wrong color tomato

nerak(6)August 23, 2011

I grow about 10 varieties of tomato. This yr. I bought no yellow or orange varieties but I am harvesting both! I bought 2 plant called rose, 6 brandywine, 3 prudence purple, rose de-birne ect. 1 of the rose plants' fruit is coming bright yellow like a lemon and 1 of the rose de-birne is coming the color of orange brandywine. I grew orange brandy last yr. and I know the leaves are different. I bought 2 each of these plants and marked them and 1 each is off color.

I had a low calcium problem early in the season and found out it was blossom end rot. Bone meal, liquid calcium and blossom end rot spray took care of it. Could this have caused the off color? Why only 2 plants? The tomato's taste good. So confused, never had a problem like this before.

Could they be marked wrong? In all the yrs. i have been growing tomato's I have never seen a tomato look like a lemon.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Sure they could have been marked wrong. It happens all the time. Some people get their kicks out of switching the tags on the plant containers.

One reason why many of us prefer to grow our own transplants.


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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

First, there is no orange Bradywine. If you grew the one called Apricot Brandywine that was first offered as a variety in England and probably for PR purposes but those who have grown it have found it to be the same as Yellow Brandywine.

Yes, that's a lot of wrong varieties from purchased plants. Do you feel comfortable sharing where you got the plants from?

If a nursery or Farm Stand there's always the possibility that labels could have been switched, but still, not good.

No, BER won't change the color of fruits as you've described. Sometimes if BER appears early on immature green ones it will accelerate the ripening of a fruit, but the color is what the variety should be.


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Don't mind sharing where I bought them. Love the people they are organic and I do not think they would label them wrong on purpose, I suppose a customer could.I buy them at THE GOOD EARTH. Yes it was yellow Bandywine. Last yr. my brother got a wrong label witch turned out good- found a new (to us) tomato called little zebra. So I'm thinking mis-label? Thanks for the info on BER


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zzackey(8b GA)

I don't think the people get their kicks switching plant labels. It just happens. You put the label in the wrong pot in the wrong tray. I think kids play with the tags and misplace them. I never had a problem with plants being mislabeled and I have lived in a few states on the east coast. Big city areas and small towns.

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This one hits close to home for me. I sold a lot of Burgundy Traveler tomatoes this year and at least 2 of them turned out to produce delicious bright yellow tomatoes. The only complaint I received was from someone who wanted to know if they could buy plants next year and when I told them I had no idea of the variety,.... well, you get the idea.

As a general thing, if a tomato turns out the wrong color, taste of it first and if you like it, smile and save seed!


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I bought a sweet 100 and early girl one fall. The two plants had identical, small, cherry type tomatoes.
Speaking of Burgundy Traveler, is this a darker form of Arkansas Traveler? I grew AT this year and really liked it. It seems to tolerate the hot, dry climate in Arizona well.

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Hi Nerak -

Unfortunately, some tomatoes have tags switched or, in my case as happened this year, they come mismarked from the supplier.

We here in Orange County have a well known retail nursery of which many of us religiously get our transplants both hybrid and heirlooms. I always get two Lemon Boys in the mix of a dozen or so as they're very reliable, disease resistant, taste good and tangy and prolific, not to mention the color which several of the neighbors find delightful when they get some. This year they both came up as yellow pear(s) which, altho cute, taste both mushy and bland. These came directly off the suppliers truck to the nursery mismarked so, yes, it can happen, even from reliable resources.

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