal). Foxgloves are what receive the most compliments in my garden. Thank you.

In the mail today was a card from Gardendad_2K10 that was stuffed full. I got Pencil Pod bush beans, blacked eyed susans, more zucchini (yea!), Jet star tomato, Better Boy tomato, Thai Basil, Pink Petunia, purple bee balm, and Black Beauty egg plant. Thank you very much.

My husband said for Christmas he's just going to wrap Christmas cards with seeds in them since I enjoy them so much.


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Today I received a beautiful angel card from graanieb.
She sent,
lemon basil
greek basil
white cosmos

I love the taste and smell of basil.
It will be great in my salads next year.
Thank you for sharing and have a great Christmas.

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

I hear Dominoes is making a special Christmas pizza, it's called the 'Good King Wenceslas' because it's Deep Pan, Crisp and Even!


Q: What do you call a bunch of grandmasters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?
A: Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

Q: Did you hear that one of Santa's reindeer now works for Proctor and Gambel?
A: Its true . . . Comet cleans sinks!

Q: Why does Scrooge love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
A: Because every buck is dear to him.

Q: Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
A: You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

Q: What's a good holiday tip?
A: Never catch snowflakes with your tongue until all the birds have gone south for the winter.

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Today I received a wonderful Teddy Bear card from Paula aka Paulan70 with three packets of seeds -- purple wave petunia and two types of cosmos.

Thank you, Paula!

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Good ones Cryptid.

I received a card from Michelle Hill today she sent butternut squash seeds and I am going to live off butternut squash next year and I can't wait. Yummy Thanks Michelle.

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

2 more cute cards in the mail today! One from flowergirl34,Vina sent dwarf Mexican hat. The other Paulan70, Paula sent me purple wave petunia, cosmos mix, and toad flax. Thank you both so much, I love all of these!


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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

big thanks to poisondartfrog, who truly knows her cool viney things-- she sent pink fuzzy bean and spurred butterfly pea :) thank you so much!!

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Hibiscusfan, actually I'm hoping the snow follows that card...lol! I don't like driving my mail truck when it's coming down and being measured in inches by the hour, but it happens...alas! Not yet though this year, which is very strange. Strange indeed! Maybe the snow DID follow the card...lol!

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It's time to thank more of Santa's Elves. I received wonderful cards and seeds this week from...
Rob Pash
Michelle Hill
Alyssa Elliott
Christian Flickinger
Darrin Wright

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Darrin, the cat card was way kewl! The key lights will definitely come in handy, the tea is delicious, and let Elly know the crocheted butterfly is going to find its way onto a butterfly-themed quilt I'm making in the next couple of months. That dark blue is my favorite color, how did she know?

Have a Merry Holiday Season!

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Anna (pinusresinosa) sent me a very pretty Poinsettia card.
Thank you very much, Anna!

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**Friendly Reminder ** PLEASE do not post FULL Names on the forums ! If they didnt include their screen name..thank them by first name OR check the address list for the screen name. THANKS !!****

I would like to thank:
browneyed susan

thanks for bringing some JOY into our Home ! We will be hanging our cards today, and baking !!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :)

How are you doing on BINGO ?

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Thank you dempa for Lincoln Pod Pea (can't wait), papaver oriental, yellow scabiosa (to compliment the lavender), Lauren's grape poppy and native asters.
Thank you Michelle for Tennessee coneflower and castor beans. My grandfather always planted castor beans and since his passing it makes me feel good to plant them and remember him. I bought seeds last year and planted them, but the seeds didn't mature before the frost. I can continue the tradition. Thank you.

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

I'm so glad to see my cards are making it to there destinations. :) My kids picked the cards so we have a few different kinds going out. :)

AND...I have reason to say YEAH!!! too...
In my mailbox yesterday I received some terrific cards!!

I need to send out a BIG THANK YOU TO:

NANCY (RETSEC), for beautiful Peace On Earth card and the Noid Marigolds and Texas Star Hibiscus. :) THANK YOU!! so much.

DAN (DAN_THE_MAILMAN), for the English Thyme and Common Thyme. I love thyme!! THANK YOU!! The Christmas card card was just adorable!

DARLYN (RUDOLPH25), for the super cute snowman card. "Wishing you a White Christmas!" SO CUTE!!! and the French Dwarf Marigold. I just love marigolds!! Plant them in between my tomatoes and all over the yard! THANKS! :)

FAYE (NOTTOUGHLY), WWOOOOOOHHHOOOOOO!! Yarrow: Moonshine!!! Wanted this for so long!! and, and, AND...Columbine: Tequila Sunrise, Marigold: Queen Sophia, Rose of Sharon: Freedom!!! T H A N K Y O U!!!!!! Love the angel card too :)

LISA (ISHAREFLOWERS) What a beautiful wrap of bubble wrap around my seeds...snowflake bubble wrap! Love it!! And a tiny card within a card, such a cute idea. Inside the tiny card were Geum: Rivale (I love geum!) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :0)

I can't thank you all enough for your generosity! I am smiling ear to ear :)

Off to the rate and review board.

Merry Christmas!

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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

My Guess for number of cards sent is ... 1983!


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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

I got another card yesterday! Thank you BROWNEYEDSUSAN for the White Lily Seeds & the bletilla striata! I am super excited to learn how to plant the orchids! THANK YOU!!!


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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Hi all! A little while ago I was flippin' through our Oct.-Nov. issue of Mother Earth News when I hit on an interesting article I'd forgotten about, titled Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Hibiscus Tea - Grow your own blood pressure medicine by adding a few hibiscus plants to your garden. Below is a link to the online article. - Thought this would be a good one to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lower Blood Pressure Naturally With Hibiscus Tea

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I got two more cards yesterday!

I want to thank

Browneyedsusan, for cute card with amerylil (super excited) and Salvia coral nymph seeds. Thank you so much.

Dem_pa, for cute snowman card with sweet peas (love it), two types of columbine and penstemon seeds. Thank you so much.

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Waitaminnit,...Michelle (Medo), how could I have possibly missed your name, etc., on the participant list?? Geez,...

Anyway, a very merry Christmas to you!! :)

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Just getting to the computer. I have received so many things, I am just overwhelmed. Thank you all!
dan the mail sent catnip
flowergirl34 sent ornamental rice and millet
jaynine sent butterfly bush, toad lily, and coral bells
canyonwind sent fancy poppies and 2 tomatos
dempa sent watermelon (yum), catnipp and poppy
knufflebunnyfarmer sent shallots, tomatos, spinach
last but not least, dirtdaddy sent a huge envelope of amazing seeds and onion sets.

Thank you all so much. I can't wait to start planting some of these soon!!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Hey Kym, how/where do I obtain a bingo card?

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Tomato Health Facts


Eating tomatoes, ketchup, tomato sauce and tomato paste-topped pizza more than two times a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 21 to 43 percent according to Dr. Edward Giovannucci of the Harvard University School of Public Health. *1

"The only nutrient that turned out to have significant preventative value (against prostate cancer) was lycopene," writes Dr. Giovannucci who also found that lycopene was most efficiently absorbed into the body when accompanied by dietary fats (limpids). *1

"Cooking tomatoes in oil encourages intestinal absorption and results in a two-to-threefold rise in plasma lycopene concentrations," said Dr. Giovannucci. "Tomato sauce is one of the best lycopene sources." *1

Men who eat two or more servings of tomato products average a 35 percent reduction in prostate cancer risk. *1

Tomato products are beneficial in aggressive cancers that have also spread to other parts of the body. *1

The best food sources of lycopene according to the Tomato Research Council in New York City: ( Amount of lycopene in one ounce) Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, Ketchup (5 mg); Tomato Soup, Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Vegetable Juice (3 mg); Minestrone Soup, Vegetable Soup, Pink Grapefruit (1 mg) *2

Lycopene helps women guard against cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia, (CIN), tumorous tissue growth in the cervix according to research from the University of Illinois at Chicago. *3

Lycopene is a powerful inhibitor of the growth of breast, endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) and lung cancer cells. *4

Tomatoes are good for the eyes. Lycopene, the most abundant carotenoid in the blood serum, was found to be the key antioxidant that guards against ARMD ( Age-Related Macular Degeneration), a condition that may cause blindness. *5

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium Lycopene is an inhibitor to heart disease. *6

Organic ketchup protects against cancer - Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition
January 09 2005 - Anna Gosline

