Do I have a problem tree

mafatioOctober 24, 2010

Help, All tree experts

I have a red oak tree (I guess) that was provided by my builder. Today I noticed that the leaves are changing color. Is this some sort of disease (oak wilt) or am I over/under watering the tree.


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princealbert(Aransas Pass TX)


No there is nothing wrong. It's the time of the year for oaks other than "Live" to turn colors and drop their leaves. Enjoy the color changes and get the rake ready. my oaks are turning too.
It happens every fall.


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dogwind(Z8a TX)

The leaves on the tree are yellowish. How long ago did you plant the tree? Did you plant it properly?

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I thought the same thing as dogwind when I first looked at the pics - the leaves are awfully yellow. Have then been that color all season? Red oak leaves should be a deep green, with a lighter green underside. How long has it been planted? Have you used a weed and feed fert lately? PA is probably right about the turning, I just am a little concerned about the yellow leaves, unless it is recent, and just part of the fall process.

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I did not plant this tree. It was planted by my builder. The leaves have been the same color since last december. I am so alien to tree info., I did not even realize until now that it might have some issues. Thank you for pointing it out.
Are there any suggestions (fertilizers, etc.), on what can be done and how it should be done.

I am so screwed. And now I am scarred.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

So, I'll ask again. How long ago was it planted - please be specific.

It had leaves last December? In zone 7? Did it not drop all it's leaves and grow a new crop in spring? If it didn't, it's not a red oak - but it sure has oak leaves.

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It was planted in the last week of November/first week of December, last year. It did shed all its leaves in the fall season. And they grew back in spring/early summer.
Hope this provides more information.
Thank you.

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Oak Wilt shares several symptoms with other diseases. Until an examination of the xylem cells is performed to determine if there are blockages present, whatever diagnoses is made on a tree remains and educasted guess.

That looks to be a sizebale tree from the pics and with it a sizeable cost to replace it. If this was a contractor install with a new house, you probably have a one year guarantee with it. Check your paper work. Have a reputable tree expert come in and render a written opinion. If it is Oak Wilt, then you will may have a case to have it replaced as long as you act before the warranty period is up. Quit wasting warranty time on the forum looking for opinions that won't hold water for a replacement.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

There is a yellowing oak growing in my yard. It has chorosis. Somebody fibbed about it being a Shumard Oak at the store. It's a Northern Red oak and hates my alkaline soil. I'm going to remove it and put in a second Chinkapin Oak. The distinctive leaf shape make Chinkapins easy to identify so HA! It doesn't turn red for fall tho.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I agree with fairview that if it needs to be replaced and if it was planted with a warranty you should try that. I would first call my builder and tell him you are concerned the tree has a problem and ask him if there is a warranty on the tree. If there is, it might be that you and the builder agree not to try to replace it immediately but wait to see if maybe it just got too dry this summer and will recover.
When we built our house, we had an outside contractor plant our trees, but then the builder came back in to regrade the yard and ran into the tree with the backhoe and knocked it crooked. The builder had it straightened back up and agreed that if the tree died from the wound the backhoe left, he would replace it. The tree actually recovered fine so didn't need to be replace, but I would get with the builder and see what he says. Since it's not even a year old, and you find out it is not a Texas red oak but some northern variety, I would also ask him to replace it under warranty. If you can find someone who can identify the tree as something other than promised (an arborist?) I'd try that as well. There's no reason for you to be stuck with a tree that may never be happy in your soil, and if that tree was a part of your package when you bought the house the builder or his contractor should take responsibility.

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Yadda(8-9 TX)

Fairview is correct. Have a professional come look at it. If you can't afford a professional, contact the local cooperative extension service to see if they can help recommend someone or send someone to look at it.

I'm not convinced after viewing the pictures that the situation is dire at all. IMHO (which costs nothing and is probably worth the same) the tree is suffering from drought symptoms and will probably be better next year.

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