tomato plants are dying now.

preppystudAugust 22, 2011

i planted them early, they have produced plenty. but now most of the leaves are turning brown and dry.

are they supposed to die so early?ãÂÂthe weather is still hot.

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What I've learned from this forum is determinate type tomatoes bear most of fruits in the same tree around same time and after their job is done - producing fruit for us- they literally die while indeterminate variety continue to grow taller and produce fruits until disease or frost kills them.

What variety of tomatoes do you grow?

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Preppy, My determinate's are dying but my ID's are still kicking, putting on new growth. I planted a fall crop in early July (zone 7) and they are starting to bloom. I'm Not sure, but in zone 8, maybe you can start a new crop?

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Why are they dying?

Sometimes a lack of watering is blamed when the real problem is wilts and blights have withered most of the plant. If the whole plant is the same stage of wilt/dryness that might really be a moisture problem. If yellow or brown leaves move from the bottom of the plant towards the top, that is a good indicator that you need to:
-- spray with compost tea
-- keep branches off ground and from touching other plants
-- water the base of the plant, not the whole thing
-- next year space the plants further apart.

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those plants do have things that look like spider web around the leaves.

yes, since those things are growing on those leaves, so i tend to watch the whole plants to wash them.

oh, yes, i did want to grow more, so i planted a lot close by. why does that cause the plants to die early?

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