Organic varieties of tomato ketchup contain three times as much of a cancer-fighting chemical called lycopene as non-organic brands. *7

In the US, tomato ketchup comes in purple and green varieties as well as the traditional red. Betty Ishida and Mary Chapman at the Agricultural Research Service in Albany, California, US, wondered if the coloringmight be indicative of low levels of lycopene, the pigment that makes tomatoes red. *7

The chemical has been shown to help protect against breast, pancreatic, prostate and intestinal cancer, especially when eaten with fatty foods. There is also evidence that lycopene can reduce the risk of heart attacks ( New Scientist print edition, 23 December 2000). *7

The researchers tested lycopene levels and antioxidant activity in 13 ketchup brands: six popular ones, three organic, two store brands and two from fast-food chains. Purple and green ketchups had a similar lycopene content to their plain red counterparts. *7

But organic ketchups excelled, with one brand containing 183 micrograms of lycopene per gram of ketchup, about five times as much per weight as a tomato. Non-organic brands averaged 100 micrograms per gram, with one fast-food sample containing just 60 micrograms per gram. *7

If you want high lycopene levels, says Ishida, the rule of thumb is to pick the darkest red ketchup. *7

Tomato Paste Found to Function as Internal Sunscreen, Blocking UV Rays and
Protecting Skin Health - NaturalNews.com
September 24 2008 - David Gutierrez

Foods rich in cooked tomatoes may boost your body's ability to ward off skin damage from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays and stave off the effects of aging, according to a study conducted by researchers from the universities of Manchester and Newcastle, England, and presented to the British Society for Investigative Dermatology.

Researchers fed 10 volunteers a daily supplement of 10 grams of olive oil and 55 grams of standard tomato paste, while another 10 were given only the olive oil. After three months, the researchers analyzed skin samples from all 20 participants.

They found that volunteers who had eaten the tomatoes exhibited 33 percent more protection against sunburn than those who had taken olive oil alone. They also had higher levels of procollagen, a protein that plays a crucial role in preserving skin structure.

"The tomato diet boosted the level of procollagen in the skin significantly. These increasing levels suggest potential reversal of the skin aging process," researcher Lesley Rhodes said.

"These weren't huge amounts of tomato we were feeding the group. It was the sort of quantity you would easily manage if you were eating a lot of tomato-based meals."

The scientists believe that lycopene neutralizes free radicals that are formed when UV radiation strikes the skin. These free radicals have been linked to cancer and the effects of aging.

The researchers warned that the sun protection acquired from the tomatoes was equivalent only to that provided by a low-grade sunscreen and should be used as a "helpful addition," rather than a replacement.


*1 Giovannucci, Edward et al., "Intake of Carotenoids and Retinol in Relation to Risk of prostate Cancer," Journal of the National Cancer Miracle Nutrient That Can Prevent Aging, Heart Diseaseand Cancer," Advanced Research Press, Inc. 1999. Hauppauge, N.Y.

*2 Tomato Research Council, Article, "Lycopene in the American Diet," Undated

*3 Hanley, Daniel Q., "Tomatoes, Oranges, Pasta and Soybeans Studied as Cancer fighters," AP, April 14, 1997

*4 Kumpulainen, Jorma T. et al, "Natural Antioxidants and Food Quality in Atherosclerosis and Cancer Prevention," Royal Society of Chemistry Information Services and Scheer, James F., "Tomato Power! Lycopene: The Miracle Nutrient That Can Prevent Aging, Heart Disease and Cancer," Advanced Research Press, Inc. 1999. Hauppauge, N.Y.

*5 Meres-Perlman, Julie A., Ph.D., "Serum Antioxidants and Age-Related Macular Degeneration in a Population-Based Case-Control Study," Archives Ophthalmology, December, 1995, Vol. 113:1518-1523.

*6 Aviram, Michael, Ph.D., "Lycopene and Antherosclerosis," A publication of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Scheer, James F., "Tomato Power! Lycopene: The Miracle Nutrient That Can Prevent Aging, Heart Disease and Cancer," Advanced Research Press, Inc. 1999. Hauppauge, N.Y.

*7 Journal reference: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (DOI: 10.1021/jf0401540)


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celeegra(6 NYC)

I got cards coming in almost every day this week! Each one really lifted my spirits. Thank you thank you thank you!

Amoeba-meba sent lots of morning glory star of yelta in the cutest little santa card!

Alwaysagarden sent cosmos (picotee?) & a super cute special secret santa card

Jaynine sent cosmis cosimo dancing dolls, purple peony poppy, & roman chamomile in a very elegant card

Dem-pa sent columbine granny's bonnets, columbine black/blue/pink mix, laurens grape poppy & lambs ears in a sweet snowman card
and finally...

Daveedgeguitar sent red columbine, poppy orientale, & red morning glory in a card saying
"garden more work less."
Lol words to live by.

thank you all! Grace

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Hi all. Sorry about the delay in expressing my thanks for all the wonderful seeds and cards I've received. Last Saturday my father was hospitalized with a unexpected and serious medical condition and I've been like a crazy person since then. It did bring me a bit of Christmas cheer to see all those cards in the mail.

From Debbie I received a simba marigold and smokey fennel that gave the card a nice scent. Thanks Debbie.

From Donald dem-pa) I received yellow scabiosa, grape poppy, perennial poppy, and crookneck squash. Thanks Don, I look forward to planting the seeds and continuing my Florida poppy growing experiments.

From Daveedgeguitar I received Arava melon, gold dust alyssium, and marigold sweet giants mix. Thanks david I will have fun trying all of these that are new to my garden. I am still waiting on my pony.

From PerkyBarb, I received confederate rose seeds. Thanks Barb now I won't have to steal the seeds from the plant at the public gardens. You're keeping me honest :)

From Kathy, I received sugar baby watermelon, yellow crookneck squash, white coneflower, orange marigold, deer tongue lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, and hyacinth bean. Thanks Kathy, I will enjoy trying these out. You also win the title of best seed packer and most organized.

From Amy amoeba-meba I received magnus coneflower. Thanks Amy, I have a spot for this in mind. You also are a most impressive seed packer.

From jaynine I received blue cockade scabiosa,bronze fennel, and miss butterfly butterfly bush. Thanks jaynine, I'm already thinking of possible uses for these. I like your made in America card too.

From alwaysagarden, red and pinkish red poppies. Thank you. I am going to have quite a poppy garden this year. I love pinkish-red.

From Raymond I received CA poppy, cosmo sensation, marigolds, and mustard spinach. Thanks Raymond. I am excited to try these too in my garden.

From knufflebunnyfarmer I recceived Bolero marigold and a ton of Bloomsdale spinach. Thanks I hope everything does as well for me as it seems to have done in your garden.

Everyone's cards were beautiful, inspiring, and/or cute. I appreciated reading them. I feel like a really popular person. It's a shame people don't send as many cards out anymore. Merry Christmas to all.

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Cryptid, that is a different Michelle..NOT Medo ;) her screen name is mchill360 I beleive. Sorry, but it is too late to join in the BINGO.

Keep checkin those Mailboxes ..the fun isnt over !!

Trivia fun:

What state was the last to declare Christmas a Holiday ?

In the poem "The Night Before Christmas", how many times is Santa Claus used ?

Ralph E Morris, a telephone company employee, invented what for Christmas trees ?

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Answers to trivia questions:
1. Oklahoma
2. none
3. electric Christmas lights

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Melinda Hagen

Another big Thank You to flowergirl! Thanks Vina for the pyrethrum daisy, indian summer rudbeckia, and green wizard rudbeckia!! Will be used for sure!
Have a great day all! Melinda

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Many thanks to micyrey for goatsbeard seeds--and the cute homemade card!--and to gardendad_2K10 for Shirley poppies, Scarlet O'Hara morning glories, eyeball plant, Mexican hat, and Summer Carnival hollyhocks. Very cute seed packets too! I especially liked the bunny and chipmunk. A very Merry Christmas to both of you!

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Today I got a nice card from Nancy (retsec). She included Aristolochia fimbriata! I can't wait!

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My card guess is 2412

I wanted to send out some thank you's. Last week I received a bunch of cards but we had a shooting involving my upstairs neighbor in front of the house. And this past week has been insane with it all and the detectives.. the guy who got shot 3 times did not make it. (my husband video taped it with his computer)soo... anyway...

