Sweet Gum Tree?

wfordgardener(z7 TX)October 30, 2011

Any one know where I can find a Sweet Gum tree to buy in the Metroplex (preferrably Fort Worth side of the Metroplex)?

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I don't know off-hand where to get one but just wanted to ask, if you are truly talking about Liquidambar styraciflua, are you sure that's what you want if you live west of DFW?

I have a bunch I inherited from the former owner of this place. I live NE of the metroplex and they are not even very well adapated here, much less farther west.

They like deep acid soils and LOTS of water. Be prepared to place it somewhere that it's easy for you to water it.

Most of ours got borers as young trees and many have died from lack of water. I've purposely kept a few alive with supplemental watering but those suffered terribly this summer.

Also be prepared for the fact that as mature trees they are huge and that they drop those seedballs which a lot people really hate. I compost them and it takes years for them to decompose but they don't bother me all that much.


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If you do purchase one get the sterile one. The balls begin to fall in late October and continue to fall into March. They cause many falls.

I wish you had some of the native ones on my property.

They are so beautiful in the fall, but I do not want another one near my house.

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wfordgardener(z7 TX)

Thanks for the input.
I didn't realize they liked acidic soil and lots of water, as I've see a few out here in Weatherford that are just spectacular in the fall...and they are in places that don't really get a lot of extra attention. But, good to know that I may need to pay a little closer attention to it than I thought I would.
We have the perfect place for a tree like this, even with its messy habits of the spikey balls. We'll be able to see it just off our deck that's set back from the house, but it will be at the edge of some woods and a ravine with a creek bed, so we'll get to enjoy its beauty year round (especially fall!), but not have to deal with its mess because of its location. And it's an area that gets the water run off from our property, so hopefully I won't have to supplement with too much water....unless we have another year like this past one! I'd love to plant a whole row of them there, but I think I'll start with just one to see how it does here first.
Thanks again for the input!

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

How familiar are you with Ft. Worth? Landmark on Blue Mound Road (off 820) may have them or John Deere Landscape in Keller. Want me to check for you? Landmark is wholesale only.
ps I have one in my yard and since I have it surrounded with a flower bed, the seed (infertile) pods just make mulch.

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