I received cards from:

Rane-grow = san marzano and brandywine tomato

SalsaCanner= bachelor buttons, hot peppers, dill, parsley, jalapeno, cucumber "cross country", lg red cherry tomato, beefsteak tomato

Rudolph25= California Wonder Bell Peppe, Straight 8 Cuke

Barefootgardener = hot chocolate habanero, purple beauty pepper, san marzano and brandywine tomato

jaynine = san marzano tomato, golden oregano, calypso cilantro

knufflebunnyfarmer = brandywine tomato, bunching onion, shallots, birdhouse gourd, bloomsdale spinach

canyonwind = rhubarb, early wonder beets, cantelope, acorn squash, spacemaker cuke, ornamental gourd mix

kieki = Yolo wonder pepper, sweet banana pepper

Debby 1 = california wonder pepper, chamomile

Thank you all for so much. I LOVE all that I received. I thank you for being so generous! I sent my cards out today, and I hope all that receive from me enjoy!


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Today I received seeds in very nice cards from:
graanieb/Bea-Mexican Sunflower red and Rudbeckia 'Cappuccino'
rane_grow/Iris-dwarf French marigolds and 'Carbon' Tomato
Thank you both, ladies. You made my day!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

I got a cute card of Santa feeding Rudolf a carrot, with some mixed cleome from paulan70. Cleome always makes me think of late summer afternoons by the garden. Thanks for the seeds and the memories!

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Mail carriers are busy these days, hope you get enough rest Dan. Glad to see my cards recieved.
I got 2 cards today-Vina Flowergirl34 with seeds of Hollyhock, Chinese Houses and Large Orange Zinnia-never can have too many zinnias, smile...and from Lisa/Ishareflowers for Echinacea and Hibiscus Red Texas Star, thank you both bunches.
Merry Christmas to all.

Made more orange marmalade, different this time and no lemon peel so it was sweeter, both are good, must say, will post more recipes and other soon...these jars made good gifts.

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Hello All,

I got my 4th, 5th and 6th card today....yay

Rane_grow, thank you for the 3 packets of zinnia seeds. I can't wait for spring to start these!

Flowergirl,Thank you for the cleome and 2 types of zinnia seeds. I look forward to all of them.

Gardendad, WOW did he spoil me! He sent me pink morning glory,mexican hats, dbl.shirley poppies,balloon flower fairy snow,purple bee balm,eyeball plant,purple zinnia and black eyed susans all packaged up in handmade envies! I hope hubby isn't upset when I'm thinking about another man planting all these wonderful seeds....lol


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From gardendad_2k10, I received a really pretty Christmas tree card with these seeds,
Cayenne pepper
mini Red Bell
Thomas Laxton peas (I'll have to google these)
Scarlet O'Hara morning glory
Petunia Pink heirloom

They were very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.
Merry Christmas to you and thank you for sharing.

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Santa's elves have been busy this year!
Received 3 cards today.
dempa, thanks for the great card with poppies,penstemon,yellow scabiosa,liatris,dianthus and sweet william! You made my day for sure!
Debby1, you really are a #1! Love the Rubeckia and sweet william! Also love the beautiful card!
MicyRey (Michelle) Thanks very much for the Daylily seeds, I can't wait to plant them! Really love the home made card! You really are talented! Great detail!

Thanks again to all! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Margie Crawford(6A)

Received a card from Suzanne (Hibiscusfan) today. Thank you for the beautiful card and Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy & Cappucino seeds and mixed scabiosa. Getting the mail is so much fun!

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Three more cards waiting for me today.

Thanks to Rane_grow for an assortment of tomatoes and pepper.
and to ptp813 for poppy and salvia
and lastly to Cryptid for his package containing an assortment of peppers and some pink columbine, a pretty red and black crocheted butterfly that his wife made, (just love these), two flavored teabags, (going to enjoy one right now) and a little squeeze light. I received a couple from him in a swap before this and it hangs on my keychain and comes in great handy when I come home after dark.

Thanks to all of you for the great end to my day.


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I'm glad some of my cards are starting to show up. I mailed them last Monday and Tuesday and thought they had gotten lost. Some I had cuttings in so they are probably dead by now. Mailing priority hasn't been any better this last year so I just sent them regular mail.

A good thing though is that I got 4 cards in the mail today.

Rudolph25 sent jalapeno peppers and mixed zinna in a pretty sleigh card that was proudly made in the USA. I use lots of jalapenos in making jalapeno/blueberry jelly. I love zinnas as they are so easy to grow.

poisondartfrog sent a glittery Snow is Joyful snowman card with a Happy Solstice message. Included was ornamental gourds. Want to try to grow all kinds of ornamentals next spring.

Gardendad2K10 sent a Made in USA Seasons Greeting card with 2 pretty ornaments on it. Included were 7 packs of seed in very pretty homemade seed packs, mini red bell peppers, Porter Improved tomato, Gold Currant cherry tomato, Oregon Spring tomato, Rutgers tomato, Thessaloniki tomato, and Red Currant tomato. I can try several new varieties this spring.

rqeversole sent a very pretty Thomas Kinkade card with a glittery snow scene on it. Included were heirloom seed of mini yellow bell pepper, Gold Medel tomatoes, and Black from Tula tomatoes, in seed packets decorated in jeweled snowflakes. My husband has been wanting to do heirloom seed in the garden so we can start saving seed instead of buying every year.

Thanks to all of you and hope your holidays are the best ever!!

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David (dirtdaddy) Thank you so much for the fabulous Christmas package!! My eyes bugged right out of my head at all the awesome seeds and PLANTS you shared with me!! The mint arrived in good condition, and I got it right into some light seed starting mix. I'm SO excited--apple mint is not a variety I've ever grown before! And all the other seeds you shared, and the lovely ornament, what a BOUNTY! Thank you so much!! :D

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 7:56PM
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Flowergirl, many thanks for the columbine you sent to me! Green apples is such a gorgeous flower, I hope I get some babies that look just like momma plant :) Merry Christmas!!

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Jaynine, thank you for the wonderful seeds you sent to me! I'm SO excited about all of them--heliotrope especially, what a wonderful plant, I can't wait to include it in my garden! Thank you so much!!

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 8:04PM
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Lisa (ishareflowers), I'm SO excited with all the heuchera varieties you shared with me! I can't wait to see how they all grow out, I'm going to fill my entire yard with gorgeous heuchera. It's probably my favorite foliage plant ever, so I'm just THRILLED to have so many wonderful varieties to try out. THANK YOU!

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 8:06PM
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Thanks to neohippie for the lettuce, tomatos, poppies, and lavender.

Thanks to graanieb for the fuscia, clematis, and mexican sunflower.

You guys are great!! A

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Connie (clc70) Thank you so much for the seeds you sent!! I'm so excited to grow some new things this spring! :D

    Bookmark   December 12, 2011 at 8:14PM
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More cards today !

flowergirl34 thank you for the DWARF shasta daisies and everlasting sweet peas :) Also I am liking the seasonal "hang in there" cat and could use the inspirational message right now LOL.

neohippe, I love your blog and will be visiting it again soon. Love the greens, especially the chance to try new variety of collards. The sweet little card packets are fantastic.

Rudolph25, thank you so much for the mixed zinnias, and the beautiful and thoughtful message in your card. I can't wait to see what grows next summer.

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Booya,...another grrrreat SSSS mailboxing day! Y'all are the best elves ever!!

"Grazie, Celeegra, per la carta affascinante che caratterizza una pittura a olio dall'artista celebrato Trento Longaretti!" - Translation from the Italian: "Thank you, Celeegra, for the fascinating card featuring an oil painting by celebrated artist Trento Longaretti!" - Painting title: Viandante e bambino che porta una luna 1996 - Rough translation: "Traveller and child who carries a moon"

Yeah, I had to do a little research on that one,...lol! "Intesa San Paolo"...do you work for them? Really nice card, in any case (and that goes for the included sentiment as well)! Thank you! - And thank you for the wonderful seeds, of course: White Wonder tomato, Absinthe tomato & Hyssop!! Absolutely lovin' it!! :) - A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, along with a sparkling new year and an immensely satisfying 2012 gardening season!

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habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)

I received cards and seeds from four lovely people today.

Thanks to rudolph25 for brightening my day with hollyhocks and sunflowers.

Thanks to micyrey for soybeans and a spectacular handmade card!

Thanks to flowergirl134 for nice selections of lettuce, peppers, and squash.

Thanks to dirtdaddy for lettuce, cukes, 2 kinds of kale, 3 hot peppers, and 2 types of amaranth. Wow!

I'm going to need more gardening space this year!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

BTW, Grace, I left you a highly positive review over on the "Rate & Review Exchanges" forum! :) - Thanks again!

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Gardendad, thanks sooo much for all the peppers! I'm gonna dream of chocolate habs, and the neighbors asking for some.
Also have never tried the Peruvian purple or the Avi sivri, awesome.
Also thanks for basil, Mexican Hat, white coneflowers and the marigolds. I tried the white coneflowers last year, but the weather killed them. Will try again!
I'll also try all the tomatoes, Oregon Spring, and Porter and Rutgers and all the cherrys. Merry X-Mas, dd.

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I recieved 2 more cards today so I would like to thank

darlyn (rudolph25) she sent a pretty card of santa warming up by the fireplace. I love santas, she also included some Impatiens Hybrid mix and some mixed zinnia but unluckily for me the seeds were smashed and just not usable. The poor little impatiens were turned into dust.

Michelle (micyrey) i love the card you made and the glitter for the snowflakes are just perfect. She sent me some rose of sharon blue bird.

Thank you both very much I love the seeds.


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Woo hoo!! 2 more cards today!! :)


AMANDA (NEOHIPPIE) For the VERY cute bat Christmas Card! I just love bats and actually have a bat house on my Christmas list this year :) And for the wonderful seeds Rio Grande Tomato, Common Thyme and Purple Rose of Sharon. THANK YOU!!

IRIS (RANE-GROW) For the absolutely beautiful glittery Chritsmas scene card! So pretty!! And what was inside the gorgeous card???? Carbon Tomato, Rudbeckia Cappucchino and Dwarf Marigold Mix. LOVE THEM ALL! :)

Merry Christmas to you both! :0) and THANK YOU!!!!

Off to the R&R board :)

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Melinda Hagen

A Big Thank YOU to Wanda! She sent a beautiful card and some red star hibiscus seeds! Thanks so much!
BTW, all my cards have been mailed!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I am FINALLY ready to ship my seeds off. YEP - they are all stamped and ready to go. They were so beautiful - all packed up - I had to take a few photos (I covered up the names so everything would be a surprise to whoever receives them!) I am SO excited to get these in the mailbox tomorrow! I love sharing seeds!

You should have seen the living room when I was organizing everything. We couldn't walk in there for a week!

This swap overjoys me - I sent to everyone that had seeds on their wish list that I had. I hope you guys enjoy everything :)

Also in the photo set are all of the seeds/cards that I've received so far - NancyPlants was asking in Thread 3 if anyone had pictures of what they received yet. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Secret Santa Cards Received and Sent!

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A great big thank you to retsec for Red Texas Star Hibiscus, Toad Lily and Dutchman's Pipe Vine. I haven't tried that variety yet of the hibiscus, and it will be a first for me for the Toad Lily and Dutchman's Pipe. Thank you very much!

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herbal(z7 MD)

Thank you miceyrey for the yarrow and beautiful handmade card!

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This is my first year and I am having so much fun with this exchange!! I cannot believe how many people I have to thank!

Thank you to:
-PoisonDartFrog for the Echinaccea! I am so excited to try this for the first time!
-MicyRey for the Wild Parsnips and bronze fennel. These are also both 2 plants I've never tried. Also, I love the homemade card! Its adorable!
-AmberRoses for the Sensitive mimosa plant and red robin tomato. Those will be greatly enjoyed this summer!
-Flowergirl34 for the grey-headed cone flowers. The pictures online of this variety are so pretty!
-Rudolph25 for the Scarlet Nantes carrots and Wando Peas. I've never heard of these varieties and cant wait to try them! PS you have the most beautiful writing!
-Jaynine for the Rosemary, Parsley, and English Lavender. I cant wait to try you lavender seeds. My last batch of seeds from Armstrong didn't sprout. :(
-DaveEdgeGuitar for the Dwarf Extra Curled Parsley and Italian parsley. My fiancee is Italian, so we make lots of pasta over here!
-Last but not least my fellow gardening friend Annie (canyonwind). She has been my gardening mentor this past year and sent me some red robin basil and dwarf coffee plant seeds. Yay!


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Thank you, ptp813/Pam, for the very thoughtful gift of 'Merleau Blue' Salvia and 'Raspberry Daiquiri' Agastache seeds. The hummingbirds will be so happpy! (I love the card you sent, too. Thanks!)

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I want to send out a big thanks to the following 3 lovely ladies:

Annie...I dont know how you did it, but you managed to send 4 packs of seed which I actually dont have, and will thoroughly enjoy! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for these!!:
~Orange Minsk Tomato (looks to be quite rare from what I can find!)
~Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
~Lemon Apple Cucumber
~Sleeping Beauty Melon
Loved that your card was so different than most Christmas cards! Even had a palm tree!

Darlyn...I LOVE collecting peppers, and I did not yet have Cascabella! I especially love Hungarian peppers, and it seems this is from that lineage. So thanks a bunch! I tried the Snows Fancy last year, and really liked them. However, I didn't save any seed from them, so thanks for those! Beautiful card as well!

Karen...Loved the homemade card! I am just now starting to get into flowers, so thank you for the Mixed Zinnias. I cant wait to see what comes from the seed, as I have never grown them. As odd as it sounds, I actually haven't tried Straight 8 cucumbers before. As many heirlooms as I have, this is one I actually hadn't gotten around to growing yet. So a big thanks for that, as well as for the TON of seed in that packet!! Almost as much as if I would have purchased it commercially!

Since a couple of people have been wanting to see pictures of cards received, here are mine thus far:

Off to the R&R forum!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I got the most amazing card today from rqeversole. A GORGEOUS glittered snow scene. The presentation of the seeds was amazing. I think you packaged them the most beautiful I've ever seen! Included with the card were:
Black from Tula Tomatoes
Golden something Tomatoes (I think the second word starts with an S)
Gold Metal Tomatoes
Something Bell Pepper (I think the first word starts with an O)

All heirloom! Robert - could you tell me what varieties those might be? I looked up the Gold Metal tomato - OMG. It's HUGE! It doesn't look like I have any of these varieties, so I am uber exited to get these planted! Black from Tula looks extremely delicious. I LOVE black tomatoes. They are so flavorful! Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing card and new varieties of seeds. You're awesome!

    Bookmark   December 13, 2011 at 4:44PM
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redthreaddiy, thank you SO much for sharing pictures of your cards! I've only received 2 so far and was getting a bit pouty. I've been sick so long and its beginning to effect my mood..haha Believe it or not, seeing your pictures is almost as good as getting them myself :)

I enjoy seeing how others package their seeds, their handwriting, and the sweet notes inside :)

I ~love~ your perfectly organized envies all ready to be mailed out. I can imagine all the love you put into filling them :)

rqeversole, your mantle looks very festive and welcoming. Thanks for taking the time to share your lovely Christmas decorations :)

I truely appreciate everyone taking the time to share the types of seeds you've received. Its fun to look up 'new to me' varieties and maybe find things to add to my wishlist :)

I've heard some people sent homemade cards. Does anyone have pictures of them?

This swap is certainly adding joy to my holiday season :)

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I'm glad you enjoyed the package! So apparently everything was beautiful except my lousy handwriting LOL! In all honesty it can be pretty bad...the varieties are Golden Sunray Tomato (beautiful orange blemish free tomato) Orange Bell Pepper (from Bakers Creek). Probably the most delicious peppers I have ever eaten.

Yes, the Gold Medal gets quite big! I hope you enjoy it! Here is a photo:


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Bea (graanieb)sent me a sweet kitten Christmas card (one of my favorite cards this year) containing seeds for Celosia, colorful sunflowers and Clown Hibiscus. They are very much appreciated, Bea!

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My sleigh of cards with seeds. I painted the sleigh several years ago.

My wireless internet was down for 5 days. I was having interent withdrawl.

I received a card and seeds from dbannie04. Durango Tangerine marigolds, white datura, and purple coneflowers.

rbrady sent me purple balloon flower, penstemon digitalis, Siberian iris, (Ceaser's Brother), and purple penstemon.

Paulan70 sent me purple wave petunia, marigold mix, and zinnia mix.

hibiscusfan sent me scabiosa mix, echinacea sunshine, penstemon pinacolata.

knufflebunnyfarm sent me bachelor buttons, and celosia flamingo feather.

poisondartfrog sent me ricinus communis Silver Frost.

Thanks to all of you. All of the seeds came in beautiful cards.


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Love reading everyone's excitement and ideas- Robert, what a beautiful display, wish I had a mantle and fire place! but am going to find a place to hang these cards, may find enough clothespins around...sending more cards tomorrow too.
Been thru my recipes and edited few more, here are some I hope you like.


1 sm pkg ( 3 3/4 oz) sugar-free instant Vanilla pudding and pie filling
3 T unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup milk 1%
2 cups Whipped cream ( Cool Whip lite) or 1 c whipping cream, whipped
1 T orange-flavor liqueur or orange extract to taste

In a large bowl, prepare pudding according to package direction except use milk and cocoa.
Fold in whipped cream and orange flavor ; spoon into decorating bag with large rosette tube; pipe mixture into 4-ounce serving glasses/goblets. Let it chill for at least 1 hour before serving.



3 navel oranges
3 mandarin or 1 navel orange ( or other orange or fruit)
ab 3/4 c Truvia ( or sugar ) or to taste
1 pkg Lemon Jell-o or Unflavored gelatin, sugar-free
ab 3/4 c water or orange/pineapple or other fruit juice
juice of 1 lemon or to taste

Wash oranges; peel them as thinly as possible then peel white membrane- can slice around the top and peel down by pulling with hand.
Cut rind into small pieces ( ab 3 in) and place in el. chopper or food processor.
Remove seeds and tough white membrane from oranges; chop well on chopping board or in food processor along with rind, pulse until small.
Place chopped peelings and pulp into sauce pot, add water/ fruit juice and cook over low heat ab. 20 mins or until tender. Be careful not to let it boil over. Stir in jell-o and lemon juice; pour into hot (sterilized) jars, close and refrigerate. Keeps well in the refrigerator for a few weeks and in the freezer for few months.

( made this one the other day and it tasted better than the one with lemon rind, to my taste)
These jars make good presents.



4 oz cream cheese, fat free, softened
1 T milk
1 T Truvia or sugar
1 1/2 c thawed Cool Whip, lite
1 c milk, 1 % ( part orange juice -opt)
2 pkgs ( 4 servings each) Vanilla pudding mix, sugar-free
1 (16-oz) can pumpkin (*** or cooked ,mashed sweet potato)
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp each ground cloves and ginger
1 Graham cracker pie crust

In a large bowl pour contents of both pudding mixes , stir in milk and whisk about 1 minute or til blended. Add pumpkin and spices , stir until well mixed; mix in the cream cheese until blended.
Refrigerate 4 hours or until set. Serve with additional Cool whip, if desired.
Keep refrigerated.

Variation: Add 4 or 8 oz softened cream cheese to the mixture or blend it with about 1 T Truvia/sugar and spread over graham crust, then top with pudding mixture.


2 c all-p or/and whole wheat flour
1/2 c brown sugar or/and truvia
1 t baking powder
1/4 t baking soda
1 t cinnamon
1/2 c milk 1%
1/2 c unsweetened applesauce
3 egg whites or 2 eggs
3 T vegetable oil or softened Smart Balance
ab 1 1/2 c chopped apple
ab 1/4 c raisins/ cranberries or other fresh or dried fruit-chopped
grated orange or/and lemon rind to taste, opt
Truvia or powdered sugar, opt

1. Grease or paper cup line muffin tin. Preheat oven to 400 deg.
2. In a large bowl- I use 9-cup measuring bowl with pouring spout-combine flour, sugar, baking powder , baking soda and cinnamon; make well in center.
3. In a small bowl, mix together milk, applesauce, egg whites ,oil and rind if desired; pour into well of flour mixture; stir til incorporated- do not overmix. Fold in fruits; pour evenly into 12 muffin cups.
4. Bake 25 minutes or until tested done; cool on wire rack.
5. While hot/ warm-sprinkle with or roll in Truvia or powdered sugar , if desired.

love,peace and joy,


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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Winter magic,...our Red Japanese Maple seemingly transformed into a thorny Acacia! LOL!

A rose bush looking for all the world like a frosty Venus Fly Trap colony...

What can I say, it was an amazing morning photo op.

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Thanks rane_grow for the awesome purple beauty pepper. I can't wait to grow them. Also the carbon tomato :) A

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

WOW, Cryptid!! Those really are awesome captures !! Ice lends so much beauty!!

I need to send some thank you's out!

Lisa/Ishareflowers sent me the cutest tiny lil card including Polemonium with WHITE blooms (yay!!)

Janine/Jaynine sent me Nasturtium 'Tip Top Apricot' YESS!!, Alpine Strawberry 'Alexandria' YESSS!!!, and Sempervivum Mix of Hens & Chicks YESSS!!!!

Debby_1 sent me daylily seeds and Sedum Autum Joy wooho!!

Rhonda/rbrady sent me a WONDERFUL Heuchera mix (SO thankful for this!!), Coleus Rainbow, and Pink Muhly Grass YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! lol ty!

Audrey sent me so many wonderful varieties ~ Geum Blazing Sunset, Salvia Black & Blue, Aquilegia Raspberry Lime Sorbet, Alcea Halo White, Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise, Lunaria Rosemary Verey, Hesperis Matronalis Variegata, Cosmos Pink Popsock and Heirloom tomato Black from Tula. I was literally jumping up & down Audrey, wow, thank you SO much!!

Nottougly sent me Coral Bells Kassandra Heuchera YESS!!!!!

Thank you all so very much, I am so thrilled with the generosity and the varieties I've received. Thank you all!!


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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Robert - that tomato looks like a peach inside! Good thing I LOVE peaches and tomatoes. How perfect! Thanks for giving me the names :) I have them filed away now in my seed box. Thanks again!

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clc70(8 Wa.)

Thanks micyray for the great seeds,. Although not on my wants lists, I look forward to trying these. I've had luck starting hosta's from seed and intend to see what these will look like. The goats beard looks intreging. Who knows, these may become my next favorites. Your card is really cute, Connie.

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Alright! Another card! I'm going to be sad when this ends.

Thanks to ilovefarac for the Zenith marigolds, and the shiso. I put that on my want list thinking it was a long shot, and I got 2 different varieties from Santas!

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This is the greatest swap,, looking at all your pics,,reading all the threads,, just wonderful you guys,,I went to the post office today with a large box of cards,,she looked at me and said do we have to stamp all of those?? I said no just a few,, they might need extra,,
So out went 40 cards,, happy holidays all,, hope you like what santa sent,,,lol
A very merry Christmas to you all,, Lisa

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

awesome pics cryptid!

got another awesome card today, from keiki, who sent me blue pea vine and red sugar apple! my neighbors are going to be so jealous o my garden next year lol

a word of warning-- last year a lot of my cards didn't show up, and i can only assume they fell apart, so this year, i taped, in the vernacular, the crap out of them! scissors would be best :)

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Good Evening,

I just poured myself a nice tall eggnog and brandy.
Oh my...I am so enjoying reading what everyone is receiving...the joy...the happiness. So many incredible Elves/Santas. You are all a delight!

Iris (Rane_Grow) sent a beautiful card...enclosed were Tomatoes "Carbon" and "Orange Minsk", Rudebeckia "Indian Summer" and Poblano Pepper. Thanks so much!

Keiki sent me a lovely card with Hungarian Hot Wax and Anaheim Peppers. Thank you!!

Iris and Robin, I wish you both a very Merry Christmas!!

And remember if anyone receives postage due on a card that I sent, please email me and I will reimburse you!!!!!!

That eggnog is gone...time for another!!

Merry...Merry Christmas!!


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WOOOOoooo! Thanks Vina for the Eyeball and Shoo Fly seeds! I had not heard of Shoo Fly, it is right up my alley. Many thanks!

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i received 3 more cards with wonderful seeds from browneyed susan-Susan Ruppert , rerdolph25- Darlyn , and micyrey- Michelle , thanks so much , and Merry Christmas to you All .

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Melinda Hagen

Yeah, 2 more cards today! Amazing!
Thanks so much for these! Beautiful cards and wanted seeds!
Thanks to ptp-Pam, for salvia lady in red, apricot sprite agastache, and pink penstemon!!
Thanks to Faye for the wonderful pack of mixed JMG's, and the bright lights cosmos!
Loved them all! Thanks, Meinda

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Hibiscusfan thank you for the Alma Potschke Aster, Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy, and Scabiosa Variety. Thank you so much!

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I received two more cards:


Thank you very much. Hopefully I will have all my grands with me this summer and we are all going to have a great time gardening.


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I received two more cards today.

From rosemctier triple purple datura, reddish-orange poppy, watermelon radish, morning glory mix, hardy white and pink hibiscus, and abelmoschus manihot false yellow hibisus.

From smitties coneflower green envy, calendula candyman, and helenium.

Thanks for beautiul cards and seeds.


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Here we go,
Today I received the following:
RoseMctier did a wonderful job on her envelope - tape all over the place, the USPS didn't even bother to cancel the stamp - wonderful card and about 6 wonderful seeds. Love them all. Thanks Rose
Amberroses sent a very nice card with morning glory seeds, thanks so much, I love morning glories.
Nottoughly sent a great card with Datura and Morning glory seeds - love them both, thanks Nottoughly
Geeze I hope I got that right, they are all over my desk!!!
Thanks so much to all of you and Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and Yours!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

I just finished making some more Christmas Bows out of magazine pages. The link has some pictures of mine, along with a tutorial on how to make your own! They are super cool. Hope you check 'em out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Magazine Page Bows

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Margo, thanks for the very cute card and the Echinacea Hot Papaya, Rudbeckia Cappachino, and Gaillardia Fanfare seeds.

Sgc48 Shirley, Thank you for the nice homemade card and magnet. You all are making my Christmas season special!

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2 more cards!
Thanks Keiki for the Ancho pepper, basil and lettuce!

Thanks Iris for the Marigolds and Wyches tomatoes!

90 days till I begin to start tomatoes and peppers.
It almost seems like Christmas time. dd

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Yippie 2 more wonderful cards;;;
Big hugs to smitties--crazy daisy & painted daisy
Love um thank you
Big hugs to xiangirl--burgundy gaillardia & cosmos
Love um thank you
I can't wait till spring going to have a ball,, thank you all,,,Lisa

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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Many thanks are in order! barefootgardener12 for eva purple ball tomatoes. Debby 1 sent jalapenos and millet grass. Neohippie for jalapeno. Flowergirl134 for miscanthus grass and indian paintbrush.

Thanks for the seeds, the cards, and the holiday cheer!

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Got 2 more cards on Friday! Thank you to Vina (flowergirl34) for the Japanese Maple seeds, and Darlyn (Rudolph25) for the "Straight 8" cucumber seeds and mixed Hollyhock seeds!


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Got a beautiful winter scene card with JD's Special C-Tex
tomato from ranegrow/Iris.
I grew those this year and loved the taste.
Who knew I was only going to get 1 tomato before our 3 months + of over 100 degree weather and 2 day watering restrictions put an end to all my tomatoes.
Thank you so much for sharing your seeds.
Now I can try again.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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~~T ... h ... a ... n... k .......... Y ... o ... u...Paulan70~~
Received a teddy bear Santa card wishing me an absolutely wonderful holiday season & prosperous New Year that contained a blue bubble wrap pouch of 3 packets of seeds: Rudbeckia hirta, blue cardinal flower, & red cardinal flower. I had a red cardinal flower in the summer of 2010, but our old neighbor's dog broke the stalk in half. It struggled to come back this year, so I'm glad I can try it again. The hummers really liked it & I want to take a pic of them at it. My husband is most interested in the large bright coneflowers, sunflowers & daisy type plants.

Needed that little bit of cheering up after hearing of my uncle's sudden death. I know he's in a better place now, but we'll miss him.

Thanks for the ~~~~Secret Santa~~~~ distraction today as I've looked at the basket of 12 seed packets & 5 cards a few times already. Yes, I'm counting...

If you've not yet sent your cards be careful about the thickness of envelopes & you might want to have your envelopes checked at the post office before mailing. Even though extra postage was added to the envelope it came with .24 due for total of .88 probably because it was too thick with the bubble wrap bundle inside. The double layer pouch of bubble wrap can be skipped I think & just a flap of bubble wrap seems to protect the seeds okay.

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Just when I thought it was all over for the season, today I received a beautiful, sparkly card from Faye aka nottougly and three packets of seeds -- Royal carpet Alyssum, sunflower and purple Datura. I have never grown Datura before and I am very excited to try.

Thank you so much!!!!

I have hung all my beautiful gardenweb Secret Santa cards on a mobile in our front hall and it looks so festive and lovely.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Got an awesome card and bunch of seeds today from rosemctier! She sent:

Great White Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes
Mule Team Tomatoes
Xenox Sedum (dark, tall)
Unknown dark tall sedum

AWESOME! I do not have ANY dark/tall sedum, so I'm sure whatever comes from the seeds will be brand new for me. I am especially excited about the Mole Team tomato - I've never tried that variety! Thanks so much Rose!

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Gotten my most wanted, finally, smile...Giant White Hyssop, thank you so much Faye -Nottougly, HUGS.
Busy day, put up my little old Fiberoptic tree, refreshed the look of old door wreath -made bows with silvery and red ribbon tape I've saved mostly from daughters' presents, roll them up to get them straight as possible, silvery one is the kind with tiny wire on edges so easily shaped, wrapped battery-operated lights around it , hung 3 silver bells...about to put them and palm's lights on.

Awesome winter pictures and all, love the Christmas spirit in the air, great group.


    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 6:13PM
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Did you send extra cards ? If so PLEASE send me a list of screen names, so I can finish up the totals ! Thanks to each of you for being SOOO generous and sharing in the SPIRIT of Holidays with everyone here !!

I also want to thank everyone that offered to be a "special elf" I sent a list until the counts were past our goal...SO THANKS to those that helped, and offered !!

I would like to thank:

I truly appreciate all the beautiful cards !! I have to mention what cashcan did...I love the homemade card, I really miss teaching, so it was fun !! I just loved the "peppermint seeds" since I cant garden she sent me peppermint seeds to enjoy which were peppermint candy. Thanks :)

Each card is opened with Joy..thanks again !!

Love all the photos, anyone else want to share their card display ??


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    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 6:31PM
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Received a very pretty Season's Greeting card today from nottougly. She included ornamental gourd mix and violet bottlebrush. Thank you so much Fay, I can't wait until spring to get all these seed going. Have a great holiday season.

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 7:37PM
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Thanks to JMT2213 for more from my wanted list, and they were wrapped in festive penguin wrapping paper ;)
Soybeans - I've had those on backorder somewhere or other for like 2 years now. No more waiting!
Also - mustard - and two kinds of zinnia! I've never even heard of climbing zinnia.

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 7:48PM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

got lychnis, red larkspur, and apricot zinnias from flowergirl34 today :) thank you vina!! i wish the bf would finish painting the stupid living room so i can hang my card garland!! 8 days til solstice :D wheeeeee!

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 7:50PM
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Today I received a holiday card from rosemctier, who sent Aconitum hemsleyanum, Geranium pyrenaicum 'Alba', Petunia 'Fire Chief' and Geranium versicolor seeds. Thank you, Rose. I feel spoiled!

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More cards for me. Wow!

Darlyn (rudolph25) - sent me pretty glittery Christmas tree card with
Sweet peas (I grow every year love it)
Green bell pepper. Love peppers. Thank you so much.

Nancy (NLb52)- sent me nice santa card with
Salvia salmon. (wow I love Salvia! never grew salmon color and it would be fun). Thank you so much.

rosemctier - sent me pretty candy cane card with 5 packs of seeds. These are:
Siberian blue Dianthus
Micro chip dianthus (new for me and pretty)
Petunia fire chief commercial (love it)
Drummondi phlox mix. (wow)
Love them all and can't wait to grow them. Thank you so much.

Thanks again can't wait to grow them!

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

what so rocks about this swap is that a lot of the seeds i am sending people are from plants i grew from seeds people sent me last christmas in this swap! just love that lol

    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 8:18PM
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Another nice selection of cards sent to me that came today.

Shirley, thank you for the card and magnet as it was very thoughtful.
Thank you Wendy for the pepper seeds, nottoughly for the cleome and pepper, and Nancy for the zebra grass.

I can tell you all that visions of gardens are dancing in my head. I have receive so many wonderful seeds that I can't wait to get started. I have decided to do a garden just in peppers since I have received so many varieties. Excited!!!!


    Bookmark   December 14, 2011 at 9:26PM
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WOW!!! That's about all I can say. I got a nice surprise in the mail on Monday from 2 people, which made my day!
David (dirtdaddy)sent me a nice card with a snow scene and cardinals. Inside were Dr. Wyche's yellow tomato seeds, Cascabella hot pepper, tepin hot pepper (which I read is the world's hottest pepper!), Thai bird hot pepper, Deargol hot pepper, Dwarf blue curled scotch kale and a full pack of black-seeded simpson lettuce! All packs had an amazingly generous amount of seed in them, especially the Kale. But the biggest surprise of all in the envelope.......... 16 (yes, 16!!) bunches of egyptian walking onions!!!!!!!!!! That was an absolutely wonderful surprise! And everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much. (PS, can you email me some info about these onions?? I've googled them but haven't gotten a whole bunch of information about them). Thanks again!
Robert (rqeversole) sent me a beautiful snow scene christmas card with a horse drawn sleigh, house and snowman on the front. Attached were gorgeously made seed packets (love the snowflake holding them closed (can't think of what it's called) and the snowflake in the baggie!) with italian tomato, fish peppers, and golden sunray tomato! Generous amounts in each pack also! Thank you so much!
To everyone that has sent me seeds, I appreciate it and thank you for making my first secret santa seed swap a wonderful experience! I look forward to all the new varities of everything I get to plant this spring!
Also, check out the veggie forum to see pics of my current garden.... I'm soooo proud and excited! It's going much better than my summer garden lol. Thanks!!!!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Received two more wonderful cards with seeds yesterday,...

From poisondartfrog (Alana) - A totally kewl snow cat (stylized, painted rendering of small, cutesy, cat-shaped snow sculptures) card, with a quite generous amount of White Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) seeds. Mega "Thanks," Alana! Not only tall and pretty, but medicinal as well! Yeah!

From rane_grow (Iris) - A glittery, sparkly, snowy-scene card featuring beautifully painted realistic trees and a foot bridge, with particularly generous amounts of the following tomato seeds...Sausage and True Black Brandywine! Woot!! Once again, the SSSS totally rocks the house, as it has from the beginning! Love the seeds, and especially the cards-n-sentiments! Said it before, and I'll say it again, y'all are the best!!

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It's the simple things in life, huh? Two more cards from 2 more wonderful ladies!
Rose sent me an awesome card with 5 generous packs of seed! They were:
Bishops Crown Pepper
Hendersons Pink Ponderosa Tomato
Mule Team Tomato
Cream Sausage Tomato
Thank you so much for the new varieties to add to my collection!!
Puffy, a frequent tradin' buddy sent me my favorite card so far! A simple, beautiful, rustic ECO card. Inside was a nice pack of Cascabella Peppers!
It's like you guys are inside my head and know exactly what I want lol! I am going to be so sad when Secret Santa is over!! Now I see why people get involved with Round Robins that Are every month!


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habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)

More delightful cards and seeds! Thanks so much to poisondartfrog for 2 tomatoes, including one from my most-wanted list!

And thanks also to smitties for carrot seeds. I love those smaller ones!

I think different postal clerks interpret the rules differently! I mailed a non-RR package the other day and the postal clerk looked at me funny when I said it contained seeds. She wanted to charge for a "parcel" rather than for a "letter" because she said it wasn't bendable enough (because it had a card inside!). I told her I'd sent a lot of seeds before and she grudgingly said ok to .64 rather than 1.71.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 2:32AM
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I received a couple of great new Christmas cards in the last couple of days!

Thanks Dave, (dirt daddy) for the large assortment of seeds. kale, dill, peppers, lettuce, peas and Egyptian walking onions. I have a garden spot already picked out for the onions.
Robert(rqeversole), Thanks for the heirloom tomatoes and peppers. These are going to be a great addtition to the garden.

Thanks again for the cards and seeds and have a Merry Christmas!
Ed (SalsaCanner)

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 6:41AM
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Thank you tpt813 for the red butterfly bush & sensation rose salvia. Can't wait to grow them!! Also smitties for the poppies and corriander!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

habitat_gardener - they DO interpret rules differently based upon what you tell them. It's crazy! This one lady charged me $1.71, and then for the same packaging, another charged me $0.64. hmm... something fishy there!

How cool that dirtdaddy sent Egyptian Walking Onions!!!

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Hi all yippie 3 more wonderful cards;;;My mail man said you are having a ball with all of this,, I said it is the best time of the year for me,,
Big hugs to;;;flowergirl-vina crazy daisy's--columbine--gerber daisy,, love um thank you

Big hugs to onedaylily--malva zebrina--liatris white--cleome,,,love um thank you

Big hugs to;;;nottougly--crazy daisy--lion's tail...
love um thank you

This is just the warmest most wonderful swap ever,, thank you all,,,Lisa

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I received so many cards today!! My daughter has now gotten into and would not let me open one of them. she did them all herself. She wants to go out and garden today. Because its' "warm" lol, its 56 today! Let me get my stuff together and I will post again with thank yous!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 11:38AM
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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

I got more cards!!!

FLOWERGIRL34 - Thank you for the yarrow!!

NOTTOUGLY - Thank you for the yarrow and forget me nots!!

ONEDAYLILY - Thank you for the snapdragons, 4:00's, and nicotiana!!

Thank you all for the nice cards too!!


    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 11:46AM
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It's early in the morning, more cards need to go out, soon...was so rushing yesterday forgot to thank you Faye ( Nottougly) for the very pretty and festive card and Asiatic lilies seeds, guess getting my most wanted gotten me carried away,lol
Very Merry Christmas to all.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 11:55AM
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Many thanks and hugs to:

pumkingal for the green bell pepper, lemon grass, pretty rose milkweed, hydrangea (pinky winky?) Thank you so much!

lexiegurl for the red cabbage, ever green bunching onions, sugar snap peas, sweet spanish yellow onion, and bibb lettuce. Thank, my mouth is already watering with thoughts of salads.

nottougly for the jobs tears and garlic chives. I am so excited the jobs tears! do the chives really taste like garlic?

sassybutterfly for the winter thyme and pepper cornodi toro giallo

flowergirl134 for the apple gourd and crenshaw melon

Ilovefarac for the tomato san marzano and the tomato mariglobe.

I am so excited and appreciate everyone who has sent me seeds. I know I will have the best garden ever 2012!! My mouth is watering and my tummy rumbling with thoughts of so much good food!
Thank you!!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 12:59PM
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Melinda Hagen

A big thank you to Rose--she sent a lovely card with these seeds-sanfrancisco fog tomato, black russian tomato, purple calabash tomato, cosmos picotee and reddish orange poppies!! I am thrilled with them all and can't wait to grow! Thanks so very much! Melinda

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 1:36PM
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rqeversole sent me the most beautiful Robert Kindade card. Robert, the note you wrote on the card lifted my spirits and brightened my day. You made this silver-haired grandma feel very special. Thank you.

paulan70 sent a jolly Santa Clause card, cosmos mix - one of my all time favorite flowers, and both single and double profusion zinnias, my most wanted seeds. Thank you, Paula.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 1:43PM
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lois(PA Zone 6)

A very merry Christmas and many thanks to:

canyonwind, for rose campion and rose queen cleome;

ilovefarac, for yellow figleaf hollyhock;

flowergirl34, for pink and white cleome, canterbury bells, and yellow esperanza; and

onedaylily, for golden jubilee agastache (wow!), caryopteris, and violet queen cleome.

Ho, ho, ho, a wintersowing I will go!

Lois in PA

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 2:40PM
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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

2 cards today :)

pumkingal sent a glittered angel card with Black Eyed Susans and Gloriosa Daisies. I always thought those two were the same thing, but I'm thinking that I'll get different varieties from them! The gloriosa daisies were packaged really cool - the seeds are in a star shape. Neat! Thanks!!!

flowergirl34 sent a snowman and penguin card with Poppy 'Orange Sherbert' and Sunflower 'Evening Sun' seeds. Orange Sherbert sounds so yummy! The sunflowers look GORGEOUS. Thanks so much!!!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 3:56PM
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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

i too got a lovely card and seeds from pumkingal today--ruby lettuce, gloriosa daisy, yellow primrose and freaky tom pumpkin1 i have never seen a large warty pumpkin and can't wait to try them:) many many thanks!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 4:05PM
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I'm way behind on thanks. This has been an excellent week. I get suprised every time I check the mail. I will miss this when it's over.

Yotetrapper - Angela, sent Anna Russian, German Johnson, Northern Lights, and organic Beefsteak tomatoes. Thank you very much.

Flowergirl34 - Vina, sent coreopsis "Full Moon", Shasta "Silver princess, and Rudbeckia "Indian Summer". I love all of these.

Pumpkingal - Lisa, sent Blue seaholly, (yea), fancy poppies, zinnia mix, pink bleeding heart, and bok choi. Thank you.

Ruthz - Ruth sent salvia "lady in Red", Red Marble Cippolini Onio, and Tomato " Japanese Black Trifele"

Paulan70 - Paula, sent Purple wave petunia, delicious tomato, Giant red cherry tomato. Can't wait to try the petunias.

Hibiscusfan - Suzanne sent Scabiosa. Thank you.

Lexiegurl - Dawn, sent Evergreen bunching onions, red cabbage, Romaine lettuce, Copenhagen Market cabbage, Sweet spanish yellow onion, & wild blue lupin. We try to plant extra in the garden for the Meals on Wheels program, with all of the differnt veggies I'm receiving, hopefully we can donate more in 2012. Thanks.

Nancy sent coleus, I really love these.

Rose sent Coral petunia, Portulaca mix, wallone endive, fire chief petunia, and cherokee purple tomato. Thank you very much.

Sassybutterfly sent snapdragons, & Portulaca.

Thank you very much everyone. I will enjoy each and every seed I've recieved.


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herbal(z7 MD)

Thank you nottougly for the seeds. I'm eager for spring!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 5:09PM
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A card full of seeds today!

Big thank you to SassyButterfly!
Wendy sent me Morning Glory 'Flying Saucers' (Very cool!) and Morning Glory Mix (How delightfully mysterious - pink? Blue? White? Guess I'll have to sow to find out!)


    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 5:16PM
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WOOHOO, I was dancing out of the Post Office today. I'm a teetotaler but I think they are beginning to think I'm DRUNK all the time. hahaha, I have so much fun!!!
I received some BEAUTIFUL cards today!!!!
I received a lovely card with Pine branches and pine-cones on it and INSIDE were ...Anise Hyssop Blue fortune seeds (which I don't have so am looking forward to starting).....
and,,,Amaranthus Autumn Palette, WOOHOO Can't wait to get them startd!!! thank you so much!!!!

I receivd the gooffiestlooking Polar Bear, he is WAY TOO cute!!! and a whole unopened package of Sedum for a Rock garden, WOOHOO, I LOVE sedum!!!! Oh yes I'm dancing, I'm dancing, Thank you so MUCH!!!!

A Beautiful Merry christmas Card with AMARANTHS ILLUMINATION seeds inside, What a SURPRISE, I've been wanting some of those for a L...O...N...G time. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

the cutest Western Santa Howdy card with,,,Yippee!! Pink grapefruit Yarrow, Can't wait I've never even heard of this color but it certainly sounds like something I'm gonna LOVE...and...Clematis Jackamaini!!! YIPPEE, this is my FIRST Clematis

Thank you EVERYONE....I'm off to R&R now.

Merry Christmas

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 5:21PM
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Beautiful cards and seeds today from,
pumkingal sent coral pink zinnias, black eyed susan shrub & gloriosa daisy
sassybutterfly sent Mulberry Rose nigella
All good for cutting garden.
Big Thanks to both of you and
Merry Christmas

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 5:40PM
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1 card today, awesome, seeds of Salvia Splendens -imagine red? and Salvia patens- true blue? THANK YOU RUTH.

HUGS and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 6:20PM
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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Here is the list of seeds I received about a week and a half ago from some very generous gardeners. Just now getting the time to post them.

dem-pa (Don) sent a huge selection!
Poppy red/orange
Laurens grape poppy Can't wait to try these!
Golden Summer Crookneck Squash
Kniola's Black Morning Glory
Golden Sweet Snow Peas
Penstemon Hirsutus, I love Penstemon!
Thank you Don, you spoiled me lol

Salsa canner (Ed)
Tomato Beefsteak... yum!
Large Red Cherry
Yellow Black Eyed Susan
Cosmos Single Sensation love these!
Thank you so much Ed!

ishareflowers (Lisa)
Tri color Snapdragons (salmon and yellow)
Cosmos Yellow, can't wait to try these!
Thank you Lisa!

Dwarf Hollyhocks
Dwarf Snapdragons (yellow and white)
I love both of these, thanks Debby!

amberroses (Amber)
Scallop Squash... yum
Black Tomato
Giant Belgium Tomato
Snow White Cherry... never tried these!
Marek's pointy heart tomato
Thank you Amber, such an assortment!!

jaynine (Janine)
Cornflower Black Gem... woo hoo a favorite!
Fig Hollyhock Happy Lights
Toadflax, peach
Once again lovin all of these! Thank you Janine :))

Missed the sign up for this swap last year, so glad I didn't this year, so much fun!!


    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 6:28PM
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Two more came today:
nottougly/Faye sent a cool card containing Eucalyptus & Dwarf French Marigolds seeds and from ruthz California Wonder Orange Sweet Pepper, Black Cherry Tomato & Sun Gold Cherry Tomato seeds within a very touching card. Thanks to both of you~I love everything.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 6:49PM
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Bea, sorry I must have forgotten to put the entire name on the seed packs.
Both are blue.
Salvia splendens Blue Ribbon
Gentian Sage salvia patens

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 7:16PM
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Amazing, they just keep coming.

Heidi in NE sent a colorful display of bachelore button, alyssum, dianthus, coreopsis.
Sassybutterfly sent two new red lettuces: Outredgeous and New fire red!
Pumpkingal sent a poppy mix, butter crunch lettuce, bell grew peppers, ruby lettuce and catnip.

I love these all!! Thanks so much everyone. A

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 8:01PM
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Many thanks to Nottoughly for the columbine mix and lovely card!

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 8:31PM
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Today I got a Disney card with Don't Open Till Xmas on it, I couldn't wait. It was yellow pear tomato and white bleeding heart seed from smithes/Margo. Also got a pretty homemade card from micyrey/Michelle. It had daylily, orange/black in it. Thanks to both of you. Hope you have a great holiday season.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 8:34PM
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More cards today! But SHOOT! I didn't keep the seeds and cards together, so I've got to try and sort out handwriting to give the right person thanks for the correct seeds.

xiangirl i LOVE the printed seed envelopes. What a great idea. I want to know, is there a template for this in Word? Thanks much for the coreopsis, gallardia and cosmos.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 8:42PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Oh man, I tried I really did, but I can't match up handwriting to sender. but I am pretty sure I know which came together. So, rosemctier, nlb52, and nottoughly I am loving this collection of seeds:

Two kinds of marigold!
white globe amaranth
picotee cosmos - can't wait to see this one!
sensitive plant - this was another unexpected bonus from my wish list!
yellow and orange cosmos
and my first packet of coleus, which I love and grow indoors as well.
I'm sorry I can't credit each of you with the right seeds, but that's how excited I was. Like a kid on Christmas morning. LOL I'll be better tomorrow.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 8:52PM
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    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 9:11PM
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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

I was surprised again today with some more beautiful cards and seeds!

ilovefarac sent me Perilla frutescens
flowergirl134 sent me Collinsai grandiflora (Blue eyed Mary), Sweet William magenta, and Rose Mallow pink
dem-pa sent me 2 packs of red/purple perilla
puffie sent me Lobelia cardinalis

Thanks for all of the wonderful seeds and cards, I can't wait to plant them, some I have never tried and looking forward to them.


    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 10:06PM
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Micyrey and Yotetrapper - did you receive my card and seeds? I might have missed your thank you's. Please let me know.

In the past couple days, I got 4 cards! Holy COW!

Smitties sent Yellow Primrose and Scabiosa Butterfly Blue.

Flowergirl34 sent Pink/Purple Cleome, Amaranthus Autumn's Touch, Chinese Houses Lavender, centaurea rose pink and farewell to spring.

Pumkingal sent Easter egg plant, amaranthus hot biscuits Pinky Winky Hydrangea and Amaranthus Princes Feather.

Nottougly sent mixed pink hibiscus seeds with a nice glitter NOEL card.

WOW I can't thank you all enough. I can't wait to look up all of these seeds. It sounds like you sent me a lot of interesting ones, which I like. Thank you all for being so generous this Christmas season.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2011 at 10:39PM
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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Looks like there is a Thread 5! The link is below

Here is a link that might be useful: Thank You Thread 5

    Bookmark   December 16, 2011 at 2:54PM
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